Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation: Gentle rejuvenation for the skin.


Skin Rejuvenation: Gentle rejuvenation for the skin.

Time does not pass without leaving its mark on the skin either. Especially too much sun and solarium make the skin “look old” over the years. Gentle methods of skin rejuvenation can help nature to get back on track.

Like all organs, the skin is subject to natural aging processes. However, a youthful, fresh appearance is not only a question of years of life: a well-groomed appearance makes even mature skin look attractive.

The main factor that leads to increased skin aging, on the other hand, is UV light: too much sun and solarium often make the skin look as if it has been tanned and promote wrinkles, pigment spots, red veins and even skin cancer. Consistent sun protection does much to ensure that the skin remains healthy and beautiful for a long time.

If the signs of the times are bothering the skin, skin rejuvenating measures can gently help nature to get back on track. In the dermatological practice, a wide range of aesthetic procedures is available for skin rejuvenation. “Depending on the findings on the skin, but also on the amount of effort the patient is willing to put in, different individual solutions may make sense”, says Dr. Dirk Meyer-Rogge, dermatologist in Karlsruhe, Germany. What is important is a serious consultation that dispels unrealistic expectations and informs about the possibilities and limits of the individual procedures.

Many treatment options for skin renewal

Skin renewal can be stimulated by chemical peelings. Depending on the substance and concentration applied to the skin, a peeling effect of varying depth occurs, forcing the skin to regenerate during the healing process, explains Dr. Meyer-Rogge.

The uppermost cell layers of the skin can also be removed by microdermabrasion with the finest crystals. A coarse, rough skin texture becomes finer and smoother, the skin appears fresher and even fine wrinkles and pigment irregularities improve.

A microneedling also stimulates skin cell regeneration and also the new formation of collagen, so that the skin appears fresher and more youthful. After the treatment the skin reddens, but this can be easily concealed by make-up.

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“Innovative is the use of photodynamic therapy for the aesthetic skin rejuvenation of light-aged skin,” reports Dr. Meyer-Rogge. PDT has already proven its worth in the medical treatment of certain forms of light skin cancer and skin cancer precursors, the actinic keratoses.

In an aesthetic-cosmetic application, the skin texture is improved, the skin becomes firmer, wrinkles are smoothed out and age spots are lightened.

As in medical applications, aesthetic applications first apply a substance to the skin that accumulates in light-damaged skin cells and makes them particularly sensitive to light. Subsequent irradiation with red light specifically destroys the altered skin cells, which are then rejected by the skin and replaced by fresh, healthy skin cells. It takes a few days until the treated areas have healed sufficiently for patients to be “socially acceptable” again. After the treatment, a particularly intensive UV protection must be ensured for a few weeks.

Advantage of PDT: “Since light-damaged skin cells are destroyed, an aesthetic application also has a certain preventive effect against actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinomas,” says Dr. Meyer-Rogge. However, the procedure is painful, admits the dermatologist – the more pronounced the light damage, the more painful. Recently, therefore, daylight PDT has also been used, which is less painful and also effective.

With cosmetic treatments, the pain is usually less severe. For example, they are very suitable for the décolleté or hands, according to the dermatologist from Karlsruhe.

Dr. Meyer-Rogge emphasizes that it is important that methods of skin rejuvenation of light-aged skin are integrated into an overall aesthetic concept. This also includes the right care for mature skin and good sun protection. Today, different methods are usually combined, which start with different components of skin aging to achieve a harmonious overall picture. In the case of more severe wrinkle formation, for example, a gentle lift is possible without surgical intervention and without downtime using modern radio frequency technologies.

These tighten collagen fibers in deeper skin structures and stimulate new formation. Facial expression lines, for example, on the forehead or at the corners of the mouth can be relaxed with finely dosed botulinum toxin A. Loss of volume on cheeks or lips can be corrected with filler substances. Modern laser systems, with which skin structure, wrinkles and red veins can be treated, also play an important role among aesthetic procedures.


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