12 causes for unhealthy skin care

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When too much skin care becomes a problem for the skin.

Your skin is acting up and you can’t explain why? Biotulin reveals the various (and often unexpected!) causes that can be behind pimples, flakes and redness.

Sometimes less skin care is more skin care.

Biotulin reveals the unexpected causes of skin problems.

You cream and apply lotion – if it (supposedly!) has to be several times a day – and still suffer from extremely dry spots on your face? We’ll tell you something: In fact, this very care offensive could be the reason for your skin problems. From the use of the wrong products to habits and food preferences – Biotulin uncovers twelve causes that are causing your skin undreamt-of problems and gives tips on what helps against impure or dry skin.

To much skin care

Anyone who suddenly discovers red rashes or blisters below the nose may be fighting a perioral dermatitis, better known as “stewardess disease”. The skin “perioral” (i.e. around the mouth) forms small pimples, becomes drier, flakes and tightens. For those affected, it seems logical to cream even more – but this makes the problem worse. Perioral dermatitis is in fact an (allergic) defence reaction of the skin against over-care. In some cases, it can also occur suddenly against a particular product that has been well tolerated for years.

Treatment: Stop your facial care and see a dermatologist as soon as possible. He knows dermatologically effective medications for treatment that will alleviate your symptoms and promote rapid healing.


Especially on the cheek, mobile phones can actually cause acne, because we don’t always clean our hands before we use our smartphone. So during the course of the day, dirt, grease and above all bacteria collect from the hands on the phone – and are pressed onto the skin with every call. This favours blackheads, pimples and impure skin.

Treatment: The best way to treat this is to clean the smartphone display daily with an antibacterial disinfectant wipe or spray. This can reduce the germ count by up to 80 percent and thus prevent pimples and impurities.

The wrong product

Even a normal amount of the “wrong” care can be harmful. For example, if you have a tendency to oily skin, the “super great, wonderfully rich” skin care may cause you to have impure skin and blackheads. Conversely, light gel textures are absolutely unsuitable for rather dry skin as they would additionally dry out due to their high water content. In the worst case this may lead to inflammations and eczema. In the long run, the lack of moisture and lipids favors the development of wrinkles.

Treatment: If you have ever had a meal, please go to the cosmetician quickly and have a skin picture analysis done. She will recommend a suitable skin care product that will help.

Inferior products

The quality of care or make-up is not always apparent from the price. For example, customers can run the risk of using more perfumes or dyes in expensive AND inexpensive products. Questionable preservatives are often used to extend the shelf life of the product. If these additives are of inferior, synthetic quality, this can lead to allergic skin reactions, i.e. unsightly and burning rashes.

Treatment: Quickly stop the inadequate care and, depending on the severity of your complaints, go to a dermatologist. The list of ingredients can be long, so pay close attention and see which substances can cause skin problems.

Touch the face

Ever think about what you get your hands on every day? The keyboard at work, door handles, money, your mobile phone… – no wonder that our hands are teeming with bacteria that want to turn into pimples in our face pores in no time. And by the way: If you have already grown one, you risk more serious inflammations by unprofessional pushing around.

Treatment: NEVER put your fingers into your face, they are often the cause of many skin problems! If you don’t know what to do, you will do it again and again unconsciously and will damage your skin very quickly.

Bad cleaning routine

If you are tired, don’t you always take it easy with the face cleansing before bedtime? Big mistake! After all, especially in the evening, you need to wash off the day’s dirt – make-up, environmental smog and sweat residue – before you turn to nighttime skin care. Applied to impure, clogged pores, it would lead to impurities and, at worst, pimples. Conversely, too aggressive cleansing is also harmful to the skin, especially in the morning, when a short rinse with water would actually be sufficient, aggressive cleansing products can be the cause of dry spots.

Very important: Keep your fingers or face away from soap! The commercially available products contain tensides which attack the natural acid mantle of the skin. This makes it more sensitive to environmental influences and thus accelerates its ageing process.

Treatment: Absolutely remove make-up every evening, also with the right products, tailored to your skin problems.

Too much sun

A “sun-kissed complexion” is, sure, something pretty. But beware: Exposure to unprotected UV rays leads to unattractive pigmentation disorders and in the worst case even to skin cancer. A less serious, but soon visible consequence: wrinkles. By the way: The Viennese Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ecology already found out in 2006 that women who have an irregular complexion due to numerous sun damages are perceived to be about ten to twelve years older than they actually are…

Treatment: Basically – yes, even in everyday life AND in winter! – use a facial care with sun protection factor. Before prolonged stays outdoors, always use a classic sun cream or milk with a high sun protection factor.

Too fat-free diet

Being constantly on a diet is not a good idea anyway – because that leads to wrinkles just from frustration. But especially if you cut out supposedly bad fat from your diet, you end up with pale, sagging and wrinkled skin. Omega-3 fatty acids (contained in trout or salmon, various nuts, avocado) are particularly important, as they are the building blocks of our cell membrane and strengthen the tissue. In addition, “good” fats support the absorption of antioxidants, which are effective against skin aging.

Treatment: A balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, protein AND fat helps. Try to get one fifth of your daily calories from fat!

Too much fast food

In addition to good fats, there are also bad fats, more precisely trans fatty acids, which can ruin the skin’s appearance from within. Anyone who constantly eats fried fries or croissants will soon recognize this in the mirror: tired looking skin, blackheads and wrinkles. Basically, representatives of the category fast food and ready meals classically contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to the new formation of wrinkles and cellulite, instead of valuable vitamins, minerals, zinc or folic acid.

However, these would be important for the formation of new cells and a correspondingly beautiful skin tissue.

Better: Go for Clean-Eating, i.e. natural instead of industrially manipulated food, ideally prepared by yourself. Of course, you can also have a burger from time to time. But please don’t eat it too regularly and in between you might want to serve it in a wholemeal roll.


Don’t worry, we won’t spoil your glass of wine. In excess, however, wine, like other alcohols, removes moisture from the skin, causing wrinkles to become deeper and more visible, dry spots to appear. In addition, the sugar contained in wine attacks the body’s own protein building block collagen, which normally ensures good skin elasticity.

Better: As a general rule: enjoy alcohol in moderation. It is really good to drink at least as much water with every glass of wine or beer. This ensures that toxins are flushed out of the body in the best possible way and also increases the body’s moisture balance – which is known to be essential for a fresh complexion.

It is really good to drink at least as much water with every glass of wine or beer
It is really good to drink at least as much water with every glass of wine or beer

(Wrong) scrubs

The reward for the baby’s soft feeling after a peeling, because skin flakes and talc residues are scrubbed away, can be, in addition to inflammation, at worst premature skin aging. In particular, inferior peelings with coarse abrasives can cause fine micro-cracks on the skin, which in the long run make it susceptible to harmful environmental influences and sunlight.

Better: Instead of mechanical means, it is better to use enzyme peelings (and this too, please no more than once in two weeks). These contain fruit acids, enzymes or glycol, also known as salicylic acid, instead of scratchy micro particles. While these products can be more expensive than traditional scrubbing products, they are also better for the environment.

Lack of sleep

That sleeping a lot makes you feel good is something we know from Sleeping Beauty. And that a short sleep does not exactly make us look dazzling is the logical reverse. In addition to wrinkles (from rolling around restlessly) and dark circles under the eyes, the occasional pimple on the face is a symptom of stress, which is known to affect sleep quality.

Better: Try to get eight hours of sleep per night, preferably starting today. If you see a fresh, rosy complexion in the mirror in the morning, you’d much rather get up!



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