Reverse the aging process? It worked!

Reverse the aging process? It worked!


Our immune system seems to play a decisive role in the aging process together with the accompanying symptoms. Researchers from Bern have confirmed this – and reversed the ageing process in mice.

Sooner or later the cosmetics industry with its profitable anti-aging branch will have to reorient itself. Perhaps to cell therapy specialists? Scientific approaches from Switzerland show that this could be promising. Researchers have actually succeeded in making animals younger.

In order to understand how they have done this, one must first look at what ageing actually means. This includes not only the increase in wrinkles between the mop of hair and the big uncle, but also an immune system that no longer functions as well. In addition, it has long been suspected, and has now been confirmed by the research team, that ageing is a gut instinct. To be more precise, the abdominal fat, which is responsible for the development of chronic sub-threshold inflammations. And these contribute significantly to the ageing process and the accompanying symptoms.

Immune system gets out of balance

To find out why this is so, you have to look even closer – and that’s where the immune system comes in again. Certain immune cells – eosinophils – are part of our immune system, fending off parasites, for example, but become fewer with age. But the proportion of giant scavenger cells increases. They are also part of the immune system, are actually called macrophages, but they promote inflammation. The immune system is therefore a little out of balance, which leads to a chronic focus of inflammation in abdominal fat and, as already mentioned, in turn promotes the ageing process.

Reverse the aging process? It worked!
Mouse falls into the fountain of youth – Reverse the aging process?

Mouse falls into the fountain of youth

So the team has now drawn the logical conclusion: If it is possible to restore the balance between the immune cells, would this be like jumping into the fountain of youth? No sooner said than done, but only in mice whose abdominal fat immune cells have a very similar composition. “In experimental experiments we were able to show in an impressive way that in the mouse model transfers of eosinophils from young animals to aged recipients can suppress inflammation not only in the abdominal fat, but in the entire body,” reports Alexander Eggel from the Department of BioMedical Research at the University of Berne . And this led to the fact that the whole mouse became significantly younger again: In tests on endurance and grasping strength, they were significantly fitter. And the immune system also functioned better again.

And yes: the next step is to test how these findings can be applied to humans. The Covid 19 pandemic in particular shows how vulnerable a part of the population is and how fragile the stability of the entire health system is as a result. It is quite possible that a rejuvenating cell therapy could help – and also lead to a better quality of life in old age. Until then, the only way to help is to use the Biotulin Anti-Aging skincare range to successfully reduce wrinkles, prevent new wrinkles on the face and eat a healthy diet, for example the delicious Mediterranean diet.

P.S. No animal experiments have been carried out on the anti-aging skin care products of Biotulin. All Biotulin products are free of animal testing.

*Link and information about the study

The study was published under the title Eosinophils regulate adipose tissue inflammation and sustain physical and immunological fitness in old age in the journal Nature Metabolism on 6 July. The study involved research groups from the Department for BioMedical Reserarch (DBMR) and the Pathology Department of the University of Bern and the Inselspital, University Hospital Bern. DOI: 10.1038/s42255-020-0228-3


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