3 styling tips: How to look younger

Simple styling tips: How to look younger


At the best age: Styling Tips from a best ager model

Simple styling tips: How to look younger

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle: these are Renate Zott’s themes. For Biotulin, the Best Ager blogger, who is also known as a topage model, writes about exactly these topics. Today she gives tips that rejuvenate in no time at all and don’t cost a cent.

Renate Zott knows all about lifestyle, fashion and beauty: On her blog she shows how to dress great, keep fit, take care of yourself, in short: take good care of yourself. The best advertisement for this is herself: Hard to believe that Renate Zott is over 50! And no wonder she calls herself a “topage model”. Because she is obviously at the absolute top age!

For some time now, she had a series called “At the best age: Tips from the over 50 model”, in which Renate Zott writes about the small and bigger issues surrounding fashion, beauty and lifestyle – from a woman at the best age for women at the best age! Today there is anti-aging without injections and beauty surgery: her best styling tips that make you look younger right away.

Styling tips that make you look younger immediately

“At the best age: Tips from the Over 50 model” – styling tips that make you look younger immediately

How to look younger

There is something to the old saying: You are always as old as you dress. And not only that, with the right make-up and hairstyling you can quickly conjure away a few years without wanting to look juvenile…

The hairstyle

Factor Hair stopps hair loos immediately
Hair Loss ‑ a well-known problem and you are not alone!

The best thing is to start from the beginning – or rather from the top and start with hair styling. Even though many people think that shorter hair is more flattering for women over 40, I am convinced that it’s not about wearing the hottest hairstyle, but the one that suits your face and fits your lifestyle.

If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, in addition to an open-backed hairstyle, a bun or ponytail on the top of the head is a good idea, as it rejuvenates and makes you look fresh. On the other hand, very strict hairstyles make you look much older – I’m thinking of ultra-smooth hair, sometimes with gel or lacquer, which is pulled back to the back, mostly to form a bun in the neck.

Of course, there are women for whom this look suits them fantastically, and it is undoubtedly one of the hottest Red Carpet looks. But: First of all, we are not on the red carpet every day, and secondly, women do not want to look older than they are. Do they?

The make-up

2nd tip of how to look younger: Freshness and youthfulness in make-up are given by bright colors, rosy cheeks and pink or red lips. The rejuvenating effect of a rich red is even scientifically proven. It provides more contrast in the face and sharpens the lip contour, which diminishes with age. Be careful with glitter and very dark colors on the eyes and lips.

My tip: A natural make-up without strikingly made-up eyes. Naturally accentuated eyebrows go well with it.

The clothes

No, I’m not coming with the beige quilted jacket, but I’ll give you a few tips on how to breathe a little youthful coolness into your clothes without passing as your own daughter. After all, I’m not interested in compulsive rejuvenation, but in adding a little casualness to the overall picture.

Jeans – except for those with flared legs – immediately get more pizzazz when you roll them up over your ankles or turn them over. The slimmest part of the leg is above the ankle. And so it not only looks more casual, but also slimmer.

If you like to combine jeans and a T-shirt, a blazer over it will make for the adult version – in the best case with slouched sleeves. Best with the denim style: (white) sneakers.

When choosing colors, it’s important to remember that strong, striking colors look much fresher and younger than muted colors or black. So a splash of color in your outfit already provides a rich anti-aging effect. Colored patterns can do the same.


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