The right facial care at any age

Eine schöne und gesunde Haut wünscht sich jeder. Was dafür notwendig ist, lesen Sie hier.


Best facial Care for your age.

As we change over the course of life, so does our skin. The delicate children’s skin often becomes greasy during puberty and tends to pimples and blackheads. Not a nice state, but it passes by. Later, the genes are in charge: they determine whether the skin is rather normal, dry or greasy. With age, the dry skin condition usually prevails. The correct care must therefore be carried out according to age and condition.

Skin care includes the steps of cleansing, toning, care and protecting:


The cleansing removes dirt, sweat, bacteria, make-up, skin creams and whatever else is found on the skin surface. It should be carried out at least once a day with a suitable cleaning product. For this purpose, the preparation is applied to the skin and distributed with the addition of water with circular movements on the face. After that, it is thoroughly rinsed with water.

Tip: All cleansing products must be thoroughly removed from the skin with plenty of water. Remaining residues can irritate the skin and cause skin damage.


Tonizing is the rubbing of the face with a cotton wool, which is soaked with facial water. This removes residues of the cleansing product, refreshes the skin and restores its surface to its natural slightly acidic value.


The skin care should renew the acid protective mantle of the skin removed by the cleansing. This protective film ensures that no foreign substances penetrate and stored moisture does not evaporate outwards. Because the face is exposed to different environmental influences during the day than at night, day and night creams should be used alternately.


Skin protection is an additional care measure. The most important thing is the sun protection. Because of the increasing sun exposure, you should apply a sunscreen at the beginning of spring or use a day care with UV protection. In winter, a good cold protection should protect the face from frostbite.

Tip: Cold protection creams must be removed when staying in warm rooms to avoid heat build-up.

Current skin condition

The condition of the skin depends on many factors. In addition to age-related changes, it is influenced by the environment (seasons, air-conditioned rooms), diseases or the taking of various medications. This can lead to a previously normal skin suddenly becoming a dry one. If the care is not adapted to the new conditions, the skin reacts acidic and at worst becomes ill.

Tip: The care must always be adapted to the current skin condition.

The different skin conditions

To which “skin type” you belong, you usually feel yourself. If the skin stretches after cleansing, itches, scaly, if you constantly feel the need to cream, then it is almost certainly dry. If, on the other hand, it shines, coarse pores, blackheads and pimples are shown, then one belongs to the group of people with fat skin. Unfortunately, only a few people have normal skin.

Pharmacist M. Keiths

Characteristics of the different skin conditions:

  • Normal skin: smooth, even appearance, small pores, rosy blooded, neither too fat nor too dry, little sensitive
  • Dry skin: tender, scaly, rough, prone to small inflammation, stretches, itches and often reacts sensitively
  • Fat skin: robust appearance, glossy fat, enlarged pores, tends to blackheads and pimples, little sensitive
  • Mature skin: such as dry skin, in addition to dark spots (“age spots”), translucent veins, wrinkles, later also wrinkles
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