Which hair color for your aura?

Hair: Your aura color tells which hair color you should really wear


Hair: Your aura color tells which hair color you should really wear

Late summer is the perfect time for a hair color update, because after the warm sunshine days the hair is often a bit dull and the color fades. The only question that remains is which nuances to choose? We have found the perfect and admittedly somewhat unusual method to determine the ideal color match for your hair: For once, this is not based on the latest trends, but on the color of your aura. To find out how to find this out and what it tells you about your matching look, read here.

First of all: What are aura colors?

In esotericism it is said that every human being is surrounded by a certain aura. You can imagine it as an energetic field that envelops the body and shines in different colors. These in turn represent character traits, current moods and feelings. For the human eye the aura is basically invisible – but with different exercises and meditations you can learn to perceive it or even photograph it.


How do I find my aura color?

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In order to see and interpret the aura of a person in detail, a lot of practice is needed – it is not for nothing that there are some experts in this field that can be consulted for a so-called Aura Reading. With a simple exercise you can also determine your own color field – but often it takes a little patience and time until you can recognize the Glow. And this is how it works:

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  • Exercise #1: Stand in front of a mirror. The background should be white, so that you can fully concentrate on your aura color. Then find a point in the middle of your forehead and focus it for several minutes in the mirror. Then, without moving your eyes, try to scan the outline of your head and shoulders. The color you see is the color of your aura.
  • Exercise #2: Alternatively, place your hands on a white surface. Then focus on it for several minutes until you can recognize a colored glow by its outline.

Important: The aura does not have to show itself in only one color. Often there are several nuances or a complete rainbow aura.


This is what your aura color tells you about the perfect color for your hair

To support your aura positively, you can adjust your hair color to the color of your energy field. What each nuance means and which look fits to it according to color psychology, we reveal here in detail…

Your aura color: White

If you can see a white shimmer all around your body, you are in perfect inner balance, because the color stands for harmony and equilibrium. A soft balayage look in brunette nuances, which support your balanced aura, fits perfectly.

Your aura color: Black

A black aura stands for negative energies and pessimism. So maybe you are in a difficult phase of your life. Don’t worry: Once the crisis is over, the color of your aura can change at any time. To support this process, you should wear a warm color for your hair, with golden reflexes. Honey blond or caramel are your perfect matches.

Your Aura Color: Grey

A gray aura indicates a skeptical mood, which is often associated with self-doubt. Purple tones are the optimal hair color contrast here, because in color psychology, among other things, purple stands for self-confidence.


Your Aura Color: Brown

In the aura doctrine, brown stands for a very self-referential, perhaps even selfish personality. To regain more openness for others, you should go for a bright, warm blonde like vanilla.

Your aura color: Yellow

A yellow aura is super positive: it stands for optimism and openness. To keep it that way, you should choose soft brown nuances like cappuccino or hazelnut, because brown stands for warmth and gentleness.

Your aura color: blue

A blue aura indicates a very sensitive, withdrawn and insecure mood. To regain more self-confidence, focus and creativity, you should dare to use rose gold for your hair.

Your aura color: Green

You have a green aura? Then you are a down-to-earth character, strongly rooted in your home and family. To make these beautiful features visible, you can choose a cool blonde tone, with lilac or bluish undertones. In color psychology, blue stands for empathy and satisfaction.

Your aura color: Rainbow nuances

Those who see many different colors have a so-called rainbow aura. This is where different energies come together, which can lead to inner restlessness and chaos. In order to find more peace and balance, it is recommended to lighten the current color of your hair a little bit and add highlights.

Aura colors: The conclusion of the hair color method

Admittedly, choosing hair color based on its aura nuances may sound a little crazy, but it certainly inspires you to finally try out a new look. Whether you want to believe in the aura factor or just call it hocus-pocus is up to you.


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