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Fighting cellulite: coffee as a household remedy

Fighting Cellulite: DIY How Coffee Fights Cellulite

Home remedies – fighting cellulite with coffee – does that actually work? In the following, you will read why this household remedy is often referred to as the orange peel killer and in what form you can use it.

Although coffee alone is not enough to fight cellulite, it is a popular household remedy to support an anti-cellulite treatment. To achieve good results, however, body treatments with home remedies should always be accompanied by plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. Coffee can only have a supportive effect.

Coffee as a home remedy against cellulite: Why?

The caffeine in coffee is not only a popular pick-me-up, but also has a circulation-promoting and dehydrating effect. When applied to the skin, it is said to help tighten weak connective tissue. The second great strength of coffee is that it stimulates the metabolism and thus also stimulates the breakdown of fat. Many creams and peelings nowadays therefore contain caffeine – fortunately, however, you can also do a coffee peeling for orange peel skin easily and above all cheaply yourself.

How to Reduce Cellulite with Coffee

if you're a coffee drinker like myself I'm going to show you...

if you're a coffee drinker like myself I'm going to show you how to recycle those coffee grounds from your morning cup of joe and then turning it into an invigorating anti cellulite strep here are some facts about cellulite it affects 90% of women so don't beat yourself up over it it's perfectly normal to have it I have it your friend has it and most likely your favorite celebrity has it cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin and the reason why it gives a bumpy appearance is because the fat pushes against connective tissue thus causing the skin above it to create little dimples people of all sizes have cellulite so it has nothing to do with weight it's usually caused by poor diet lack of exercise hormone changes not taking in enough water and the thickness and color of your skin did you know that one of the major ingredients for cellulite cream is caffeine well after making yourself a cup of coffee instead of tossing out the coffee grounds turn them into a nice refreshing scrub after making your coffee place the coffee grounds into a bowl and with your trusty ol extra virgin olive oil add a few tablespoons of this into the coffee grounds and mix them together the olive oil will not only bind the coffee grounds together so that application is easier but it'll also help condition your skin perfect now just bring this perky scrub into your tub and start scrubbing the cellulite away you'll notice right away how tight your skin will start feeling the reason why is because the caffeine from the coffee is stimulating the blood by dilating the blood vessels thus tightening and toning the tissue around the applied area toxins and fatty deposits will be pushed out as your skin is being treated the coffee grounds will not only help reduce the appearance of cellulite but it'll also naturally exfoliate your skin and on top of that the extra-virgin olive oil will help make your skin feel as soft as ever and the best part it's all natural and just scrub for about 10 minutes and rinse off and since I'm outside I can't really show that part to you but you guys get the idea and that's pretty much it wishing you ladies the best of luck not that you need it and remember don't fight against how your body is made we're all built differently a healthy body is a beautiful body embrace it and love it good luck

Fighting cellulite: massage with coffee grounds

To create a skin tightening peeling, you have two options: Either you take the coffee grounds that were left in the filter of your coffee machine when you last made coffee, or you reach for fresh coffee powder. The latter has a slightly stronger effect. Mix three tablespoons of the coffee grounds or powder with one tablespoon of olive oil and massage the skin on your buttocks, thighs and all other areas affected by cellulite with strong, circular movements after a shower. After the massage, which may take several minutes, shower the powder with cold water. Or you can use another household remedy to fight cellulite: the alternating shower. You can then repeat the application up to twice a week if you wish.


hi guys so in today's video I'll be showing you a DIY cellul...

hi guys so in today's video I'll be showing you a DIY cellulite remover and how to remove it instantly with some massage techniques also it removes fat and leaves your skin smooth and amazing and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to join my youtube family DIYs every Wednesday also check out my website Anita - Samantha comm for free secrets the live sessions with me and a $10 ebook with secrets I don't share on my channel [Music] all right so let's jump right into the things you'll be needing for the DIY portion the first ingredient you'll be needing is ground coffee this is the one from Dunkin Donuts cuz it's just the one that I drink but make sure it's ground coffee the roast or the brand really doesn't make a difference just make sure that it's caffeinated because that is what's going to stimulate the blood flow and reduce the cellulite you also want to make sure that it's grounded unless you have a coffee grinder at home Oh be careful with the coffee bag because as you can see it mine spilled luckily it wasn't too bad I'll just use that in the bowl but sometimes I really am so klutzy but the next ingredient you'll be needing is sugar this is just some organic cane sugar I find that it works best and just a fun tip if you guys do have reusable jars like this they also work great to store any mixtures you make it home the third ingredient you'll be needing is cinnamon and cinnamon is amazing for circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins that cause cellulite so it is definitely a plus to add to our DIY mixture and I cannot wait for you guys to try this because you actually feel your blood circulating when you rub this on your body it's crazy so the fourth and last ingredient you'll be needing is some olive oil you can also use coconut oil and I will list all the exact products I use in the description so make sure you check the description for any links and also I'll be linking these glass jars and Tupperware that I like to reuse for all my DIYs before I show you how to make our DIY and all the massage techniques and secrets I wanted to show you this has been such a game-changer in my skincare routine I actually bought to a list the link I got it from down below it's the best quality one I have found for the cheapest price so far and it has completely firmed my skin and gotten rid of so much cellulite some people use it as a facelift or two but I find that this one works so good on my body now to make the mixture let's begin all you're going to need is some coffee I already added the one I spilled on table so I would say eyeball it I do about three tablespoons worth of the ground coffee and you can do half of this if you're doing it on a small area but I like to apply this all over my legs and my bum so I like to use a lot by the way this mixture smells so good and wherever you apply it it makes your body smell amazing and feel amazing - it even adds a natural glow so I cannot wait for you guys to try it the second ingredient as you know is sugar you're just going to be mixing two tablespoons of sugar but it's always best to blend the dry ingredients first before adding any wet ingredients so I really like to take my time with stirring in the sugar and the coffee so it can evenly distribute and if you guys are watching this right now and hear me say that it's comment four-minute mark in the comment section so I can see who my true subscribers aren't show you so so so much love as you know in my comment section all you want to add about a tablespoon of cinnamon this is so so good for your body and removing cellulite and you just want to make sure you blend it in there well before adding your coconut or olive oil I'm going to be using organic olive oil for this but as I said you guys can also use coconut oil I will list my two favorite ones down below and I add two tablespoons now this is really going to help nourish the skin and just combine the ingredients to be absorbed in your skin better and once you guys try this you will finally believe me on how amazing it works and how it works is you have the caffeine that helps to dilate the blood vessels as well as the cinnamon the sugar works great as an extra exfoliant and tightening the skin and then you have the Oliver coconut oil that helps to nourish your skin and smooth out any dimples and you guys will see the massage techniques I use make the biggest difference and work to break up that stubborn fat and help distribute these dimples and cellulite so that they can become especially with the cinnamon that helps eliminate those deep toxins that cause and contribute to cellulite so first you want to apply some warm hot water on your skin the area that you're going to be focusing on it's best to do in a shower and then sit and take your time so you want to start with circular motions and you guys should be spending twenty to twenty five minutes doing this and make sure you highly focus on the areas that you notice the most cellulite in circular motions then you want to take a little bit more or some water to make it more intense and go in vertical up and down motions really shake up the fat be firm women guys are gonna start to notice your skin tingling and it's going to feel so so good that means that it's working but you guys will feel a tingling sensation while doing this that is just your blood circulating more in your body and breaking down that cellulite and extra fat once you've spent time about 10-15 minutes doing this with your hands it's time to bring in the body massager now this works miracles when I say miracles I have noticed the biggest change of my body's appearance with this and I will list the one I got I've tried different ones this is by far the best one I've gotten and it was only twenty dollars I believe so cheap and so worth it for the difference that it makes in your skin and the appearance of your cell you make sure you guys use it for 10 to 15 minutes and then splash off the rest of that scrub it is the easy way to get the scrub off your body and it feels so good after you guys your skin is baby soft it smells amazing it's glowing I cannot wait for you guys to comment and let me know how it worked for you I know you guys are gonna love it so make sure you subscribe leave any requests thumbs up this video give it a big thumbs up for new videos every week and I'll see you guys very soon [Music]


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