3 beauty treatments that you should not do yourself during quarantine at home

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Cutting hair and Co.: You should not do these beauty treatments yourself despite quarantine at home

Closed beauty salons, nail studios and hairdressers confront many with something that has long been hidden under the beautiful appearance: their naturalness. And this is by no means always celebrated as one would expect under the Instagram hashtag #selflove. Dropping eyelashes can put self-esteem out of balance, nails that grow out can interfere with home office work, and the absence of a visit to the hairdresser can make for more bad-hair days than usual.

Therefore we would like to clarify first of all: Despite all the beauty treatments offered by the cosmetics industry, a natural appearance is something beautiful that you can take a close look at in the mirror in this exceptional situation – before it disappears again through the usual routines after quarantine.

Although many beauty treatments allow you to step out of the comfort zone and do it yourself, there are three areas of application for which it is better to wait for the salon of trust. If done incorrectly, you can quickly worsen your look – and even cause long-term damage. But don’t worry, of course even in this exceptional situation there are some SOS tips for abusive beauty treatments, which even in quarantine guarantee damage limitation for eyelashes, hair and nails.

Hands off: You should not do these 3 beauty treatments yourself even in quarantine

Beauty treatment 1. Cut your hair by yourself

The bangs may be one thing, but it is better to refrain from completely re-styling the hair. Because: The cutting of a new hairstyle is rightly left to the professionals and can quickly end in irregular tips and strange steps when trying to do it yourself. Therefore we can only recommend to let the hair grow easily during the quarantine phase and to try out new hairstyles rather than new cuts on Bad-Hair-Days. A little tip: Hair ornaments like scrunchies or wide hair bands can make the necessary difference.

Woman using manicured gel nails in UV lamp. Small nail art and manicure business. Hands of woman in a wellnes salon
Woman using manicured gel nails in UV lamp. Small nail art and manicure business. Hands of woman in a wellnes salon

Beauty treatment 2. Remove gel nails

The last appointment at the nail salon was cancelled due to the Corona crisis? That can become a problem after weeks in quarantine. While normal nail polish or shellac can be removed with a classic remover, the procedure for gel nails is much more difficult – it is not for nothing that a visit to the nail studio is considered a beauty treatment.

The best thing for the nail is, of course, to let the gel grow out slowly and just shorten it. After all, you usually lack the right equipment at home to remove the layer properly. If you absolutely don’t want to wait until the beauty treatments are resumed, you can also file the gel off carefully with a nail file. Here, however, you must take care not to damage your own nail.

By the way: under no circumstances should you remove the layer with your fingers – this can cause great damage to the nail and even cause it to become inflamed through wounds.

Beauty treatment 3. Plucking artificial eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes must normally be renewed after four weeks at the latest – otherwise they tend to fall out and look uneven. In spite of this sight, you should neither pluck the hairs nor shorten them with scissors, because both variants quickly backfire and also affect your own lashes.

Again, the gentlest method is to give the fake lashes enough time to fall out – ideally until beauty treatments are possible again. For the transition, they can be mascaraed, for example, so that the difference is less noticeable. Another option is to buy a special solution for eyelash removal, which will cause the hair to fall out faster and you will quickly regain your natural look.

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