Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy Vitamin C Skin Care – The Challenge: Vitamin C is often regarded as a wrinkle fighter or an anti-aging agent.

Vitamin C Skin Care

Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy

Vitamin C Skin Care – The Challenge

Vitamin C is often regarded as a wrinkle fighter or an anti-aging agent. The main objective of ‘Vitamin C skin care’, in scientific terms, is to increase the synthesis of collagen (a structural protein that is found in skin). The additional benefit of ‘Vitamin C skin care’ is related to its capability of countering free radicals which cause damage to the skin.

Vitamin C skin care, however, faces a major challenge today. This is related to the oxidation tendency of Vitamin C skin care products. On coming in contact with any oxidizing agent (e.g. air), the Vitamin C in the Vitamin C skin care products, gets oxidized; thus making the Vitamin C skin care product useless (in fact counter-effective). The oxidized Vitamin C imparts a yellowish-brown color to the Vitamin C skin care product. This is something that you need to check before buying a Vitamin C skin care product. Even after you buy a Vitamin C skin care product, you need to store it properly and keep checking that it’s still good to use (i.e. it hasn’t attained a yellowish-brown texture).

The manufacturers of Vitamin C skin care products have tried to deal with this (oxidation) problem in multiple ways (and research on Vitamin C skin care products is on the top of their list). One such method of retaining effectiveness of Vitamin C skin care products for a long term is to keep a high concentration (say 10%) of Vitamin C. However, this makes the Vitamin C skin care products even more expensive. The Vitamin C skin care products are already pretty inexpensive and making them even more expensive will throw the product manufacturers out of business. The other way is to use Vitamin C derivatives (like ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). These are not only more stable but also inexpensive. Even though the derivatives based products are not as effective as the Vitamin C skin care products, their stability against oxidation is a very desirable feature that makes them very attractive. Moreover, these are known to be less irritating too.

Talking of effectiveness of Vitamin C skin care products, it’s important to mention that not everyone responds to Vitamin C treatments. So it’s not a magic potion in any way. If you don’t see a noticeable difference in your skin, it might be because of your skin not responding to Vitamin C treatment (and the Vitamin C skin care products might not be at fault, at all).

As more research goes on, one can only keep our fingers crossed and wait for a complete solution to the challenges faced by ‘Vitamin C skin care’ today.

Vitamin C Skincare | Dermatologist Review

Vitamin C Skincare

I they definitely brought to the front less than mythologist...

I they definitely brought to the front less than mythologist today we'll be talking about vitamin C or l-ascorbic acid now if you've seen my previous reviews I've reviewed a lot of environment as these alpha hydroxy acids also I've done the review on salicylic acid as well as a few other skin ingredients why do I leave vitamin C to last well state right and I'll show you why now the main thing about vitamin C is that it can be stinging so they can't hang cause irritation and in the scheme of things when you're looking at the environment in the skin will be a for basically retinol being nice and light in C which is ascorbic acid and also vitamin E which is tocopherol which is basically a antioxidant what most dermatologists do is they easily start patients in the area because of solid science B because Dyson light is inflammatory E is a benign trickling that the words were won't usually cause Iraq but the violin see you've got to use it in caution now as you go find in C can be derived from many things including your diet yeah so things like fruit vegetables green vegetables they all contain high amounts of vitamin C the flip side over is that there are no control studies in regards to supplementary volunteen that was taken orally in how good it is for the skin realistically even though pregnancies absorb it is used up very quickly in skin because it's in antioxidant now what does vitamin C doing how they actually use it well one can see in color pigmentation and in the darkness you can also help with collagen formation including as an antioxidant that also stimulate because collagen and elastin can also be in so let's talk about the first bit which is a pigmentation so if your contagion if I can see you can use it as a spot treatment yes basically at ten to fifteen to twenty percent Ellis called Agustin and you can put the spot however with the shown that the vibrancy is actually best using combination so we combine things for example Alice called the data can be an oxygen antioxidant of her stabilizers other molecules for example vitamin E you stimulate more like the need to produce in your skin cells and also it can help with other forms of his chemicals for example we often frequency from and see in things like hydroquinone because as an antioxidant it stabilizes the lab right one can see also best combined with alpha hydroxy acids as well as other active cosmeceuticals including for really gassy now in reductive pigmentation it's fully I would say one of the last things didn't always useful pigmentation the reason things have been far more effective treatments for example piper known as an example in well things like licorice chemicals from plants for example have been I guess shown to be very effective compared the vitamin C above an A which is written all the retinal it's also very effective in pigmentation how a compartment see the signs of it is absolutely sketchy I think most dermatologists agree I remember watching dr. Dre Dre Dre she agrees this anger the the studies out there is not robust compared to things where I could bother now that's why I've listed this video until right at the end I've reviewed many skin products but yeah this guy's right at the end so we talked about pigmentation and certainly can use l-ascorbic acid 10 to 20 percent in spots of pigmentation best combined the second thing we can do is actually use that for anti-aging effects yes so we can actually eat on the skin can help with cases for example like wrinkles and as an antioxidant so once again you know the sides and that's not great that there's a few articles in regards to that but most people will agree it's best in combination so dermatologist often combined the vitamin C lover so in a another base yeah in the context of why we've done I guess advised by the tea for everyone it's kind of easy because the bioavailability abundancy topically is better than acidic environment yes or a relative acid in this situation what we're going to do is get the compound between pH of 2 to 2.5 now if you have any sensitive skin or sensitive skin conditions such as dermatitis eczema seborrhoeic dermatitis of metabolic rosacea in is basically skin science suicide if you preach violence II on sensitive skin because the low pH will cause irritation so if the argument is abundance you use that last year and you might want to try Logan's impression first today I'll be reviewing the ordinary but by no means zero above I guess more cosmetically elegant the preparations at different concentrations so there many companies including neostrada and thereby doing which provides l-ascorbic acid 10% and then you can graduate from 10 to 15 in 15 to 20 if you so desire so yeah I guess that's finally see in a nutshell yes it applies with pregnancy is number one it's safe yes so this many volunteers can use for many years in apart from the skin of attachment extremely safe now unless it's more cost-effective so in for example 10 years ago to be much more expensive now they're formulated I guess formulated concentration of violence you which are more stable yeah and the stability is variable because violence he can get degraded with UV light and also with hip because it's an antioxidant so the container has to be light proof and they approved regards the vitamin C I guess the cons major Konig volunteer love is it several times the skin irritation so if you do want to try this like I I guess advice for all patients you take a tiny bit into a test spot and I've example in front of your ear if you can if you you're okay with that the next night you might go for your forehead if you're okay with that definitely cheeks I wouldn't I guess if you have skin irritation skin sensitivity which is very common probably about 40 to 60 percent patients usually have a history as concerns entities I would not just put it on like that trial like I said guys that's common see now I could give a specific pregnancy and the dat explore so today I'll be reviewing the ordinary once again reason why I actually review this this is simple yet so if you want to go into vibrancy and you don't want to spend for example seventy eighty dollars on a and they're really high in vitamin C let's say from a bad dream medicate or aspect of them and this is something like this is for below $15 you can try it and don't like it down it's 15 bucks give it to your siblings give it to you and that big of a deal but you can't really go wrong with this year if you can tolerate this then sure you might want to increase concentrations from other skincare companies so let's talk about the ordinary we talk about skin science yes there are isolated studies which show you in the oxygen effects and that the I guess inhibition that tourists and ice which is the people are producing enzyme in your skin and also the anti-aging antioxidant effects but the studies are great compared to something like a vitamin A you have or even sunscreen so for that the skin side I've given a four out of five year because even though they're not robust studies I think it's very hard to actually do isolates that he's especially vitamin C because it's the sensitivities like I mentioned so four out of five for skin science the second thing we're going to talk about is ease of use yes but there's something that two out of five because I do think that you know starting on in a score big acid is rather tricky and remember it's not like sunscreen or moisturizer a cleanser you most people shouldn't just lather along see what happens because if you've fallen that's sensitive skin category will burn it'll sting and it may take your skin even a couple of steps back right so I do things very tricky to use and as I've pointed out tsch patch using one area increases tolerated and if you do have any problems with it you can actually use something like a moisturizer both before and after moisturizer if you have the right I guess base yeah okay so two out of five and regards to how easy is to you know the third category of over illustrated in this dad's cause compatibility is this compatible with with other active the regular is not going to another fibers because once again skin irritation actually yeah I can have to use this as we mentioned in the pH of between 2 to 2.5 so the good companies such as alpha cervicals will make or cosmeceuticals would actually make a vitamin C with the very acidic on with a very acidic concentration so I think it is it should be a cabinet if you don't have sensitive skin and if you're not using things like you know potential reasons such as retinoids or original so I can compatibility is an issue certainly if it's compounded it is compatible with other chemicals for example like I've mentioned with hydroquinone or with glycolic acid is compatible there but that's compounded so if you actually get use abundancy to stand the work and try to incorporate into your skin care routine skin care regimen I think it's a little bit tricky and once again comparing that for example uses a moisturizer use of the sunscreen okay so I've given that two out of five and I go to that movie so number four regards to moderate is the subjective feel and in this preparation from the ordinary I've given the five dollar five because it actually feels very nice the other thing I can pick is the is the the smell yeah so it does notice that tiny bit but the smell usually goes within about two or three minutes the way that compounded this for the order in which is basically vitamin C restore its suspension 23 percent plus hi Lana glasses in the Korean base so looking at this I particularly like the cream competitors serum but once again that's only a subjective point of view packaging so when we talk about packaging I think they've done a really good job with packaged media because you can see the most important thing of too many important things in restaurant scene number one it's airtight because it's an antioxidant so that many there type of this number two the container is actually okay because well they're protected from light so as with all the ordinary products it's just a simple box yeah together with this yes it's not tamper proof but you know for what you're paying for this I think is okay so packaging is as always for the ordinary 505 once again with the author you can't go wrong because someone like this is going to set you back realistically fifteen dollars or under yeah so obviously five out of five if you're looking at more competitive brand in all basically all cosmetic companies will have one particular thing elation of other team in the good companies example of that you may have three formulations where it starts with the ten it goes all the way up to twenty so you know you're paying a lot more for those because you know it's a it's a big company your paper yeah for this yep literally five out of five said to give it a dash for all in all I think it's a twenty-one now the 30 so it does very well and he really goes to the dad school but once again remember it's subjective some of this is subjective so I guess take it as well guys I hope you liked that review and vitamin C for more information I've done small snippets on my Instagram down below which I updated probably three or four times a week guys feel like like to subscribe and comment the comments are always nice because it creates I guess a talk about what products you like using what to do your experience is very very important to me guys see you same place same time next week thanks for that


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