Reverse Aging at every Age

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Prevent And Reverse Aging at every Age, Skincare, Fillers, and Lasers

We talk reverse aging, beauty, anti-aging, and skincare with Dr. Rami Batniji, board certified facial plastic surgeon with offices in Orange County and Beverly Hills, CA.

In this episode we focus on non-surgical procedures that can be done to make women look better than the way they look now. Dr. Batniji explains in detail what you should be doing for your beauty in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Yes, there’s a different plan for each decade.

Listen to get your beauty and anti-aging skincare tips from one of the top facial plastic and reconstructive surgery docs!

Dr. Burgener – Luxury Swiss Skincare Treatments and Technologies at Fairmont Grand Del Mar

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Dr. Burgener is a doctor in biology and an expert in beauty and rejuvenation. World renowned and residing in Switzerland, we were lucky to be able to sit down with Dr. Burgener while she was visiting San Diego at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar. This episode describes Dr. Burgener’s luxury skincare line, Dr. Burgener — Switzerland, as well as her state of the art Swiss technologies and treatments that are used during highly skilled facials to boost the effectiveness of her products. Dr. Burgener’s luxury skincare product line, treatments, and technologies just recently launched at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa, which is the second location in the United States to be fortunate enough to have her as a partner. Dr. Burgener discusses several skincare and anti-aging treatments that are now being offered at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa, San Diego’s only Forbes Five-Star spa! She also talks to us about the “Grand Cru” facial, a 90-minute facial which left us with hydrated, plump, and rejuvenated skin! She explains what Green Caviar is (one of her special ingredients) and how it is an incredible anti-aging ingredient…it’s harvested in Okinawa, Japan. You need this in your life! Dr. Burgener’s skincare products are fragrance-free and paraben-free. 
Interview Transcript

We’re sitting here with Dr Botany G facial cosmetic plastic surgeon and we actually met Dr button. A few months ago at the Del Coronado Hotel where we were at a town and country seminar he was speaking everything Beauty wellness skin care prevention. It was very interesting. So I’m so excited that he’s here with us today.

Thank you Gretchen

In Britain it’s fabulous for me to be here with you

Great to see you both again and thank you for having me and welcome Teoh Orange County in Newport Beach

My home

So it’s wonderful to have you both here

We’re excited

So Dr Bunnies you can you just introduce yourself quickly to our listeners Absolutely so as uh Gretchen said and brand Britain earlier

My name is Dr Rami Baton E G

And I’m a facial plastic surgeon board certified and facial plastic surgery practice here in Newport Beach as well as Beverly Hills

My background is such that my focuses solely nonsurgical and surgical treatments of the face and neck so it encompasses injectable fillers neurotoxins like bo talks as well as skincare treatments and surgical procedures like face lifts nose jobs neck lifts island surgeries

Additionally I do reconstructive surgery for people with skin cancers and people with who suffered from facial trauma

Very cool

So today we’re gonna focus on all of the non surgical procedures how to prevent fine lines

Were always talking on Newberry about college and lots and all the foods you should be eating to prevent college and lost

But now we’re going to really hear from an expert on things that we can actually be doing some procedures that are gonna help us a lot because no one wants to age no one

No one really wants to age

No one wants to look older

So that I lost with me is all about looking natural and beautiful and always looking You know the way we looked 10 years ago

So Dr Bonnie she’s gonna tell us how should get that look without having to do the surgical procedure

So we’re today specifically talking about nonsurgical cosmetic procedures

So why don’t we Do you want to just start out with what You’re in your twenties Your late twenties What should you be doing Teoh really maintain and prevent aging that you’re gonna get in your thirties

Great question Brit

And we get that often in our practice where people come in to see me in their twenties wanting to know what they can do to prevent the signs of aging

And twenties is a very young age and yet we have changes that start occurring in our body in our face at that decade in our twenties where we start losing volume we start having sun damage to our skin

Even are the bony architecture of our Our face begins to change

So there are a variety of things that we can do in our twenties to help minimize and prevent those changes from occurring

And I think one of the first things to consider is a healthy lifestyle well balanced diet exercise on a regular basis

But not to overdo the exercising or not to overdo the dieting because when we overdo it we tend to lose more fat in the face which tends to make us look older which is counterintuitive

We’re always struggling to try and lose fat but interestingly when we lose it in the face it makes us look older

And so in our twenties if we can have a healthy lifestyle that’s in balance beyond that the other thing that I think is really important especially here in Southern California is protecting our skin from the sun so wearing a very good sunscreen and when it comes to finding what the right sunscreen product line is way don’t focus so much on the product line itself but rather the ingredients

We don’t want an SPF that’s too high

That makes us think that we only need to apply that that sunscreen once a day

Most sunscreens should be reapplied every two hours to help protect our skin from the sun and the ingredients should be such that it protects us from both U V A and U V B raised broad spectrum

So you know not to promote specific product lines but color science does a mineral based brush that is a wonderful SPF

It’s a great product absolutely

And you know it’s interesting because admittedly guys like me we love that product because when we played golf it’s nice not to have something that’s greasy on our hands

We’re playing golf so I will pull out that color science brush

I will get funny looks for my buddies initially and then they wanted to because it feels so good and it protects our skin so well definitely on and then another one

That’s really good as lt M

D which is another sunscreen product line which has great ingredients

Good SPF eso

That’s another sunscreen that I really like

But again wearing sunscreen and reapplying it on a regular basis is very good

The other ingredient that I think is really an important one for people in their twenties to consider using is a retinol or retinoic acid

And for me when I was a teenager I used rent in a for my acne and little did we know back then that it was not only great for acne but also great for fine lines wrinkles and sun damaged skin

So now people use red knowledge to retinoic acid is on a very regular basis to prevent the signs of aging

One word of caution for the those those in the audience were listening

Retinol or retinoic acid aren’t such a great thing to use when you’re pregnant or if you’re planning on getting pregnant

So for those women who are planning to conceive we encourage them to stop using that product

And what about nonsurgical procedures Any skin resurfacing Um Bo Top should you be doing photo ops in your late twenties

I don’t know great questions so I’m not that we should not that I want to advocate

Botox is for people in their twenties but there are people in their twenties who may be frown uh really aggressively when they’re reading a book or when they’re looking at their computer or in or when they’re working

As a result they have a tendency and it may be hereditary but they have a tendency to get deeper frown lines or they tend to smile a lot

And they may be developing those lines that people call crow’s feet

And so for those individuals in their twenties who have those dynamic lines that might be developing into deeper lines

Certainly using a product like Bo talks to soften that muscle activity toe lessen the likelihood of those lines

Getting deeper can be a wonderful treatment option for that individual and it’s not a permanent effect Aziz

Many of you may know who are listening right now

Bo talks last on average about three months so it’s a wonderful product but it’s something that needs to be maintained and again for those in the audience were listening for women who are planning to conceive

Go talk to something that shouldn’t be done if they’re if they’re pregnant or planning to conceive

And no tax doesn’t change the weight look so you wouldn’t have to worry about that

Just simply like prevents the wrinkles getting larger right It’s not important the way it works is we put a few drops of the product directly into the muscle on and it’s in those muscles that are creating those lines that we’re trying to address so we place a few drops in the muscle

It softens that muscle activity so it’s not a strong when it contracts and as a result those lines are less likely to form

But it as Gretchen said earlier it doesn’t change your smile or doesn’t change your overall appearance and you certainly can still show expression

It’s just not as dramatic oven expression and we do occasionally have patients who want that quote unquote paralyzed look or that frozen look

And for me that’s not an aesthetic goal

Obviously that’s an individual taste but I like boat to use

Botox in such a manner that it softens the appearance but doesn’t change or or make it look too unnatural

So I have a funny story about Botox when I was I think maybe like 24 25

I’ve always had this twitch in my in my upper face and I don’t know if it’s like a nervous twitch er something that happens when I get stressed that I move my eye of funny purposefully I can control it

And then someone told me there like If you get Botox it will freeze your face and you won’t twitch

And I thought they were crazy like I’m not gonna get though talks in 24 years old

Anyway if my twitch was so severe that I decided to try out the bow tox and it worked it did stop my twitch

And I ended up killing two birds with one stone because I noticed that I was not getting the wrinkles anymore from Twitch

So I periodically used bow talks over the past few years and it’s definitely been something that I really like

Well you just described how Botox was discovered for its cosmetic benefits

Botox has been used in medicine for a really really long time much longer than for cosmetic purposes

And it was in Canada that patients were getting treated for Botox for some muscle spasms around the eyes

And the doctors that were treating those patients found out incidentally that it was making the skin smoother around the eyes where they were treating that muscle spasm disorder

And so that’s how it became known to provide cosmetic benefits as well as functional benefits

And Botox is a fabulous product or neurotoxins is a classic

They’re fabulous product because they can treat so many medical conditions like migraines for example like sweaty palms

Oh are sweaty arms and and yet you know we know it for treating our frown lines are crow’s feet and other areas of the face

Well I’ve had

When I’ve gotten pro talks in the past I’ve found that it actually does change the way I look at myself in the mirror because my this eyebrow is a little bit lower than the other one

And so I found that when I when they balanced it out you actually like

I feel like I’m more awake

I look more like fresh to the eyes

Well people do that right they get talks to lift the island Absolutely so the way that we do that is we place biotoxin those muscles that pull down on the eyebrow and allow that muscle that lifts the eyebrow to take over

And in some people you can get a nice lift

And it’s those patients in their twenties maybe it even into their thirties

That boat talks to achieve a lifting of the brows can be a wonderful treatment option

Then when you get into the forties sometimes you’re trying to still achieve that result

But there are other changes that have occurred to the anatomy in such case that maybe there’s some other options to help lift those brows

But you’re right you can use Botox for a variety of ways

But for those individuals who are looking to not overly change their appearance Botox can achieve that result

And for those individuals were looking to get more of a brow lift it may be able to achieve that based on how it’s injected

So so let’s should we leave the baby’s Since we’ve left the twenties let’s move Teoh our group way

We’ve left the twenties so let’s say write letters much we’d be doing in the thirties and most people

Because now you know we’ve probably had a good time in my twenties

Honestly like people would always feel like you need to take care of your skin while applying

You’re gonna you’re gonna like see you

These aging problems Pretty soon

And I didn’t listen to them like I’m in my twenties

I look great

My cheeks are full

Uh but now I mean I’m 30 Brits and her 32 e

I am noticing that I really wish I would have worn my sunblock religiously

And um I’m just paying more attention to the way my face looks because I’m seeing I’m technically seeing a difference

I’ve been I I almost I actually did

I bought an umbrella

Just for the sun are all circles

It shows birth skin Looks great

I’m not gonna like she used to cover herself and with some luck on and I would lay there

Good news Gretchen it’s not too late

I know that Damage the 20

So basically all those recommendations I made for people in their twenties Gretsch and just kind of put aside so yeah for people in their thirties

What do we recommend again Skin care And we won’t

We won’t go into it and as much details we did in the twenties

But reminding people of the important importance of skincare is there when it comes to the sun damage that we experience in our twenties and it’s starting to show its signs in our thirties

What in addition to skin care can we do Chemical peels can be of benefit

Chemical peels can help address pigmentation issues

It can help tighten the skin to some degree depending upon the depth of the peel

And they’re certainly Cem peels that are done that are are more superficial

That can give a nice complexion and appearance to the skin

And I shined in the skin but might not be deep enough for intense enough to tighten the skin

Those deeper appeals tend to be done in a in a medical practice and tend to have ah longer downtime associated with it

Now one step above a chemical peel for some patients are the laser resurfacing procedures that we do and as a class fractionated laser treatments have become really the standard upon which most people are getting their laser treatments done and to differentiate a fractionated laser treatment from a traditional laser treatment

A traditional laser treatment would deliver he’d to the entire Harry of skin that was treated

Whereas a fractionated treatment is kind of like for those people who know golf it’s like carrying a green where their little holes heat holes that air delivered through the skin

So there are areas that are treated and right next to it are areas that are untreated of skin

And so there’s less heat delivered in fractionated lasers than in traditional lasers

As a result the fractionated lasers have less downtime associated with it less risks associated with it and yet it still provides nice results

The other thing that’s really cool about fractionated lasers is it’s kind of like the dimmer switch on a light

You can dial it up dial it down depending upon the person’s skin type and whatever skin conditions they have as well as what downtime they might be able Teoh endure

So for example we may have some patients who have the skin type and have the sun the skin qualities that warrant amore intense treatment and they have about five days off from work or social obligations

Which case we could turn that dial up for that

Individual and other individuals may not have that downtime in which case we dial it down and maybe recommend a series of treatments for that individual

The laser resurfacing treatments can really help not only address thebe pigmentation issues but also tying the skin by addressing fine lines and wrinkles

And the way that it does that is by reforming college

And it delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin where college and exists to reform college and to create timing

And I would be remiss to say that laser resurfacing in and of itself isn’t the magic bullet

It really gives great results when performed in conjunction with really good skincare products like a retinol or a retinoic acid

So in your thirties do you want to be on the right Yes you dio writing all I think is one of those skin care products that is good for you

Throughout all decades in life there was a joke that was set at one of the plastic surgery meetings that I directed and the joke was that if you were stuck on an island and there was a palm tree on the island and you had the choice of either a retinol or sunscreen

Which one would you choose And the dermatologist answers I would hide under the shade of the palm tree and use my retinol all day long

So to give you an idea of how great a product retinol is and so retinol you’re never too old to start right and you’re you’re never too old to use it and thirties is still quite young to use a retinol even your forties

We have patients in their fifties who are starting to use retinol because it does provide benefit in a cellular level

Obviously those people who are in their later decades may benefit from other treatments to get their skin to look better quicker

But the retinol will provide benefit and just a side story you know as I as I get older than decades and life seemed younger and younger

So I think thirties and forties were still very young way the laser right way have fractionated right and traditional eso traditional

So how often should we be getting appeal and or for that individual in their thirties who have never had any skin care treatment done before

I think appeal is a great introduction for that individual

They will get some fabulous results on

It gives them an opportunity to experience when a skin resurfacing procedure is like without going through the financial investment in the down time that’s associated with a laser resurfacing procedure

So that said once they’ve gotten a chemical peel treatment and they’re happy with the result fabulous

But let’s say they might benefit from some more skin tightening perhaps especially in certain areas like around the eyes or around the mouth

Well in that case introducing them Teoh a fractionated laser treatment would be of benefit for them because it would help address that skin laxity that they have around the eyes and around the mouth

So it’s in those cases where we would then recommend a fractionated laser treatment for that individual and again we can dial it up or down according to whatever they would benefit from

But chemical peels should be done at least on a once every six month basis

Laser resurfacing treatments depending upon the skin type the conditions that they’re they’re they’re dealing with if they do it once a year once every couple of years would be of great benefit for that individual

Now I’ve heard this is a question here about comparing Fraxel Laser is that great Great question question And that’s basically fractions like a brand name of a fractionated laser

So there are a lot of fractionated lasers out there in the market

Fraxel is one type of them and it’s such a confusing industry the laser resurfacing industry

I don’t know how patients even get get it straight but from my perspective is a facial plastic surgeon

I don’t focus so much on the brand name of the laser but rather what that technology achieves and what the experience is that the user has with that laser

I think that there are a lot of really great fractionated laser technologies out there on the market so it’s just a matter of finding a practitioner who has a lot of great experience with a specific type of laser

They’re familiar with the settings and I think the different brands of fractionated lasers can all give some fabulous results and what’s down varies depending upon the the depth of the peel

So there are some peels that are called like the red carpet peel for example which can be done on a Friday afternoon in anticipation of a Friday night event so that that red carpet peel gives the skin a glow gives it a shine its vibrant looking

But it’s very short term and there’s no downtime associated with it

Then there are other appeals like a 35% T C A

Peel were like the V I peel or even a more intense 88% female appeal which has varying degrees of downtime associated with it

And that downtime reflects readiness of the skin peeling of the skin and that can vary anywhere from two days to a full week and the fractionated laser treatments again

Thinking of that light that said more of a dimmer than an on off switch you can dial it up dial it down so that the downtime could be over two days or it could be over seven days depending upon what one hopes to achieve with its seven days it’s just going to give you a stronger better correct Is that a U

S o

The the more intense the peel or the more intense the laser resurfacing treatment the higher the price point

So really because you know we’re all restricted

We all have limited funds and really like if we’re looking at doing a chemical peel once or twice a year and then maybe like more like in the mid to late thirties we get into the fractionated missing fractionated lasers

This really is that this really is something that is very manageable


You know and I like I would love people to think about these treatments that were speaking about with respect to the skin as again maintenance and preventing

So none of these treatments are going to be the end all be all I think they have a cumulative effect of synthesizing college and giving the skin a brighter complexion

So thinking of a treatment plan where for example bow tox is done every 3 to 6 months for example skincare is done on a very regular basis

Chemical peels may be done twice a year

A laser resurfacing is done maybe once every two years

All those things really help that individual in their thirties looking very youthful and having very vibrant appearing skin into their fifties

In other words take a person who goes through these treatment considerations of their skin in their thirties versus somebody who doesn’t and all things being equal that person who does these treatments they’re gonna have much better looking skin in their later decades in life than the individual who isn’t maintaining or preventing thes changes from occurring with with respect to these treatment options because you don’t want to get to your forties or fifties and be like all right what do I do now and then have to make drastic changes where everyone notices that you’ve done something you want toe

You want to look like you’ve not done anything and you have that natural look and that glow and that youthful appearance

Uh yeah because we’re not trying to alter the way we look

We just want toe keep looking young and fresh and I think that the and those are all great great things in my practice

I see those individuals

Sometimes you come to me in their late fifties early sixties who would benefit from a face lift and a neck lift and their skin quality is not really good and as a result it it affects even the overall result of that surgery

In other words those individuals who take great care of their skin have far better outcomes when it comes to those surgeries that they consider later in their life as opposed to those who haven’t taken Greek who have taken great care of their skin

That’s interesting

So when you are if you are ever a candidate for a face lift right and you know another thing that we we haven’t really touched upon But I think is a good thing for those individuals in their thirties to consider and into their forties is we started losing some volume in the face in the thirties and there are fillers out there that can help restore some of that volume loss and one of the first areas that we start losing

That volume is in the cheek area

And what happens when we start losing the volume in the cheek areas we get a shadow or a dark circle of the lower eyelid

We tend to have a a a flatness to the cheek and we begin to see the smile line that people talk about which is that line that it’s extends from the nose down to the mouth and that line really occurs as a result of the loss of volume in the cheek

And so there’s some fabulous fillers out there in the market now that can lift in contour that chic and restore that volume that has been lost in a very young age in our thirties that starts occurring

And the nice thing about the Steelers is that there’s no risk right there

They’re safe to use

So there’s

There are some risks that people should be aware of with respect to these fillers

And in my practice in many practices out there the type of filler that people use or something called hyaluronic acid fillers

And the risks are mainly bruising and swelling

There are some other potential risks associated with these fillers but the beauty of it is one

Those risks air really low but to if there is a risk or if there is an issue with that hyaluronic acid filler there is an enzyme that could be injected that will reverse that filler

In other words that filler will last on average anywhere from six months to two years depending upon what type of filler is used and where it’s injected

But if there’s an issue with that filler it could be reversed with an enzyme injection

I always look for products that have hyaluronic acid in it

Is that just think I think in skin care products

Hyaluronic acid is a fabulous product because some of the environmental damage that occurs to our skin is dehydration and hyaluronic acid is a fabulous way to drop Dr Hydration into our skin

And so for example the lines around our mouth or around our eyes can be due to dehydrated skin

And if somebody were to maybe drink a little less um the espresso and a little bit more of the water the dehydrated skin would look less dehydrated

In other words we all maybe don’t drink Aziz much water as we should and so that alone helps hydrate our skin

But hyaluronic acid skin care products also Dr Hydration into our skin and then even the hyaluronic acid injectable fillers draw some water to themselves to further smooth in the skin

It’s so true whenever I start focusing on drinking more water and I literally like I’m like I need a drink

Water Al J

Within two days I can see a noticeable difference in my skin and just like the plumpness of it and the quality of it

So it’s an instant effect

Yeah like when you drink a lot or you go out way No

You just notice a difference

You know by Sunday you’re like Whoa and then you wake up in the morning way

Well actually that’s it

That’s so that’s that’s actually a good question

Is it Is it even you know when you when you when you drink in the evening or you you know you’re you’re having say even say abad come in soda or maybe a cocktail and wine is a good thing to drink water a bunch of water at night

Or is that just like an old myth I you know so obviously everyone enjoys wants to enjoy their life

And so I think you know having the those nights out are great fun

I think keeping up with hydration is a good thing for us overall

And you know maybe we miss out on the opportunity to do it the night off

But we certainly feel like we need it the next day

That’s cut part of our recovery right And so I think just trying to drink water after especially after a night out is a great thing

And knowing that you know alcohol in general is it is a diuretic so it tends to make us more dehydrated

So trying to replace that that fluid loss by drinking water is is a good idea

And you know our way

Don’t want to change our lifestyle entirely in the sake of making ourselves look as good as we can

We want to enjoy our lives

So everything in moderation I think is a great is a great thing to consider

It’s a good balance

The one thing that I would say is probably not such a great thing that we dio are not either of you do but some people do is smoking on and it’s the nicotine products that I think can really make us age faster than we would otherwise

And so if there’s anything I can say to your listeners on this podcast is Teoh considered quitting smoking if you are because it really does have some detrimental effects to your overall appearance to your skin

So if you do quit smoking now I’m just like casuals

You know any amount of nicotine what nicotine does is it It shrinks the tiny blood vessels in the skin in our body and so many other things that can occur

I would say that you know even small amounts of nicotine exposure is probably not great for us

Alcohol and take in moderation is good and even the literature out there about red wine and its effect on our heart

There’s some consideration that it’s actually good for us

But I don’t think there’s any literature out there that says nicotine is good for those people that do smoke or occasionally there is hope for them

Absolutely yes

So for those people out there listening who are smokers I encourage it

T seriously consider quitting it and you’ll benefit greatly from it because you’re at an age where those issues that can be caused by the nicotine and smoking can be reversible

What about sugar eso sugar You know I have a sweet tooth so I can’t speak to negatively about sugar but obviously sugar especially white sugar is not so great for us

Overall how what effect does it have on the appearance of the skin Nobody is really quite certain but it’s not as as dread

Detrimental is a some of the other things that we have like sun exposure and nicotine exposure

But I would say that as somebody who enjoys sweets again things in moderation

So we get our parties having so much fun in our thirties way say to women in their forties about prevention or taking action now

OK so in our forties now we’re leaning more towards those fractionated laser treatments to address the thes sun damaged skin the fine lines the wrinkles

We’re looking to get skin tightening

We’re also looking more at fillers to address volume loss in specific areas and that volume loss occurs again in the cheeks

It occurs around the mouth area particularly the lips

We start to get thinning of the lips and one of the things that we see often in my practice people who come in wanting something done for their thinner lips and wanting to not have them overdone

In other words they want something done to their lips

But they’re really scared about having it done and I think it’s because there’s so much out there with respect to people looking like they’ve had too much done to their lips

So people you can see it across the you’re out at a restaurant and you can see it from across the restaurant and you’re like I do not want let on to make

In all fairness I as a plastic surgeon will walk in and say Wow those really overdone lips on what we all want to achieve I think is a subtle result

In other words something that looks better but still looks like us

And so I think fillers to the lips could be done very tastefully

I can give a very natural result

One thing I would say for everybody who’s considering having fillers done

Most people go through the following experience

They have the injection done

The lips will swell if you’ve ever been your lip

You know that the lips swell is very easily so

Imagine having several injections to the lips

They’re going to swell so when you look in the mirror right after the injection they’re much bigger than they will be

After a day or two

That swelling start settling down and most people love their lips

But then the swelling goes down a little bit more and they wish they had just a little bit more filler to their lips

But in other words I think a little bit of volume ization to the lips in the in the forties gives a nice result

And it also hydrates the lips because one other thing that we see in the forties is dehydration of the lips

So we start to see those fine lines and wrinkles in the lips

And sometimes when a woman for example in their forties is putting on lipstick that lipstick may bleed at the lip border

And putting a little hyaluronic acid filler injection along that lip border gives a smoother palette upon which that lips that could be applied to avoid more always more right you can do a little bit

And then if you want to do more you can always do more

The other thing to be aware of his most fillers coming a syringe and in that syringe is one Miller leader of product or one cc

Most people have no idea what one Miller leader is

They just think it’s a syringe and they think it’s this like humongous amount of product when in reality one cc or one Miller liter is equivalent to 1/5 of a teaspoon

So you it’s hard to overdo the lips with one syringe which is why I think that’s a nice amount to do for somebody to their lips smile lines and in the cheeks

Laser resurfacing treatments bow Tox is still of benefit to help prevent frown lines

Crow’s feet lines forehead lines from forming

And then you can get into some technologies which reportedly tighten and lift tissues

So for example if someone in their forties is starting to lose their jawline and they’re looking for a treatment option other than surgery to help define that jawline or maybe that person in their forties has a bit of hooding of their brows

And Bo talked isn’t quite lifting their brows like it used to

There are some devices out there on the market that might be able to achieve the result that the individual is looking for

I think in those instances on we’re talking now about radio frequency devices were talking about ultrasound devices

All therapy is for example a brand name

I think the key is to have appropriate expectations for these treatments because in some individuals their super thrilled with the results and in others they wish they had a little bit more tightening

I think it’s in those individuals that maybe they’re asking the device to do something it’s not really designed to do


I think that’s what you doing doing every single day

Okay so maintenance no skin care should be

What should we be doing in the morning Should be doing something at 10 a.m. At noon at one

What even a byproduct What actually by sure

So you know I would say that the most important products to for your listeners to consider one is sunscreen and two is a retinal

Those air really great products for people to consider on a very regular basis Reynolds said

To be applied at night sunscreen applied in the morning and should be technically reapplied every two hours

So the reason why we see more sun damage on the driver’s side of the face is because we tend to put sunscreen on in the morning and we don’t reapply it and that sun comes through our driver side window and we start to see pigmentation

Fine lines wrinkles on that left side on the driver side of her face

So it’s kind of a hard habit to get used to

To reapply sunscreen

That’s my collar

Science is great

Super easy to reapply

Absolutely right

And so that’s why again you know color science not toe drive home a brand but that mineral based makeup with SPF on that brush is super easy

Teoh reapply throughout the day and so it’s one of the favorites for our patients in our practice

And then what about moisturizers and hydrate Hydrate Er’s So you highlighted on that bridge earlier And that’s hollow Roddick acid

It’s such a fabulous hydrate er and moisturizer

There’s one product that Skin Medica makes

It’s called a J five

It’s a high concentration hyaluronic acid product and it’s a fabulous hydrate er for the skin and so people use it in place of a moisturizer

It really helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because it’s hydrating

The skin really drives in that hot ironic acid to the skin

Do we have to spend all the money on these products Or is it possible to get them for relatively affordable You know I think that one thing I don’t want people to feel compelled to do is spend a lot of money on skin care

I don’t think that we have to spend a lot of money to get really good skincare and I get it

You know when people go through the department store they may see a product that’s super expensive

And the thought is that Wow if it’s expensive it must be really good

My thought is Let me see what the ingredients are

Let me get a sense of what it truly does

And so that’s why I like to talk

Talk more about ingredients

So like retinol for example or hyaluronic acid for example we know have proven to do what they are

Reportedly Do you know retinol or retinoic acid Or the one products that have been scientifically proven to address fine lines wrinkles and sun damaged skin So that’s why we keep going back to that skin care product

So what we do on a regular basis skincare with respect to retinol sunscreen reapplying that sunscreen what we do to maintain ourselves on our on a regular basis popping over maybe once every 3 to 6 months for a little bow

Talks toe

Minimize those lines that are due to muscle activity maybe a touch of hyaluronic acid filler

Here there tie their lift contour that sheikhs will restore volume loss that occurs and that volume loss can be due to volume lost from the fat within our body to due to our lack active life

Soft forgive me changes to our bony structure because we do lose bony volume starting in our twenties in our face

So those are the things that I would recommend and then again a chemical peel on an occasional basis whether it’s once a year or twice a year and then maybe in our later thirties into our forties we start doing fractionated laser treatments

So are there any ingredients in that we should be using like cleansers Explain exclude exfoliated Is there any other ingredient the retinol and the censoring Not not a specific ingredient There’s some cleansers that have like colic in it which I think is a nice exfoliator on

Then there are other exfoliator is that have beads in the skin care products and I don’t think you necessarily need to use that type of exfoliation

But if you have a glycolic acid cleanser that can help provide some exfoliation that’s ah wonderful thing to do because it helps clean the most superficial layer of the skin to remove those dead cells from our skin on a daily basis

So before you finish up I think it be very interesting to know what we need a doctor but energy for our faces

I think we’re done because you both look great

So e got some floors and I But I notice and I looked in the mirror bigger pores and I noticed that like that the ball you lost in my cheeks I definitely see around my mouth that it just looks almost like I It’s not like I’m older looking but it just looks like I got like a droop here look and I’m always raising my cheeks and my husband freaks out

It was like What are you doing You look great like you don’t want to be a cat woman and I’m like No but like I noticed as I wanna I wanna just look more youthful again

So what Do you think that’s first of all That’s the appropriate answer from your husband

But you whenever somebody asked me what they think they would benefit from I always like to hear from them what their concerns are

And you you highlighted it


You felt like your pore sizes

You wish you could address the size of the pores and that’s where a skin tightening procedure would be of benefit some chemical peels supposedly tightening the pores

I think that the level of chemical peel that one needs to do to tighten the poorest is intense enough that for you I would transition away from that more intense chemical peel and put you into a program of doing it fractionated laser treatment

And I would do that in such a way because your skin does look great

But if we’re looking to tighten the poor is a little bit

I would modify the treatment where we would dial it up in certain areas where the pores air a little bit wider and dial it down in other areas so that for me would be a great treatment option for you to consider to address the pore size with respect here cheeks

I think your cheek volume looks lovely

You have great bone structure

There’s something but runs on the roads of the family

You guys both have great cheeks but I notice that there’s something there

And so it’s in this instance where you’re telling me that you would like to see almost a lift to the cheek areas

You’re smiling the lifter cheeks

The volume looks really great

But what I would recommend for you is there are some areas in your cheek of con cavities and some volume loss and there’s some descent of the cheek tissues

I would use a product like Voluminous which is a hyaluronic acid filler that is FDA approved for the cheeks and I would use it toe lift and contour your cheeks

So although it sounds like I’m adding volume to your cheeks I think of it more like applying small amounts of the product in specific areas against the bone of the cheek to act like a tent pole toe

Lift the cheek tissues to give you that lifted appearance to give you that more youthful contoured to the cheek

And so again I think of it as a lifting product as a contouring product and not so much as a as a volume Isar

It’s too much definitely so

Voluminous is a hyaluronic acid filler and there’s an enzyme called Highly Rana days which can dissolve the filler

And so if we were to do it for you and we felt like we had achieved too much of a result then we can use that enzyme to dissolve it

One thing I like to do is Teoh let patients know that what we’re doing with respect our treatments

It’s a journey

In other words we are not looking to hit a home run

Maybe right away that first treatment we want to do maybe one syringe of a product in an area

Let that swelling settle down have you come back and maybe do another treatment of that same product for another treatment in another area and just go through that journey together to achieve a beautiful result

Very exciting

All right well we have to wrap this up but we wanted to let you all know that we’re doing a very exciting giveaway


Baden Easy is giving a $350 gift certificate and we will be choosing the winner Bret one on November November 3rd

Remember thirds gift certificate to his office for procedure or services as well as a complementary skincare analysis which is a value of $150

So $500 giveaway to Dr Botany G’s office and what you need to do to enter the Give Away is go over to our Facebook live video which you’ll find on our Facebook page and leave a comment there saying You’re either your best or your worst skin characteristics

We’re gonna choose our favorite answer

On November 3rd we will announce the giveaway

So do you want to call down to the concierge downstairs and get the Mac Daddy I got to get the Mac


Mack Daddies are BMW seven series

You guys who aren’t familiar uh BMW insanity

This And it is quite the Mac

Daddy we gotta get to dinner Ware

We haven’t tonight

You want to go to Ocean Club about that It’s just right down the street

It’s a great choice

Great choice

Ladies Thank you so much for being here today

Knocked about me way are really happy that you were able to join us here at the story yet it’s my pleasure

Thank you both Gretchen and Bread

Pleasure to see you both again

Thank you

Thanks for listening to new renewed podcast with Britt and Gretchen

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