Thread lifting as a gentle alternative to surgical facelift.

Thread lifting as a gentle alternative to surgical facelift.


What is a thread lifting (Suture lifting)?

Just a few years ago, a facelift was always associated with a complex operation. Nowadays, with the help of thread lifts, doctors can smooth drooping cheeks, sagging facial contours or a wrinkled décolleté completely without incisions – gently and lastingly.

With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity. It slackens and wrinkles form around the nose, eyes and mouth. Many people find these changes disturbing, as they often affect facial expressions – we look tired, worn out and sad. “With the help of thread lifting, we can give the face new contours again and also tighten the skin on the décolleté and neck,” says Dr. Johannes Müller-Steinmann, dermatologist and medical director of the Dermatological Center in Kiel, Germany. “The appearance then appears fresher, more alert and more attractive again.

Before the actual procedure the doctors the draw markings for the thread course on the skin. Then they pull the self-dissolving threads of polydioxanone into the desired regions with the help of fine needles. “Depending on the desired result, we use different types of sutures,” explains the dermatologist. “Smooth threads are particularly suitable for smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth and on the cheeks and for tightening slack skin on the neck and décolleté”. There are also threads with small barbs. These not only tighten the fabric, but also lift it. A combination of both thread types is also possible.

Immediately after the lifting, the skin is already firmer and wrinkles are smoothed. The final result is then visible after about six to nine months. During this time, the sutures dissolve and the skin forms new collagen, an important structural protein in the treated area. This gives the skin additional elasticity and volume. “The risk of side effects such as scarring and infections is significantly lower than with a surgical facelift, since no incisions are required to insert the sutures,” says Dr. Müller-Steinmann. “In addition, patients can leave the practice immediately after the procedure”. However, slight redness and swelling can occur for a short time.

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The costs for the thread lift can vary from practice to practice. At the Dermatology Center in Kiel, they amount to around 700 euros per session. As this is not a medically necessary treatment, health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs.


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