“Best [wrinkle cream] for fast results”

“Instant results are uncommon when it comes to skincare, but this serum is making that happen”

Elle Magazine, 06/17/22

Don´t inject – just apply.

The innovative combination of active ingredients Biotulin, developed in Germany, reduces wrinkles within only 1 hour. An independent efficacy study proves this effect. All Biotulin products are dermatologically tested (very good). 

94% of users recommend Biotulin!

Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Royal Seal – Kate´s Beauty Secret

Source: Marie Claire, 31.06.2022

The main active ingredient of Biotulin is spilanthol, a natural local anaesthetic from the extract of the plant Acmella Oleracea (paracress). This reduces muscle contraction and relaxes the facial features.


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Our FaceLift Serums are a highly concentrated, vegan intensive care for the face that you can apply after cleansing and before your skin care. Due to the watery consistency, the serums are absorbed particularly quickly and deeply into the skin.

A total of 20 ampoules (5x Detox, 5x Hyaluron, 5x Collagen and 5x Biotulin) are included.

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The beauty secret of the stars

Biotulin’s vision is to reinvent cosmetics. We want to create a natural alternative to botulinum toxin. We want to develop products that ignite an immediate effect and do so on a purely plant-based basis. Important: out of conviction, we refrain from animal testing in the development of our products.

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"94% of users recommend Biotulin".

What is Biotulin?

Biotulin is a combination of active ingredients that was developed in Germany and consists of spilanthol, hyaluronic acid and blady grass. This natural combination of active ingredients reduces wrinkles within 1 hour.

All Biotulin products also serve as an effective wrinkle prophylaxis. Regular use prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Your skin looks beautiful, cared for and young for longer.

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*Depending on the skin type, the effect may occur differently in time and to a varying extent.

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