8 eyelash errors you should avoid

Damit Ihre Wimpern nicht kaputt gehen, vermeiden Sie bitte folgende Angewohnheiten


To prevent your eyelashes from breaking, please avoid the following habits

Sleep with makeup

Even if you are tired in the evening, you should always take the time to make up. If the pores of the skin are clogged, they have no air to breathe at night. This can create pimples and blackheads. But eyelashes also suffer overnight if they are not made up. The mascara stiffens the lashes and can break off due to the friction on the pillow. If you are often too lazy to wash your face in the evening, simply put a pack of make-up cloths on the bedside table.

Shape eyelashes after ink

Do you use your eyelash tongs only after you have applied the mascara? Please get used to this quickly. The mascara stiffens the lashes and can break off due to the pressure of the eyelash tongs. Here you will find instructions on how to use the eyelash pliers correctly. If the lashes are not yet curved enough for you after inking, you can gently bend the hairs (while they are still moist) slightly upwards with your finger.

Regular eyelash extensions

The advantages of an eyelash extension are obvious. If you have very short eyelashes by nature, you can cheat on long and dense lashes with this method. Nevertheless, it is better not to make the application regularly. The fake eyelashes can damage the hair follicles and in the worst case lead to hair loss. Try it instead with an eyelash serumthat stimulates the hair growth of your own eyelashes. We tested the best eyelash serum.

Eyes rubbing

Even if it feels so beautiful, to protect our eyelashes (and eyes), it’s better not to rub. If it itches, it’s better to scratch gently than rub the whole eye. Also, when making make-up, remember to gently rub over eyes and eyelashes.

Use expired eye make-up

Many of us don’t even think that make-up has an expiration date. In most cases, there is no specific information on the package, but there are guidelines to be observed. Expired make-up can form germs and even mould. Basically, a mascara and eyeliner that has already been opened can last a maximum of half a year, eyeshadow much longer (unless it is water-based). If you notice that your eyes are itching or burning after make-up, it may be because of the expired make-up.

Use heat

Hot air dries out the body, so we should do without it as far as possible when it comes to beauty. Especially hair become brittle due to the heat and break off. How to smooth your hair without heat you can see here. In order to protect your eyelashes, you should therefore avoid heat-up lashes and do not heat a normal pliers with the hair dryer.

Remove false eyelashes

For special occasions we like to get false eyelashes out of the drawer. However, make sure that you use high-quality products and, above all, a medically tested adhesive. When pulling off the eyelashes, it is particularly important to soak the adhesive beforehand, so that no real lashes are carried along when pulling off. To do this, dip a cotton swab in an oil-based cleansing milk and place it on the eyelash wreath for a few seconds. This dissolves the glue and the false eyelashes can be removed more gently.

Use waterproof mascara

Instead of waterproof mascara, we recommend using an eyelash ink that is soluble with warm water. Thus, the make-up is protected from rain and tears, but can be quickly loosened when washing the face. Waterproof mascara usually sticks like concrete on the lashes and can be made up accordingly. By rubbing and pulling, eyelashes fail and the sensitive skin on the eye can become inflamed.


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