HYDROLON Magic Loose Powder​

HYDROLON Magic Loose Powder​ 1

Biotulin Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder is unique in the world as a facial powder for reducing wrinkles. In line with the increasing trend towards natural and multifunctional colour cosmetics, Biotulin has created an innovative, loose face powder.

HYDROLON contains closed, micro-small liquid pearls that open when applied to your face, allowing the active biotulin ingredient to enter the skin. The powder grants your complexion a flawless finish due to its light covering power and silky texture.

HYDROLON Magic Loose Powder​ 2

One of the main components of biotulin is spilanthol. Spilanthol is a natural local anaesthetic derived from the extract of the plant Acmella Oleracea (paracress). It reduces muscle contractions and relaxes facial features. Small wrinkles disappear, especially those around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

Sulphates are also avoided in HYDROLON, to protect the skin from drying out – because your skin needs sufficient moisture for a well-groomed and silky complexion.

HYDROLON is a facial powder that moisturises the skin, reducing wrinkles and at the same time unfolding a light covering power.

Can A Face Powder Really Help Reduce Wrinkles -Biotulin Hydrolon Powder

[Music] hi folks Caroline here from sassy cam hustla

[Music] hi folks Caroline here from sassy cam hustla and today I'm super excited because I discovered a new loose powder that has literally transformed the way I not only do my makeup but the effects of fine lines and wrinkles in my skin have greatly diminished because of this powder and I'm going to explain how it works and show you a little bit more about it so it's by a company called bio saline I hope I'm pronouncing that right and it's the Hydra lon magic loose powder and this powder is literally amazing now I love my loose powders I also recently bought the Charlotte Tilbury magic powder I read so many amazing reviews about this on YouTube and I was itching to try it but when I experienced my hydro lon powder I kind of put this on the back burner this has been that amazing I want to show you a little bit about it tell you a little bit about it and show you what it looks like so it's a loose powder and it's a little messy because I've been digging into it so excuse that like I said it's a little messy up there because I've been using it everyday you get a wonderful powder puff that you can apply this with so if you want to dig it in with your brush you can do that as well that's totally up to you and how you like to apply it but when I bake my concealer and my foundation which everybody is doing that lately they're baking their concealer with loose powder and that consists of like putting your concealer on and then using really large amounts of this leaving it you know placing it underneath letting it bake there and then brushing it in so you can do this any way that you like like I said I've been using both the puffs that comes with it as well as a brush and this is also great to use throughout the day just to give yourself that flawless finish this seems to last though for quite a long time for me when I do apply it it does stay on for at least like I don't have to touch up for at least eight hours and this powder is very finely milled so when you apply it to your skin it's quickly absorbed now I want to tell you a little bit about it first you so there's this whole PR release about Kim Kardashian and how she recently gave up she went publicly about giving and giving up and distancing herself from Botox a few years ago and this powder here is a bio Botox powder you and it contains microscopic liquid beads inside of it and those beans contain the bio Celyn which is what the active ingredient is and what it does and why they call it botox in a jar is because what it does is it relaxes the muscle contractions and our facial features and it reduces the wrinkles especially around the eyes in between the eyebrow and that's why this is known as bio Botox so Hydra LAN is a face powder that they claim to reduce wrinkles and Kim Kardashian according to this press release that I read and of course I'll show you a screenshot of it and share it with you below has been using hydral on loose powder for a few months and she uses it as an alternative to Botox that she always has it in her handbag and uses it two or three times a day like I said to touch up her skin so I've been using this for I'd say the past three weeks and I love it it gives me a flawless finish it makes my skin look flawless it does camouflage a lot of the wrinkles especially the marionette lines around my face I don't really have deep wrinkles in my forehead or in between my brows but I do use it for these marionette lines and I love the way that it brings so much light to them that they literally disappear so it also has an amazing fragrance it's very lightly scented now one of the things that I didn't like about the Charlotte Tilbury and you can read about this there's a lot of people complaining about what a mess there's a lot of people complaining about the scent of that powder and that's the truth it does have a god-awful scent for like the first 20 or 30 seconds which does bother a lot of folks but preparing this powder to this powder I would take this any day of the week it's been incredible and I can't say that enough and I do love the little powder puff that comes with it and I mean it's small enough that you can throw it in your handbag and just touch yourself up during the course of the day or you can just empty some of this into a smaller container and throw it with you in your travel bag to take with you it's been incredible and as far as the shades go I don't think they come in shades I think it's just one shade that's available but it's truly been transformative and if you go on their website it'll explain to you exactly how it works that it has these small micro liquid pearls that when applied to your face they activate this bio Toulon ingredient on your skin and then that gives you the flawless flawless finish due to its light covering power and silky texture and that is so very true and I will of course link all the information for you so that you can go check it out yourself and I love how it makes me have a flawless appearance and it does hide a lot of the fine lines and wrinkles and I love the whole principle of how this works I don't get Botox injections I'm just not into doing that type of thing some women are and that's great for them but why do that when you can kind of get similar results using skincare and cosmetics to help you look as good as you would if you got Botox injections so I just wanted to make this quick video to let you know how much I've been loving this hydral on Powder definitely head on over and check it out I'll leave the link for you below to do that and I'm also going to be writing a quick article about it and I'll also show some pictures on there I'll link the article below so be sure to check that out too if you could please remember to subscribe to our channel I would greatly appreciate that we're growing our channel and any love that you can show us is greatly appreciate it thanks so much for watching and have yourself a great and safe day

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