How to keep the décolleté youthfully beautiful

Skin rejuvenation - How to keep the décolleté youthfully beautiful


Skin rejuvenation – How to keep the décolleté youthfully beautiful

In the summery strap top or in the evening cocktail dress, a beautiful décolleté is particularly effective. This makes wrinkles, pigmentation marks or red veins all the more disturbing. Gentle methods of skin rejuvenation let the décolleté shine youthfully again.

While facial care is part of daily routine, the décolleté is often neglected. But the décolleté, like the face, is increasingly exposed to environmental influences. “UV light in particular is an essential factor that accelerates aging processes on delicate skin and favors wrinkles or pigment spots,” explains Dr. Marion Moers-Carpi, dermatologist in Munich. “That is why careful cleansing and ample care as well as adequate UV protection for the décolleté are essential to prevent premature skin aging and keep the skin healthy,” the expert emphasizes.

“On the basis of a computer-supported skin analysis in the dermatologist’s practice, in which for example the moisture and fat content of the skin, wrinkle depth or pigmentation disorders are measured, an individual care concept can be tailored to the specific needs of the skin.

Selected dermocosmetic active ingredients can be easily applied to deeper skin layers using specific procedures such as ultrasound or low-frequency current”, explains Dr. Moers-Carpi: “The effect lasts for a few days and, for example, on special occasions, ensures a firm, youthfully beautiful décolleté“.

To freshen up the skin texture, the dermatologist recommends a dermocosmetic fruit acid peeling every now and then. The peeling stimulates the skin’s metabolism, stimulates cell renewal and improves moisture retention in the skin. The skin structure becomes finer and smoother, the skin appears fresher and more youthful.

Dr. Moers-Carpi achieves very good results in rejuvenating the décolleté with dermolissage, a combination of microdermabrasion and the introduction of skin-refreshing active ingredients. The skin is first superficially ground with a diamond bur to stimulate cell renewal. At the same time, the skin is prepared for the introduction of highly effective substances, which can then penetrate particularly well. The skin looks smooth and radiant again. Dr. Moers-Carpi reports that microdermabrasion can also prevent pigment spots and actinic keratoses, a precursor of light skin cancer. This method is also suitable for a quick “in-between appointment”, as the patients are immediately fully fit for use again afterwards, explains the dermatologist.

A gentle facelift without a scalpel, which can also be used very well in the cleavage area, is radiofrequency therapy. Thermal stimuli act in the deep layers of the skin. The collagen fibers contract and the skin immediately becomes visibly smoother and firmer. In addition, the collagen production is gradually stimulated, so that after three to six months the optimal treatment result becomes visible, which lasts up to three years. Since the upper skin layers are not affected, patients are “socially acceptable” immediately after the treatment, explains Dr. Moers-Carpi.

Various laser systems are available for the correction of wrinkles, pigmentation spots or red veins. “However, a sore area is created that needs a certain amount of time to heal. The treatment is therefore more complex. In the hands of an experienced dermatologist, however, excellent results can be expected,” the dermatologist emphasizes. “A concept, which is co-ordinated with the individual needs, which combines sufficient UV protection and a careful daily care if necessary with gentle methods of skin rejuvenation, ensures for the fact that the Dekolleté remains for a long time juvenile beautiful and healthy, so Dr. Moers Carpi.


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