Waterless Shower Gel
Waterless Shower Gel 1

In many care products, water is only used as a cost-effective basis – not as an active ingredient. Its use requires additional ingredients in most recipes, such as emulsifiers or preservatives, otherwise the shelf life of products will suffer. Highly concentrated, particularly rich in active ingredients and clean, it works best without water. In addition, the logistical effort of bringing shower gel or shampoo into the bathroom is enormous – the ecological footprint is large. 90 percent of the contents of these bottles are water. But there is another way: with our water-free shower gel, which can also be used as hand soap or shampoo.

The new water-free shower gel from Biotulin is probably the first product in this form, which cleans, exfoliates and cares for your body at the same time. The soft powder foams up with a little water and does the same job as a shower gel and gives the skin a pleasant scent. It is extremely economical and therefore you can use it sparingly.