3 tips to make your hair look younger

3 tips to make your hair look younger


Does your hair make you look younger or older?

A star hairdresser gives you 3 fabulous tips how to make your hair look younger.

The right haircut should not only be trendy and appropriate to your type, it should also flatter your facial features, emphasize your cheekbones and make your eyes shine.

Unfortunately, shortened strands in the wrong place can also have the exact opposite effect, hiding rather than emphasizing your assets. In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, celebrity hairdresser Anthony Nader (he’s even had Cate Blanchett between his scissors) explains what we need to look out for in our hair.

Star hairdresser at work: Anthony Nader with a model

3 tips to make your hair look younger

1st tip for your hair: playful stepped haircuts make you look younger

Graphic haircuts with straight edges, such as the trendy Blunt Cut, make the face look more striking and unfortunately also a bit older. “Do without radically precise trimmed lines, as they do your face no favors,” explains the celebrity hairdresser in an interview. “To look younger, you have to make sure that the haircut is softer and falls with a playful structure – fringed tips help”. Slight steps that fall into the face are especially flattering around the mouth and eyes: the first wrinkles are easily concealed.

2nd tip for your hair: Replace your straightening iron with a natural brush

You have been straightening your hair for years – probably with a straightening iron? Then it’s quite possible that your signature look makes you look more mature than you actually want to: “Straight hair can quickly make you look severe,” Anthony Nader knows. Better: “A medium-sized brush with natural bristles smoothes the outer cuticle layer of the hair and still gives it a dynamic structure. The best way to do this is to blow-dry towel-dried hair strand by strand while brushing constantly.

3rd tip for your hair: Rejuvenating treatment with gentle highlights

You want to hide first grey hairs? Brunettes quickly tend to color their hair a shade darker. Even if grey hair is concealed, dark hair makes the face look more prominent and makes you look older. The expert’s advice: “Although tempting, gray hair is easier to hide with light highlights.

Special hand painting techniques can be used to set light brown and dark blonde highlights so that the new shimmer looks completely natural. Also important: From now on, use a shine shampoo that gives your hair glow and moisture. Healthy, shiny hair makes you look younger immediately.

Root Touch Up – How to fix your roots at home by Anthony Nader

Even if you’re basically an at-home hair colour profesh, doing your own roots at home still can require different technique. Like everything else in this world, colouring your roots successfully comes down to the right timing, which is about 15-25 minutes.

If you leave it on for too long, the colour will be darker, look flat, and mismatch the rest of your hair. If you rinse it too quickly, though, you won’t get the coverage you need. So make sure to read the instructions (and check them twice) to ensure you get the exact colour you’re looking for. No matter what, DIYing your root touch-ups is worth the work, since it saves you both time and money until you feel comfortable making a visit to your hair salon.

For everything you need to know about colouring your roots at home, watch this video below.

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