Natural anti-cellulite care: with birch oil to tighten thighs

Natural anti-cellulite care: with birch oil to tighten thighs


The secret against cellulite? Could be hidden in the leaves of the birch. The oil that is pressed from these has a firming effect on the connective tissue, relieves water retention and builds up new clamping force. We explain which natural active ingredients are responsible for this anti-cellulite effect and how to apply birch oil correctly.

The birch – a tree with healing powers

The slender trees with their white trunk and green-yellow leaves are familiar to everyone – but few know that the birch has been given healing powers for millennia of years. Among the Germanic people, the tree was considered a sanctuary, the juice of the leaves was known as a beauty and strengthening potion, but was also used for fever, stomach pain or skin diseases. In northern Europe as well as Russia, the extracts of the birch were used as a kind of primal detox cure, because the juice was already said to have a wash-out effect, which was supposed to help with weight loss and cleanse the organism in spring. And even today, the forces of the birch are far from forgotten. These are used as water, tea or oil in natural cosmetics and alternative medicine as a natural alternative and are currently experiencing a real trend comeback.

How birch oil is produced

Birch oil is an essential oil produced in various ways. Thus, it can be obtained by water vapour distillation from the bark as well as tar of the tree, or extract of dried buds or young leaves. The latter is the manufacturing method, which is particularly useful for the massage oil against cellulite, because the leaf extracts of the birch contain flavonoids, tannins and vitamin C, which are responsible for the nourishing and firming effect on skin and connective tissue. By the way, the essential oil smells particularly fresh and slightly tart.

Birch oil against cellulite
Birch oil against cellulite

Cellulite miracle? Birch extracts against orange skin – this is how natural oil affects the skin

The oil of the birch leaves should be Skin give new tension, smoothing, tightening and helping to transport excess fluid accumulations from the tissue. Optimal for cellulite, because the dents and dimples become more visible through water retention, a flaccid connective tissue is sometimes one of the causes of the formation of orange skin. As already mentioned, birch leaves contain valuable plant substances such as flavonoids or tannins. They act in our body as antioxidants against free radicals (molecules that destroy cells or toning collagen and promote skin aging) and thus prevent damage to connective tissues and cells. Flavonoids are also said to detoxify and activate skin metabolism. Due to the increased metabolic activity, excess water, as it can accumulate in the tissues of the thighs, legs and buttocks in the form of cellulite, is removed. Swelling subsides and the cellulite visibly improves as the fat bruises are less likely to push through the skin. Birch oil is also rich in vitamin C, which naturally activates fat burning; plant substances are also said to have an astringent effect. This means that it tightens skin as well as connective tissue, which makes the thighs appear smoother over time, as well as Water retention Counteracts.

Apply birch oil correctly – this must be taken into account

Birch oil, like many other essential oils, must not be applied to the skin as it would have a highly irritating effect. For external use, it must therefore be combined with a so-called carrier oil. These are mild oils (e.g. apricot, avocado, sunflower, jojoba or almond oil) that can be applied pure to the skin and dilute the birch oil. Great side effect: The carrier oils also have a healing effect on the skin and thus strengthen the care ritual for cellulite. Whether mixed or finished as a combination oil in the bottle – the diluted birch oil is best applied daily to the cellulite zones after showering and gently massaged with the fingers. With the massage, you not only work the oil into the skin, but also boost the blood circulation and the lymph flow. The cells are supplied with oxygen and other nutrients by the fresh blood; accumulated lymph fluids dissolve and drain. Extra tip: Always massage in upward movements from the feet up to the butt, because that corresponds to the direction of the lymph flow.

Not only for cellulite: Other advantages of birch oil

Birch oil is not only a natural anti-cellulite weapon, but a true all-rounder for beauty and health. Here we summarize the most important of the numerous benefits:

  • Anti-pickel care: Birch extracts have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and can thus prevent or mitigate pimples and acne.
  • Improves skin diseases: Latest Studies show that the active substance betulin contained in birch oil helps to combat neurodermatitis and psoriasis. The itching that occurs in these skin diseases is mitigated by the oil; the anti-inflammatory effect causes existing inflammations to subside more quickly.
  • Natural painkiller: Birch oil has an analgesic and circulation-promoting effect on the body. For muscle pain, back discomfort and co., it can therefore be used as a massage oil. The extracts block the release of certain neurotransmitters in the nerves and thus also the signals that trigger pain.
  • Improves dandruff and hair loss: The natural oil of the birch moisturizes the scalp and relieves itching. The circulation-promoting effect also strengthens the hair follicles, which are again supplied with plenty of oxygen and nutrients by the fresh blood.

Birch oil against cellulite

Birch oil is a natural remedy as well as beauty booster, known for its effects for millennia. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the care has a supportive effect, but cannot perform miracles. In other words, in order to achieve the desired results, one should always consider a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Combined with the natural power of birch leaves, a great formula that can prevent and improve cellulite.


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