You want to know which make-ups are hot this summer? Well, go ahead. Here are the top 5 make-up trends for a perfect Summer make-up.

These are the 5 hottest make-up trends in summer – Summer make-up

You want to know which make-ups are hot this summer? Well, go ahead. Here are the top 5 make-up trends for a perfect Summer make-up.

There are also fashions in make-up, and this year they are particularly wicked. Graphic nail art and gaudy eyeliner – the make-up trends for 2020 are extravagant and leave plenty of room for your own creativity.

Curious? Global make-up artist Jenny Smith from NARS and Anastasia Soare from Anastasia Beverly Hills will tell you what the trends are and how you can easily apply the hottest make-up looks.

What are the make-up trends for summer 2020?

Summer Make-ups 2020 is the time for a real blast: Especially on the eyes and nails. “Graphic eyelid lines in neon colors are mega trendy right now. No wonder, they accentuate the eyes – and thanks to the ongoing need for masks, they are more in focus than ever,” says Jenny Smith.

That’s too wild for you? Then of course we’ve got something more subtle up our sleeves: just as hip as eye-catching eye make-up, we’ve got lots of bronzer, lip gloss and thick eyebrows. And on the nails? “Eye-catching nail art will be making a comeback in manicures in summer 2020,” says Smith.

These are the top five make-up trends for summer 2020 – including instructions on how to apply make-up.

1. eye make-up can really pop now

Looking as if you had nothing on with a lot of make-up: That was the make-up motto in recent years. Keyword: “No make-up make-up”.

This summer, the exact opposite is the order of the day. At least on the eyelids: Here you let it now best with only one product really bang: Eyeliner in luminous colors. Jenny Smith from NARS knows: “Due to the compulsory use of masks in many places, the eyes come into focus. Especially an eyelid line in cobalt blue is now very fashionable.” But it’s not easy to apply either.

The expert recommends: “Draw a broad eyelid line along the lashes with a blue kajal and blend slightly upwards with a small, firm brush at the outer angle. This makes the eye make-up look very graphic. Add false eyelashes, done!”

2. Lip gloss is the make-up must-have in summer 2020

You’ve probably already noticed while shopping that the 2000s are celebrating their fashion comeback, right? The revival does not stop at make-up. The beauty must-have of yesteryear, which is now back in fashion: lip gloss – for the perfect 2000s look, preferably with shimmering particles!

Nice side effect: Gloss makes the lips look fuller than matt nuances because it reflects the light. For all those who don’t like gloss, Jenny Smith recommends a lip oil – a tinted care oil especially for the lips. It doesn’t stick as much as gloss, provides a lot of moisture and gives the lips a delicate touch of colour.

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3. Eyebrows now look even more natural

“Beauty trends reflect the times, including brows. Just recently, you couldn’t go to a salon for eyebrow styling for months. Instead of plucking them themselves, many women simply let their brows grow,” says brow guru Anastasia Soare. “To make it look cool and not overgrown, I recommend keeping the hairs in check with clear eyebrow gel.”

“Brush the gel in with short upward strokes, so that all hairs stand up. This way the eyebrows will immediately look well-groomed,” says Anastasia Soare. It becomes even more orderly if you put on the longer hairs, which now stick out at the top, pointing outwards. Small gaps can be filled with brow powder or an eyebrow pencil.

Closeup portrait of a beautiful woman with natural eyebrows
Make-up trend for summer 2020: Eyebrows now look even more natural

4. Bronzer may be a little more in summer

We all want to be crisp and brown in summer. For that we sizzle in the sun for hours? Not in the bag! Fortunately, you don’t have to. Because a holiday complexion like after a week’s summer holiday you can also put on make-up.

To make the skin tone look a little warmer, just apply a small amount of bronzing powder along the cheekbones with a fluffy brush. For a little more glow, you can also dust the powder very lightly over the whole face, neck, décolleté and (don’t forget!) the ears,” explains Jenny Smith and adds: “For a tan and a light contouring, you can take a firmer brush and apply Bronzing Powder under the cheekbones, along the jaw line and around the hairline – and then blend well!

5. Arty nail designs are super trendy this summer

“Nail art is simply super fun and an easy way to express yourself and your style,” says make-up professional Smith. Don’t worry, the small work of art on the nails doesn’t have to be very elaborate for an eye-catching effect. “A good start, for example, would be half painted nails.” The expert explains:

  • You stick a piece of tape over half the nail.
  • Paint the other half with a coloured lacquer of your choice
  • Remove again when damp, allow to dry

A layer of Top-Coat seals the color and lets the remaining nail shine beautifully
You got two left hands? Even then you don’t have to go to the nail studio: “There are ready-made nail stickers with fruits, flowers and crystals. Every woman can do nail art with them,” says Smith.

Nail Art Designs 2020 | New Nails Art Compilation

hey guys thank you so much for joining me today I'm sorr... ▼
hey guys thank you so much for joining
me today I'm sorry if there's gonna be a
lot of talking I just have a lot to
explain but basically I was terrified of
stamping or doing any kind of nail art
stamping but I gave it a bang and I'm
going to show you the results today you
do not have to be afraid so this is a
mode you London stamping plate and it's
a really good quality stamping plate but
before you start anything
peel off the blue foam for me plates and
then wipe it down with nail polish
remover or acetone this gets rid of any
oils or dirts that may have been on
plate and just makes a better step then
these are the different types of stamps
you get and you basically just pop the
silicone end into the cap like this and
you've got your Stamper they are super
sticky before I show you the stamping
just paint your nails like this
basically light pink and dark pink
alternating and then I thought for the
pinky I would do this beautiful Catrice
rosy pink glitter on the pinky and the
thumb then for the middle finger I kept
it very simple and used a jewel or like
a little stud and then to start the
stamping so you're gonna get some
stamping polish and run it down the side
of the design like so then hold the
scraper kind of parallel to the design
and then just scrape in a nice fast
quick motion you don't have to be crazy
fast but you know what I mean and just
roll the Stamper over it so this is the
first time I'd ever attempted this and
you can see it wasn't perfect but this
was the second time ever so basically it
just takes a little bit of practice and
mainly patience but you can see guys on
my second attempt I got it it was
perfect it was fine and this was the
first attempt on my index finger so it
really is not as hard as you think and
trust me guys when I say this because I
thought it was very hard then just to
clean the Stamper because it is very
sticky all you need is some sellotape
and it takes off the nail polish any
other dirt on there and the
just great I even stole my stamp like
this but just leaving to see to sticky
tape on them and then finally to seal
your designs just use a fast drying top
coat and that is it guys like I said
earlier I thought stamping was terribly
scary and really hard to do but it is
not guys I promise you so I'm going to
leave all the details for the stamping
plate and the nail polishes below the
description bar please shout if you have
any questions about stamping and this
particular plate and otherwise a huge
thank you to re hard nail art for
sending this to me she is such a
sweetheart and again I'm going to leave
all the details below because that is
where you can get them from and then if
you do attempt as many please can you
tag me on any of my social media I'd
love to see your designs find me this
was the previous video I made if you
want to check that out and that is it
guys thank you so so much for watching
and until next time bye
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So, what’s your favorite make-up trend for this summer: subtle with bronzer and gloss or more fancy with bright eyeliner and graphic nail art? Whatever trend your beauty heart beats for, all five are stylish.

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