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This perfume can make you appear six years younger in just ONE second

The perfume revolution of recent years. We have developed an Eau de Parfum based on the studies of renowned scientists. This can make you appear six years younger in ONE second.

The Eau de Parfum ART. cleverly uses the psychology of fragrances. The basis for the development was the studies of the olfactory researcher Alan Hirsch. He found that the scent of citrus (e.g. pink grapefruit) makes people appear up to six years younger.

The Eau de Parfum ART uses this game of perceptions. The perfumers of ART. have taken into account the results of Alan Hirsch in the development. Over 250 different scents give the unmistakable blend that makes the fragrance so unique.

Each bottle is unique. There are 100 different designs in total. The artworks are all created by hand in Germany. Sometimes they are provocative motives, and sometimes they are motifs from everyday life.

Alan Hirsch

The Effects of Odour

I want to tell you about something that I talked about earlier this week in Good Morning America and that has to do with our studies on looking the effects of odors on perception.

We found an aroma that impacts upon people’s perception of age is may affect.

It makes men, when women wear the aroma of the pink grapefruit, perceive them to be six years younger.

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Alan Hirsch – The Effects of Odour

100 unique motives

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SIX Years Younger In Just ONE Second

ART. Biotulin Eau de Parfum is unique!
Each of the ART. Flaconmotive is handmade in Germany and is a unique work of art, which exists only once in the world.

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