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Make up for mature skin from 50

There are breathtakingly beautiful models for the perfect make-up from 50 on: Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Susan Sarandon, for example. The three actresses over 50 make it clear that beauty has nothing to do with age. On the contrary! The female superstars make it clear that individuality, charisma as well as underlining one’s own type with the right beauty products can have a fascinating effect.

When making up mature skin from the age of 50, a younger look can be conjured up quite simply with modern products such as light-reflecting concealer or primers. But not only wrinkles, also eyes with drooping eyelids can be optically cheated a few years younger.

The basics are clear, but now comes the freestyle: because sometimes small things make a big difference. When it comes to make-up from the age of 50 on, there are certainly one or two little tricks that you don’t know yet.

Make-up tips for women over 50: Small tricks, big effect

Loose skin and missing contours:

Stroke with a little bronzer slightly below the cheekbones and at the transition from face to chin. This creates contours. Blend any edges with a brush.

Make-up tip for the eyes:

Less is more. Dark colours optically press on the eyes and make them appear smaller. Dramatic Smokey eyes are not necessary, even glitter eye shadow can emphasize eye wrinkles.

Tip for evening make-up:

If you like to use a kohl, make sure to draw as narrow an eyelid line as possible and blend it slightly with a cotton swab. Important for make-up from 50: The lower and upper water line, i.e. the line directly between lashes and eye, should be emphasized with light colors, darker Kajal (Kohl) makes the eye look smaller.

Sparse lashes? Then give your eye area a little more contour with a fine eyeliner line directly at the lash line. In this way you optically condense the lashes. If you like, you can also have your lashes filled in the beauty salon.
Conceal lip wrinkles with concealer: Apply some concealer around the lips. This can conceal fine lines, optically enlarges the lips and the lipstick lasts much longer. And don’t forget: For clear contours, use a lip liner before applying lip colour.

Make-up in daylight:

Natural make-up works best in good light conditions. Therefore, ideally look for a comfortable place near the window for make-up.


Here's one of my MOST REQUESTED makeup tutorials to do - How...

Here's one of my MOST REQUESTED makeup tutorials to do - How I do makeup on mature skin! I hope you find this video helpful, more mature models are coming (darker hair as well) so stay tuned!
hello everyone attend - and this is Timmy today's video is one of my most requested videos ever I always get comments about this and it is about makeup on mature skin now I've been looking and looking and looking and I came across a beautiful Caroline here in Dubai and we've been following each other for a while we've been planning this for a long time actually and this is the look that I created I really wanted to emphasize her beauty and just enhance what you already has I mean she is stunning so this video is all about enhancing what you have really perfecting what you're born with so if you guys enjoyed this video please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment and thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the next video bye so here is a beautiful Caroline and I'm gonna be starting off with a bit of skincare and I'm taking the quad le beauty elixir to just refresh her face and you know the drill I love this spray it just perhaps the skin for a skincare and for skincare I'm gonna be taking the Vichy mineral 89 and this is basically a hyaluronic acid serum and I'm just gonna be putting this all over the skin and massaging it in and prepping the skin for moisturizer and creams and with this always like to take the time to massage it into the skin to really wake the skin up and just make my model feel great and good and I talked to her more about her skin type and I get to know what her skin is like so I know what products to use next for eye cream I'm going to be using the Eliminator the eye concentrate and I'm just going to be putting that underneath the eyes and massaging it in and tapping it very gently and just letting it sit there and do its work because it's a nice rich cream makeup is going to sit on top of it beautifully as well again tap-in massage it into the skin I also like to take the eye cream on any dry patches on the skin for moisturizer I'm taking the assisity ecological compound and this is their one of their really popular creams now what I found about this is that it's very very scented it smells like lavender so if you are very sensitive to scent I would maybe try this in the store because it is very scented and again I'm gonna be rubbing that into the skin doing more of that blood circulation and getting things going for foundation I'm taking the new Anasazi Beverly Hills luminous foundation and this is in the shade 315 n and also excited to try this and it is a luminous foundation so I thought it would work beautifully on Caroline now Caroline is very tan tall over her body and it she's a bit lighter on her face so I'm matching more of her body even though she's wearing a turtleneck I can still see her hands and you can see her a bit of her neck and her ears and as always I'm gonna be taking a bit of that on the back of my hand and working it in in very thin layers this finish is beautiful you get to see it more in action now so I'm taking the time to buff it very gently into the skin and just really work it into the skin almost like a moisturizer as a tinted moisturizer and taking the time to buff it out now because this foundation is a luminous finish I'm not gonna be using any powders really I'm just gonna be layering products so as you can see she has that healthy glow because the foundation also has that kind of a golden peachy undertone making a better makeup remover on a cotton bud I'm gonna wipe the foundation off the lips because you guys know I hate that in most key I mean in some cases it works and I'm gonna be moisturizing her lips with the Mac lip conditioner so just a thick layer of that let it sit while I do the makeup that's always a good idea so when we get to lipstick her lips are nice and fresh and moisturized I'm gonna be taking a bit of whatever is left of that foundation and just running that through the eyelids just to neutralize her lids and take out any discoloration and this will add as a base for eyeshadow but I am gonna put a bit of concealer there for eyeshadow as well even though I'm very happy with the finish of the foundation I am gonna take a damp Beauty Blender and just tap it all over the skin I don't usually do this but I feel like if you have lines and if you have areas where a product can settle in this is always a great idea it's always always a good idea because it just takes out any of that excess that you're not seeing that's sitting on top of the skin and we are gonna go in with concealer don't forget that so you can add your coverage when you need it and for concealer I'm taking the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer and number 25 this concealer is such a good concealer it's one of my favorites has quickly become one of my favorites and because it is a self setting concealer you don't need to use powder if you don't want to now you know me I love powder and I really just work with the model and see if she needs any powder or if she doesn't and in this case Caroline definitely doesn't need any powder don't forget that I am under lights and she is under lights so she might look more glowy or more shiny than usual but in real life she does not look oily or greasy so in this case with the concealer I am brightening her face for blush I'm taking cream blush because I love cream blush and cream blush is perfect for mature skin and I'm taking the nude sticks in two finishes this is the nudies bloom which is more of a dewy one and nudies matte which is a matte one and I'm starting off with the nudies matte and Sunset Strip and I'm gonna be blending both colors on the back of my hand and taking the nudies bloom and Tigerlily Queen just because I have fun with mixing I mean you can just use one on its own that's totally fine they have amazing color so you don't really need to mix but I'm just having fun with it so I'm mixing both now some people say you can put it high up and I usually do like to put it more on the cheekbone rather than the apple of the cheek but Carolyn has a nice glow and kind of a tan so I really do want to emphasize that and I think that'll give her more of a sunkissed look and I always like to tap the blush in especially with cream blush because I don't want to move the foundation around and this is always a good technique if you don't want to move the product that's underneath a bit of blush on the nose and on the forehead really does emphasize that sunkissed look that you're healthy you've been outside but I hope you've been wearing SPF and I'm always giving everything a final tap and blend with my Beauty Blender for brows on taking the benefit processing my brow pencil and this is in the shade gray they actually have a gray shade which is awesome I'm just gonna be filling in any of these sparse areas in her brows caroline has amazing brows that are beautiful so I'm not really doing much to them I'm just following their shape brushing them through and filling in any of the sparse areas she told me her brows aren't the same shape and they're not even and I told her that everyone's brows are like that pretty much and I had three doesn't bother me I don't really go crazy on having the brows look the same because I feel like it just adds that character to your face and your brows are always gonna be a bit different anyway so a tree doesn't bother me when people say their brows are different Virgil I'm taking the anastasia beverly hills clear brow gel this is one of my favorite brow gels I don't like a lot of tint in the brows again it depends on whether you're very fair and you want to add more volume then tint is great for a bit of contra on the nose I'm taking a fancy Beauty matchsticks in mocha and I'm just going to be contouring tip in the nose which is what I love doing when I contour the nose and I feel like it just adds that nice touch and it does define your face and a bit on the lower lip and top lip just add more definition and on the chin as well and blending that with the brush and taking but on the brush if you feel like you need a bit more and just buffing everything in to prime the eyelids for eyeshadow I'm taking a bit of that makeup for every concealer again and just very lightly tapping it and blending it on the lid remember nothing crazy you don't want to go too heavy on this or it is gonna crease so you want to just do a light layer and blend it outwards for eyeshadow I'm gonna be dipping into this beautiful Sigma palette this is called the enchanted eyeshadow palette and it has a lot of really nice cool tones and I want to do cool tones on Caroline because I feel like it's gonna complement her gray hair beautifully and it's not gonna really clash if I do something very very warm which again you can because you can do whatever you want but for this look I felt like a cool tone would really emphasize Caroline's beauty so I'm dipping into the cream shade just to set the eyes all over and dipping into that pink shade just to add a bit of warmth in the crease but it is kind of a cool pink so it's not going to add that crazy warmth it's gonna complement her skin very well to deepen the crease I'm gonna be dipping into the taupe and the pink just to emphasize that even more and to add a bit of a contour and slowly building those layers of depth and intensity and then using that tube alone to add more intensity so I'm building up layers in terms of lightness I start very light and then I built to the darkest shade which is going to be the brown focusing on the outer V and the crease and to emphasize all the shadow work that we've done I'm going to go in with the light cream again on the center of the lid and that instantly makes all the dark shades we put in the crease pop even more now I'm going into that Brown and using it as an eyeliner as a base and winging it out and again focusing on that outer V and especially with more mature women you really do want to emphasize the eyes and make them look lifted and beautiful but you have to work with those layers because the results are always gonna look better if you layer and take your time and don't be afraid to get all the way around just make sure you control the thickness so as you can see just adding that Brown as the liner really emphasizes her eyes and makes them pop and look more lifted and open and to make sure nothing is very harsh I'm gonna take that blending brush again and just blend all those layers because I'm gonna go on with the final liner to frame the eyes I'm going to be taking a bit of mascara and this is the Lancome Hypnose drama I'm just gonna be coating her lashes and Caroline's going to be doing the rest of the work because you can really get in there and once she has mascara on I can see what I want to add and intensify even further so I'm taking a bit of those pinks underneath the lower lash line with whatever is left on the brush so it has a bit of that taupe and a bit of that pink and brown but very softly just smudging everything and I thought it'd be really nice to add a bit of that shimmer on the center of the liner because I know some mature women tend to really freak out about shimmer but you can do it in very strategic placements you can do it all over if you want I love shimmer so you can do whatever you want but this is a nice way to wear shimmer in a very subtle way that's where highlight I'm taking the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood beauty light wand another cream and putting that on the high points of the face now I found that this with the foundation didn't blend that well for some reason I tried it with the Beauty Blender and then I did it with a brush but something about it just really couldn't blend that well so I think next time I might just use it off with a brush or just going with another cream but I did end up putting that new six cream blush on top of it again and it did seem to help do you think I was gonna do this video without mine ours Mambo I pencil my eyeliner that I love I'm taking a bit of this just to define that brown shadow that I've done just to add more intensity and this is my favourite eye pencil ever it's that beautiful chocolate brown it works for everyone and it's very very flattering for lipliner I'm taking the astrology I'll be political Lipchitz and I'm gonna be lining her lips all over and I feel like I need a bit more of depth so I'm taking the Mac lip pencil in spice I'm just gonna be going over the edges only and making sure that I over draw the lips in a very natural way so this just gives us more definition and I love how that looks on top of that I'm taking the Mac love me lipstick in Trey blast say I don't know how to speak French I'm sorry and I'm using that with a lip brush because I want to really work the lipstick in and not have that thick heavy look just working it into the lips as a lip balm and really just getting in there and that's gonna give you such a nice finish and as you can see it's a nice peachy nude I'll take it in Norris orgasm blush just set that cream blush that we did earlier and because orgasm has a nice highlight eachine it's gonna still look very dewy and healthy and alive so I'm just testing out all over the cheeks and a bit on the nose and for lower lash mascara I'm taking my fan brush and just really getting in there and that way you can get very precise application and setting my contour with the Charlotte Tilbury film-star bronze & Glow and I'm using the contour shade and a final mist of the cuddly beauty elixir spray and that is the final look I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I know a lot of you have been asking for it and if you have anyone that you want to share this with that you think would benefit from this type of makeup please share it and don't forget to subscribe and like this video leave me a comment down below let me know what you want to see next because I'm always reading your comments I always want to create the looks that you guys recommend and I can't wait for you to see the next video so I will see you guys very soon bye

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Some more tips, how to look younger

7 Make-Up Tricks that make you look younger

Primers are available in cream, gel and spray format. There are variants that mattify, fill pores or hydrate the skin. For mature skin, you should definitely choose a moisturizing primer.

For mature skin, the lighter the primer, the better. Products with a matte formula or super high coverage tend to highlight wrinkles and look chapped on dry skin.

As we get older, our eyebrows become thinner. Therefore, thicker brows can make you look younger. And this is where make-up can be very useful.

Of course, there are many different eye shadow colors and looks that flatter different skin tones and eye shapes, but the general rule is that you apply darker colors towards the outer third of your eyelid and lighter shades towards the inner corners of the eye.

Like your eyebrows, your lashes become thinner with age and need a more youthful look and small improvements. Use a sharpened eyeliner pencil and draw a thin black line along the upper lash line.

As you get older, your thick cheeks disappear and gravity causes the soft tissues to drop towards the jaw line. All this gives your face a tired and aged look and makes your cheeks look sunken. Fortunately, you can fix this with some contouring and blush.

Our lips tend to get thinner with age, especially the upper lip. Fortunately, you can fix this visually, without the need for lip filler! Like eye shadow, different lipstick colors are better suited to different skin tones, but natural shades work for almost everyone.

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