Hans & Franz Cleavage Lotion 1

Biotulin Hans & Franz

The perfect lotion for naturally beautiful breasts, elastic skin and a smoother, wrinkle-free décolleté.

The secret of the effect of Hans & Franz is the unique combination of biotechnologically produced amino acids – derived from vegetable starch – and spilanthol, a local anaesthetic derived from paracress (Acmella Oleracea).

Hans & Franz is vegan and 100% free from hormones, parabens and microplastics.

Of course Biotulin does not use animal testing for all products.

All Biotulin products are manufactured exclusively in Germany under the strictest hygienic laboratory conditions.

Main properties

Vegetable amino acids

These keep your skin supple, moisturize and help the skin to produce its own antioxidants.


Hyaluron is a natural component of the human body. In the skin it acts like a water reservoir and provides elasticity and resilience.

Hans & Franz Cleavage Lotion 2


The herbal local anaesthetic extracted from the paracress provides immediate relaxation of the skin in a purely natural way.

100% Free

Hans & Franz is 100% vegan, hormone-free, parabene-free, and free of microplastic.

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