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Born out of a vision.

Developing a vision has a lot to do with passion. A powerful vision can release undreamt-of forces. It is able to carry people away and inspire them. The prerequisite for this is: it must be emotionally charged, it must inspire and be tangible.

Biotulin’s vision is to reinvent cosmetics. We want a natural alternative to botulinum toxin. We want to develop products that ignite an immediate effect and that on a purely herbal basis. Important: out of conviction, we refrain from animal testing in the development of our products.

From this vision, from this drive, Biotulin was born. A worldwide unique cosmetic series that keeps its promises. 94 percent of our customers recommend Biotulin.

How does Biotulin work?

The over-the-counter Biotulin gel is applied like a soothing lotion – it is quickly absorbed into the skin, smoothing and tightening it, leaving it pleasantly soft and supple. Your facial features remain vibrant and beautiful.

Active ingredients

Spilanthol is a local anaesthetic made from the extract of the plant Acmella Oleracea (paracress), which reduces muscle contraction and thus relaxes the facial features. Small wrinkles, especially around the eye area and between the eyebrows, can disappear. The skin becomes visibly smoother.

Hyaluron is a natural component of the human body. The body’s own collagens, also components of the human connective tissue, reduce their ability to regularly renew and plump up the skin from within with increasing age. With its scientifically proven ability to store large amounts of water in relation to its mass, hyaluron helps to counteract this natural ageing process and thus helps the skin to retain its volume. Your skin stays healthy and beautiful.

Another extract comes from the Imperata Cylindrica plant, also called silver hair grass. A plant that grows in the driest desert regions of South America and can survive even in salty soils. This extract provides the skin with moisture for 24 hours.

The effect

After 1 hour

An independent efficacy study has shown that some test persons already achieved a visible wrinkle reduction within only 1 hour.

After 24 hours

Furthermore, it was found that with a spilanthol content of only three percent, a residual effect continued to exist in many participants after 24 hours. (Biotulin even contains more than 5 percent of the spilanthol ingredient).

After 30 days

After about 30 days of continuous use, the wrinkle depths of some of the test persons had decreased significantly, and the skin was smoother and firmer overall.

Biotulin outstanding test winner at RTL (German TV)

Dermatologist Ivanka Milicevic on the results of Biotulin: “I’m thrilled – I don’t believe it. It looks great, all the wrinkles are completely gone”.

For four weeks, three women tested anti-wrinkle products for the RTL magazine Punkt 12 under the supervision of dermatologist Ivanka Milicevic from Solingen. The outstanding test winner was Biotulin. Already within one hour, the dermatologist noticed a visible reduction of wrinkles in the analysis picture.

After 4 weeks, the test person’s wrinkle depth was visibly reduced by over 27%. Wrinkles even disappeared completely.

The test result surprised even the dermatologist and she showed her enthusiasm about the outstanding result.


The active ingredient combination Biotulin is characterised by its economical application. The effect can already be visible within only 1 hour and lasts up to 9 hours.
If you want to optimise the result, apply Biotulin several times a day.

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