CBD-Serum for your skin and hair

CBD-Serum: Well-groomed hair, eyelashes and brows thanks to hemp oil!


CBD-Serum: Well-groomed hair, eyelashes and brows thanks to hemp oil!

The latest trend is hair and skin care products containing CBD. We can only benefit from the valuable active ingredient from the hemp plant: Not only for the skin, but also for hair, eyelashes or eyebrows CBD offers several advantages.

CBD in serums, creams and co. is currently very popular – this is mainly due to the valuable ingredients of the hemp plant. These can not only be absorbed from the inside, but also through skin and hair.

The active ingredient cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties and is particularly suitable in the cosmetic field for problematic skin or for people with specific skin diseases. It also moisturizes, which is not only good for beautiful hair, but can also be used for brittle and thin eyelashes.

CBD in cosmetic products: This is the effect

Many people wonder if CBD cosmetics have a similar intoxicating effect to that known from cannabis use. This is not the case! Here you have to distinguish between the two active ingredients THC and CBD, both of which are derived from the cannabis plant.

CBD (cannabidiol) has no psychoactive effect. Rather, it has a relaxing effect on body and mind, without the side effects that THC would bring, such as altered sensory perception and feelings of lethargy.

Cannabidiol is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that bind moisture and strengthen the external skin barrier. Thus CBD is often used in anti-aging skin care. CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects: Just the thing for pimples or redness.

Hemp oil for the hair: How to use it and how it works

With the help of a few drops of the effective oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant, you can make brittle, weak and dull hair shine again! The pleasant scent also provides real relaxation.

For the CBD treatment, you can either mix a few drops of the hemp oil into your regular shampoo or you can put a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and massage it into the length of your towel-dried hair (after washing your hair). The fatty acids contained in CBD moisturize and seal the outer layer of the hair, so that with regular use, your hair becomes smooth and healthy.

Factor Hair

Your chance for strong, healthy, dense hair!

Factor Hair stimulates your hair to grow again, without hormones.

Positive side effect: If you also massage your scalp with some hemp oil, this is the best weapon against scalp itching and dandruff!

CBD Eyelash Serum: Nourished eyelashes and eyebrows

Vitamin deficiency is the most common cause of thinning eyelashes and eyebrows. CBD is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. It can therefore help to care for the lashes and additionally protect them from harmful environmental influences.

CBD is also rich in amino acids, which are the most important building blocks for full and natural eyelashes or eyebrows. Therefore a rich CBD serum is perfect for your daily care. Healthy and well-groomed eyelashes and brows are on the agenda from now on!

Biotulin eyeLASH XXL

The comfortable solution for beautiful eyelashes.

eyeLASH XXL is a revolutionary eyelash growth fill-in concentrate that combines excellent comfort with maximum effectiveness: it can be combined with any type and any mascara brand , so that it can specifically support the length and volume of your eyelashes while applying your personal mascara. The 100% hormone-free formula is simply added to your favorite mascara and in no time at all it will transform your mascara into a unique treatment that supports your eyelashes growth in length, density and volume with every application.


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