The organic gel with countless celebrity fans that claims to rival Botulinumtoxin


Kate Middleton recommended Biotulin to Michelle Obama

meghan markle Anti-Aging Serum

Michelle Obama’s makeup artist says Kate Middleton recommended it to the former First Lady and the Duchess of Sussex reportedly uses it – but can Biotulin really make you look younger in 60 minutes?

Biotulin (known as the ‘organic Botox gel’) has quite the fan base thanks to some very high profile word-of-mouth advertising. Former First Lady Michelle Obama is said to use it, based on the recommendation of none other than the Duchess of Cambridge (according to her very own makeup artist), and it’s been widely reported that the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has heeded sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s advice too. In fact, in January 2019 the cosmetics company announced it is pinning its hopes on the princess and offering NBC Universal a total of $5million for a 5-second return appearance by Meghan Markle in Suits with product placement (though if it were to go ahead the money would be donated to One Young World, a charity supported by Prince Harry and the Duchess).


It’s unlikely we’ll see Her Highness back on our TV screens in anything other than a royal capacity, but it just goes to show that the product is somewhat of a Big Deal. Everyone from Madonna to Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly sold on its formula, and Kim Kardashian has even bought the US licensing rights. So why is this organic product making such waves in the youth-obsessed world of fame? Its claims are certainly seductiveu2026

Untitled 7 Anti-Aging Serum

With no downtime, pain or excessive expense, Biotulin promises effects u2018similaru2019 to those of Botox, reducing muscle contraction and relaxing your features. Available over the counter, benefits include skin that is visibly firmer after just one hour, along with long-term skin perks:

Source:, 11/01/2019

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