Benefits of hyaluronan

Hyaluronic Acid

The latest anti-aging miracle weapon of the cosmetics industry Business with anti-aging products is booming the world over and generates billions in sales as women and men across all cultures seek to look younger than ever. Nowadays, the entire beauty industry is geared towards making people look healthier, younger and fitter, eradicating any signs of

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Girl Touching Face Looking At Perfect Skin In Mirror, Panorama

Beauty tips for rough skin

Especially in the winter months many women suffer from rough skin. If the skin itches, flakes and tightens, this is a clear sign of a lack of moisture. Whether elbows, upper arms, hands or legs – with our SOS tips and sustainable care, the skin becomes smooth and supple again. Immediate help for rough skin

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Kate Middleton recommended Biotulin to Michelle Obama

Kate Middleton recommended Biotulin to Michelle Obama Proving to be the ultimate friendship goals, it turns out Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton exchange beauty tips. In an interview with ‘Celebrities Style’ magazine, Michelle’s makeup artist shared the anti-aging secret she learned from the Duchess of Cambridge! It’s been eight years since Michelle Obama headed to

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