The change of the skin with age

The change of the skin with age


Interview: The change of the skin with age.

If you want to have fun, answer the question of what you want to be when you grow up: “Old! But whether we want to or not: we are getting older. And this can be seen more and more clearly in our faces as the years go by.

Dr. Müller-Steinmann, medical director of the Dermatology Center Kiel (Germany), reveals a few tips for beautiful skin that stays young at heart:

How is the skin structured and how does it age?
Basically, the way we live, how we care for our skin and, above all, how often we tan in the sun plays a major role. Just like all other organs in the body, the skin also ages. Especially the dermis changes. This layer of skin consists mainly of connective tissue cells, the so-called fibroblasts, and connective tissue fibers made of collagen and elastin.

In young skin, both types of fibers work together perfectly, so that the skin remains stable and at the same time elastic. With age, however, the number of both fibers decreases. As a result, the skin becomes thinner. It then has particular difficulty in storing water. This dries out the skin.

Can I do something about it?
In reality, the aging process does not begin in mid-30s, when the first wrinkles are already visible, but between the ages of 20 and 30. And yes, you can do something about it: Since water content plays an important role for healthy skin, you should drink a lot.

Plenty of fresh air also helps. Anyone who regularly takes a walk outside pumps plenty of oxygen into their lungs. In the cells, this causes a division impulse, which makes the skin look younger and fresher. Above all, smoking causes the skin to age particularly quickly. If you smoke and at the same time receive a lot of UV radiation, your skin ages as much in a year as it usually does in 11.4 years.

Perfect skin. Middle-aged woman satisfied with her skin
The change of the skin with age: Perfect skin. Middle-aged woman satisfied with her skin

When does my skin need special care?
That always depends on the skin type. However, especially with age, the skin tends to dry out. Therefore, it may be a little richer then. It is best to buy skin care products without fragrances or preservatives. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and urea help the skin to store moisture.

Be careful with products that contain alcohol. These only irritate the skin unnecessarily and further dry it out. Also apply a night cream with soothing substances such as avocado or argan oil before going to sleep. This will allow your skin to replenish its energy overnight.

How can I look younger despite small wrinkles?
There are various methods. Fruit acid peelings, for example, smooth the upper layer of skin. This makes the face look young and fresh again. Wrinkles on the forehead can be reduced with Biotulin. Special volume fillers pad the nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose area again. But laser treatment can also give the face a younger appearance.

You should discuss which method is suitable for you with your dermatologist. But one more thing: If you laugh a lot and are happy, you will have a fresh appearance. No treatment can do that.

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Which age-related illnesses put particular strain on the skin?
Careful skin care is a must, especially with diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels can dry out the skin and even lead to open spots. Neurodermatitis causes itchy, scaly areas. Dermatologists often prescribe creams containing cortisone at short notice for acute attacks. In this phase, the irritated skin should be spared from cosmetic care products. The basic rule is: the skin is your largest organ. Take good care of it.



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