Hand creme

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Cleavage lotion

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Micellar cleansing water

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Lash growth concentrate

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Face mask

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UV protection creme

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Waterless Cosmetic

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Wrinkle reduction in a natural way

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel

The innovative combination of active ingredients Biotulin, developed in Germany, can visibly reduce wrinkles within just 1 hour. An independent efficacy study proves the effect in many test persons. Of course, all Biotulin products are dermatologically tested (very good).

Day and night care

Daynite 24+ Absolute Facecreme

Daynite24+ is an anti-wrinkle day and night cream with a perfectly coordinated basic care for every skin type and age. Cosmetic studies have shown that the contained active ingredient combination Biotulin can reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The balanced combination of Biotulin, grape seed oil, shea butter and squalanes, ensures wrinkle-free, radiantly soft skin and protects it from environmental influences at the same time.

Moisturizing make-up powder

HYDROLON Magic Loose Powder

Biotulin HYDROLON Magic Loose Powder provides a flawless, fresh look and conjures up a natural complexion. The latest innovation from Biotulin proves that it works simultaneously as a decorative make-up product and also as a facial care product with anti-ageing properties.

The power of cannabis

eyeMATRIX Lifiting Concentrate Eye Creme

eyeMATRIX combines ingredients from Cannabis sativa seed oil and Biotulin. This innovative combination of active ingredients provides immediate and visible results around the eye:

  1. Moisturises
  2. Can visibly reduce wrinkles
  3. More firmness and smoothness for a radiant look

Beauty monthly treatment

Facelift Ampullenbox (20x)

Our FaceLift Serums are a highly concentrated, vegan intensive care for the face that you can apply after cleansing and before your skin care. Thanks to their watery consistency, the serums are absorbed particularly quickly and deeply into the skin. At the same time, the care molecules contained are particularly small and can therefore be absorbed even better than those from a cream. The four different serums are optimally coordinated with each other.

Hand creme reinvented


Handkuss is the first hand care that combines the well-known active ingredient complex Biotulin and the innovative properties of pure gold – radiant beauty becomes a reality here.

Biotulin is a combination of active ingredients that can specifically reduce wrinkles with a direct effect. Small wrinkles on the back of the hand are visibly smoothed. Refined with 24k gold, which was used for healing purposes centuries ago.

The coveted precious metal has properties that care for our skin and make it appear more radiant and even younger.

Naturally beautiful breasts and a smoother décolleté

Hans & Franz

The secret of Hans & Franz’s effect is the unique combination of biotechnologically derived amino acids from plant starch and spilanthol, a plant-based local anaesthetic derived from paracress.

Appear 6 years younger

ART. Eau de Parfum

International fragrance researchers have found that grapefruit and citrus aromas can rejuvenate the appearance by 6 years. ART. perfumers took these findings into account during development. Over 250 different odorants create the distinctive blend that makes the fragrance so unique.

Pore-deep cleaning

be:clean: Micellar Cleansing Liquid

be:clean 4 in 1: Cleanses, removes make-up, nourishes and reduces wrinkles. The micellar cleansing liquid gently and effectively cleans the skin. Also suitable for daily hand care. .

Canabis Sativa Seed Oil contains valuable skincare substances. The active ingredient complex Biotulin visibly reduces wrinkles within only 1 hour. Independent efficacy studies confirm the result.

Mascara Fill-In Concentrate


eyeLASH XXL is a revolutionary mascara fill-in concentrate that combines outstanding comfort with maximum effectiveness: It can be combined with any type and brand of mascara, so it can target the length, density and volume of your lashes when applying your personal mascara.

Wrinkle reducing face mask

Bio Cellulose Mask (4x)

Your Biotulin mask rejuvenates the radiance of your skin with an immediate effect, can reduce the depth of wrinkles and minimizes pigmentation spots in the longer term.

For the demanding skin that struggles with the visible signs of time, Biotulin Mask was developed. The bio-cellulose mask gently lays on your skin and optimally adapts to your facial features.

Microskin Beauty System

Skin Gel + Dermaroller

Matched to the special viscosity of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, the ultra-fine tips made of high-quality surgical steel gently penetrate the top layer of skin and carefully remove dead cells. Your skin becomes smoother, fresher and more radiant.

More protection, less wrinkles

Daily Skin Protection Creme

Biotulin UV30 is the world‘s first dermatologically tested skin protection combination that naturally relaxes the facial features in a targeted and direct manner, while protecting the skin from damaging UV rays of sunlight.


Waterless shower gel

In many care products, water is only used as a cost-effective basis – not as an active ingredient. Its use requires additional ingredients in most recipes, such as emulsifiers or preservatives, otherwise the shelf life of products will suffer. Highly concentrated, particularly rich in active ingredients and clean, it works best without water. In addition, the logistical effort of bringing shower gel or shampoo into the bathroom is enormous – the ecological footprint is large. 90 percent of the contents of these bottles are water. But there is another way: with our water-free shower gel, which can also be used as hand soap or shampoo.

The new water-free shower gel from Biotulin is probably the first product in this form, which cleans, exfoliates and cares for your body at the same time. The soft powder foams up with a little water and does the same job as a shower gel and gives the skin a pleasant scent. It is extremely economical and therefore you can use it sparingly.

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