Tips for perfect eyes

Makeup artist applies eye shadow


Make-up tips for perfect eyes

Eyes are the mirror of the soul – With the right eye make-up, small blemishes can be concealed like drooping eyelids and inconspicuous eyes can come out big. In addition, the shape of your eyes determines which make-up suits you best. We will tell you the best make-up tips for eyes and eyelashes. Make your eyes shine!

With a few tools and a little practice, you’ll get professional results for a breathtaking look. You will need these utensils to make up a comprehensive eye make-up:

  • Eye shadow palette (dark and light eye shadow)
  • Eyeliner
  • Kohl (Kajal)
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel

4 make-up tips for larger eyes

1. eye shadow

First apply a light eye shadow in a nude color to the movable eyelid and then use a dark nuance in the eyelid crease to create contrasts. The darker shade gives your eyes more depth. Be careful to choose colors that match your skin tone and eye color. Bright highlights with copper, cream or silver eye shadow applied to the inner corner of the eye will make your eyes shine. Important: Stay in one color family and blend the eye shadow for soft transitions.

2. eyeliner

This important beauty tool helps to enlarge your eyes. The eyelid line is drawn along the lash line and tapers slightly upwards for a seductive cat’s eye effect. You can use an eyeliner in black, brown or gray. When choosing a suitable beauty product for the perfect eyelid line, you can use liquid eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil. Eyeliner pencils differ in that there are models that resemble a felt-tip pen and others that are more like a colored pencil. With a liquid eyeliner or a felt-tip eyeliner you can easily draw a straight edge. An eyeliner in the shape of a crayon is more suitable for a smokey eye look. It is best to draw the eyelid line from the inside out.

3. kohl

White kohl pencil on the waterline of the lower lash line makes your eyes appear larger and makes them shine. Redness is so easily spirited away. If the contrast with a white Kohl is too strong for you, you can also go for a light pink shade. If you have small eyes, it is better to be careful with black Kohl, because the lines you draw around the lash line only make the eye look smaller.

4. mascara

Curved, long and voluminous lashes are the key to big eyes. Your lashes will look best if you lift them up with an eyelash curler just before applying the mascara. If you blow-dry them briefly before applying the mascara, the heat will give them an even better curl. But be careful, test the temperature of the forceps before use and if in doubt, let them cool down first to avoid injuries to the eyes. Then apply the pliers to the lash line, close and wait ten seconds. Then the volume mascara is used. Apply several times with the brush in slight zigzag movements for an irresistible look. Caution: Too much mascara quickly causes fly legs. Less is often more here, because no woman wants to have clumped lashes.

Eye make-up according to eye shape

Hide drooping eyelids

Drooping eyelids tend to make the eyes look smaller and more tired. With the so-called banana make-up technique, however, you can compensate for this well. That’s the way to do it:

  • As a foundation you first apply a light eye shadow on the entire movable eyelid. It is best to use an applicator for this.
  • For a natural result, do not apply too much color and let the edges run out gently.
  • Then apply a darker color in the eyelid crease – in the shape of a banana.
  • Using the tip of the brush, trace the eyelid crease, using a little more of the dark eye shadow at the outer edge of the eye.

eyeMATRIX – Eye creme against bags under the eyes and drooping eyelids

Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes benefit from light shimmer eye shadow at the corners of the eyes and a rich eye shadow color at the outer corners of the eyes. The mascara should be applied more on the outside than on the inside. In this way the eye appears more open. Also, do not start the eyelid line until the middle of the eyelid.

Eyes set wide apart

Use dark eye shadow on the eyelid and a lighter shade under the eyebrows. Emphasize the inner corner of the eye with dark kohl. If you apply make-up to eyes that are wide apart, your face may appear a little narrower.

Deep-set eyes

To highlight deep-set eyes, you should accentuate the movable eyelid with a light eye shadow. Don’t use black for eyeliner and use colors like dark gray or brown instead.

Make up eyebrows

Eyebrow makeup has been a big trend for some time now, which is why there are more and more products on the market that you can use to style your brows. For the perfect eyebrows, you can choose between different beauty products. On the one hand there is eyebrow gel, on the other hand there are eyebrow pencils. With both methods you can make up and shape your eyebrows. If you have a very light skin tone. You should rather not use dark brown tones or even black. You are on the safe side if you match the color of the eyebrows to your hair color. Do not worry if it does not work the first time. Drawing well-formed eyebrows requires some practice and patience.

Which make-up matches my eye color?

Blue eyes

To make your blue eyes really shine, various shades of brown are particularly suitable. Combine a metallic color such as gold, copper or bronze with a brownish tone to make your eyes look even more intense.

Green eyes

Green eyes sparkle most when they are underlined with violet tones like eggplant. A classic eyelid line in a dark purple also looks great.

Brown eyes

Women with brown eyes are welcome to dig a little deeper into the color pot. Correctly applied, they do not look over-painted even with brighter colors. In summer, aqua tones like turquoise are very beautiful.

How does my eye make-up last longer?

If you feel as if you are already without make-up after half a day, you can easily get rid of the problem. Before applying a primer, use it as the basis for a long-lasting eye make-up. When you are finished with your make-up, you should make it permanent with a fixing spray. This way your make-up will last much longer and ensure a radiant look all day long.

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Apply eye shadow for perfect eye make-up

Applying eye shadow is easy with the right tips. We have step-by-step instructions for you to make your eye make-up perfect.

Whether with glitter, a slight shimmer or a matt effect: eye shadows are available in all colors and variations. It is the color highlight of eye make-up and makes our eyes shine – provided it is applied correctly!

Apply eyeshadow in 4 steps

Step 1: The eye shadow base

Before you start applying eye shadow, you should first use a primer as a base. Apply it on the eyelid up to the eyebrow. The primer ensures that the eye shadow comes on better and that the color does not settle in the eyelid crease later.

Step 2: Light Eye Shadow

First use a light shade of color and apply it evenly with a wide brush to the moving eyelid.

Step 3: Dark eye shadow

Now you can choose a darker shade and apply it with a finer brush in a semicircle to the eyelid crease, around the corners of the eyes and along the lash line.

Tip for finding the right color: If you want to make up your eyes with earthy tones, for example, first a cream and then a cognac or khaki tone is the right choice. With a blue eye make-up, on the other hand, it would first be a light and then a more intense shade of color.

Step 4: Blend eyeshadow

Finally, blend the eyeshadow by blurring the color upwards and outwards. The stronger accents create the optical effect of lifting the eye.

Extra tip: If you want, you can also apply a rosé or mother-of-pearl eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye as a highlight. This opens the view and makes the eyes shine.


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