Wrinkles: These 10 tips of natural remedies help you

Natural remedies for wrinkles


10 Tips of Natural remedies for wrinkles: How to maintain a youthful appearance

People get wrinkles, it’s natural. You don’t want to deal with it? These 10 natural remedies can help keep skin young.

Wrinkles belong to every human being – with age they become more and more and tell of the experience. But many people see wrinkles more as an annoying flaw than as a beautiful testimony of a busy life. And so the path often leads to a beauty doc – not always with convincing results. But there is a better way: with these tips you can get support from nature for wrinkle-free skin.

The most important thing is that you drink a lot. Of course, this does not mean alcohol – because alcohol causes the skin to dehydrate and thus age. The formation of wrinkles is promoted if you generally drink too little fluid. The recommended amount per day is at least one and a half litres of fluid – preferably in the form of water or tea.

Fight the wrinkles with treats: Mix a little lemon juice with egg white and a teaspoon of honey and let the mixture act as a mask on your face for about twenty minutes. A cream of extra virgin olive oil and half an avocado is also said to work wonders as a mask against wrinkles. And if a little bit of it gets into your mouth? Delicious!

Smoking makes your skin age” – this warning can be read regularly on cigarette packets, among many others. Do not ignore it. Because non-smokers of the same age usually look much fresher and wrinkle-free than smokers. Similarly, regular visits to a solarium and excessive sunbathing also cause the skin to age more quickly.

Smile lines are beautiful! But nobody wants crow’s feet. You can reduce them with ginger oil. Simply pat the oil gently with your fingers around the sensitive eye area. Fruit acid from apples can also help if you drape thin slices around the eye area.

Treat yourself to a regular facial massage, this will stimulate the blood circulation and make the skin look smoother and firmer. Tense facial expressions, caused by stress for example, can also promote wrinkle formation. The best time for a relaxing facial massage is when applying the night cream: combine your evening routine with gentle tricks and gentle stroking.

Even if some people tend to wink when they talk about their beauty sleep, there is more to it than meets the eye. To recharge the batteries, the body needs relaxation phases. These also lead to regeneration of the skin. At least seven hours of relaxed sleep is the best way to look younger. If you then still sleep on your back, wrinkles have (almost) no chance.

One of the favourite plants in the cosmetics industry is aloe vera. Hardly any cream for the skin can do without it. No wonder, it is simply the perfect natural medicine against wrinkles. Instead of ready-made creams, you can also buy the aloe in one piece and gently stroke the skin with one of the leaves.

Fast food is wrinkle food. Because it contains virtually no vitamins and minerals that are responsible for promoting firm skin. Other questionable eating habits are also poison for the skin: salty food, for example, deprives the body of water and thus the skin of its youthful elasticity.

A wellness facial treatment for at home can be conjured up in just a few seconds: Put a bag of chamomile tea or chamomile or lime blossom in a bowl of hot water. Place the towel over your head and hold it over the bowl for ten minutes. The rejuvenating facial steam bath is ready.

However, there is one thing you should not forget in all this wrinkle-fighting: wrinkles are part of life. Be proud of what you see when you look in the mirror. If you can accept getting older as a natural part of life, you will automatically look better and radiate naturalness. And worries about possible facial furrows have one thing in particular: wrinkles.


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