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This perfume can make you appear six years younger in just ONE second

The perfume revolution of recent years. We have developed an Eau de Parfum based on the studies of renowned scientists. This can make you appear six years younger in ONE second.

The Eau de Parfum ART. cleverly uses the psychology of fragrances. The basis for the development was the studies of the olfactory researcher Alan Hirsch. He found that the scent of citrus (e.g. pink grapefruit) makes people appear up to six years younger.

The Eau de Parfum ART uses this game of perceptions. The perfumers of ART. have taken into account the results of Alan Hirsch in the development. Over 250 different scents give the unmistakable blend that makes the fragrance so unique.

Each bottle is unique. There are 100 different designs in total. The artworks are all created by hand in Germany. Sometimes they are provocative motives, and sometimes they are motifs from everyday life.

Alan Hirsch

The Effects of Odour

I want to tell you about something that I talked about earlier this week in Good Morning America and that has to do with our studies on looking the effects of odors on perception.

We found an aroma that impacts upon people’s perception of age is may affect.

It makes men, when women wear the aroma of the pink grapefruit, perceive them to be six years younger.

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Alan Hirsch – The Effects of Odour

in health in sex in everyday affairs the dirty little secret...

in health in sex in everyday affairs the dirty little secret the sense that no one talks about is smell it's primordial effect on emotion on mood on behavior and on human interaction is barely understood by the general public our next speaker dr. Alan Hirsch is a rare expert on smell and taste and how these can impact on weight loss on sleep on perception on learning among others you may also soon be one of the world's richest men because he's invented something called sprinkle thin taste tent crystals which you just pour on your food and poof whatever it is you're eating you eat less of it and you lose weight dr. Hirsch in his own life admits to occasional cravings for forbidden fruit wait for this such as brownies and snack crackers as you can see here is a wild and crazy guy smell is impacting upon us all the time whether we recognize it or not there's an entire invisible universe at the tip of our nose and it's impacted upon everything we do how do we know that well we one of those you know is that smells can impact upon considering negative variation you can affect not only brainwave frequency but how our brains respond and a whole host of different studies have been done looking at effects of odors on on behavior this is shows some of the connections between the olfactory system and the limbic lobe or the emotional brain so the quickest way to change somebody state or mood is with smell so what we did is we did a study looking at effects of ambu donors on products something we could measure so we looked at the effects of odors on on people's perception of Nike shoes and we had people go into two identical rooms in one room was a mixed floral smell in the other room was filtered and what we found is in presence of the mixed floral smell Dan 84% of subjects would like to choose more not only would they likely to choose more they said they would spend more money in a average of 10 dollars and 33 cents more per pair of shoes it suggested that the odors could impact people's perception of buying behavior well we presented our data in not only on how owners could affect shopping behavior and people would buy more in a jewelry store in the presence of different aromas and and different malls and matter of fact 60% of time when you walk in the mall you turn right we were able to demonstrate that by putting a pleasant odor and left and negative on on the right we were able to reverse those numbers and I presented our data at a conference and galleries in Vegas and something from the audience got up said will Hirsch with your studies you're not causing people to buy more what you're causing is utilizing sales men to be friendlier and they're selling better now that was a really hard argument to answer and I I walked out of the meeting I walked by these rows and rows of slot machines I said how can we get rid of the salesmen how can we get rid of the salesmen I said of course here's a way we can get rid of salesmen so what we did is we looked at using odors and in gambling behavior we went to Las Vegas Hilton casino anybody been ok if you gambling well what we did is we looked at three different areas in one area we had our active odorant and another area to control were known as president in the third area we had any active voter and we looked at the amount of money people put in slot machines the weekend before the study the weekend of the study in the weekend after the weekend before it's the weekend after there was no significant change of about two percent change in the weekend of the study in the inactive odered area there was a three percent change in the control area there was a about two percent change in the active odorant area there was a forty five percent increase in the amount of money people put in slot machines and when we use a higher level owner there was a fifty three percent increase even though this was a forty five percent increase in the amount of money people put in slot machines that allow us to to state the the absolute numbers that we weren't allowed to do that but I can tell you based on public data I heard before I testified before the Nevada State Gaming Commission for instance at the at the Mirage their nightly take prior to order is a ssin was two million dollars on slots alone so you can imagine what a forty five percent increase would do for them well needless to say our studies have been pretty well funded after that this is a Snoopy the problem now is that we no knows everything about everything except what's going on and and I think that's true I mean the question is why the odors have such a strong impact upon people's behavior and I don't know part of the reason might be because the part of the brain that we think smells or the olfactory lobe is part of the limbic system or the emotional brain so the quickest way to change somebody's mood state your behaviors with smell quicker than with any other sensory modality you'll smell smell your media side I like it or I don't like it and you know we and you know usually we think about about bad smells we actually did a little study for the attorney general's office in the state of Illinois where we looked at a multi insight south of Chicago and the days it was a bad smell wafted across the street to the school there was increasing behavioral problems with school kids and there's a lot of evidences and bad smells tend to increase aggression in one one study where college males were told to turn the knob right and a colleague gets an electric shock and the presence of bad smell they turned out much further to the right or in days when there's more bad smelling air pollution there's an increased number of motor vehicle accidents as arson drivers are driving more aggressively he began to explore odors and tastes as a way of helping facilitate weight loss it says for dessert I'd like to smell some chocolate cake and the reason we did this is because we take care of patients who have lost her sense of smell and taste often from head trauma from auto accidents and what we found is after people lost her sense of smell they initially would gain 10 or 20 pounds so I figured gee if when they lose her sense of smell they gain weight maybe if we gave people experts know they would lose weight and it made some anatomic sense because there's a direct connection between the olfactory bulb in the ventral medial nucleus of the hypothalamus is satiety center that's area of detroit and guinea pig the any pig eats and eats and eats until it dies so in a time likely made sense and if you think about why is it they stop eating when you're full you know you don't stop eating because your stomach is full died only had between overeating part of it has to it was satiety that you just feel full after you've eaten and it's part of it just the way it smells in the way it tastes we did a study of 3193 people over six months we had them inhale different orders we like and we found they had weight loss of 2.1 percent body mass per month were watching 30 pounds in the course of this study so it suggests that smells might help people lose weight and then we have also gone on to taste ants as Moses mentioned and we didn't finish the study we presume the last year of 180 over six months lost never 230 3.6 pounds for weight loss however we do I encourage anybody who's less than 20 pounds of a way to use because it tends to induce excess weight loss otherwise we know what I think is the diets don't tend to work but one of the other things we've looked at is when a car we're called by oncology pay frequently because people have to they lose weight and they're trying to get them to cause them to gain weight and I said work can we do to help them gain weight and what we do is we give them diet cola and I'll tell you why diet cola taste sweet it's a sweet it's great so it tastes sweet and so the brain says sugar coming in tastes sweet with it's died and brain goes a cephalo pancreatic reflux pancreas releases insulin pancreas releases insulin response releases insulin when blood sugar drops in response to dropping blood sugar you eat more so way we get rats fat as we add artificial sweetener to the rat chow and the way we cause oncology patients to gain weight as we add diet started for their meals so anybody who's drinking diets are along with their meals realized this is a way that we use there's a model for getting people to gain weight I want to tell you about something that I talked about earlier this week in Good Morning America and that has to do with our studies on looking the effects of odors on perception so we found an aroma that impacts upon people's perception of age is may affect it makes men perceive when women wear this aroma men perceive them to be six years younger anybody want to make a guess when order it is where the pink grapefruit and here we license out the pan so this for you although you don't need it all but thankfully Botox you

100 unique motives

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ART. Biotulin Eau de Parfum is unique!
Each of the ART. Flaconmotive is handmade in Germany and is a unique work of art, which exists only once in the world.

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