Make up for mature skin from 50

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There are breathtakingly beautiful models for the perfect make-up from 50 on: Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Susan Sarandon, for example. The three actresses over 50 make it clear that beauty has nothing to do with age. On the contrary! The female superstars make it clear that individuality, charisma as well as underlining one’s own type with the right beauty products can have a fascinating effect.

When making up mature skin from the age of 50, a younger look can be conjured up quite simply with modern products such as light-reflecting concealer or primers. But not only wrinkles, also eyes with drooping eyelids can be optically cheated a few years younger.

The basics are clear, but now comes the freestyle: because sometimes small things make a big difference. When it comes to make-up from the age of 50 on, there are certainly one or two little tricks that you don’t know yet.

Make-up tips for women over 50: Small tricks, big effect

Loose skin and missing contours:

Stroke with a little bronzer slightly below the cheekbones and at the transition from face to chin. This creates contours. Blend any edges with a brush.

Make-up tip for the eyes:

Less is more. Dark colours optically press on the eyes and make them appear smaller. Dramatic Smokey Eyes are not necessary, even glitter eye shadow can emphasize eye wrinkles.

Tip for evening make-up:

If you like to use a kohl, make sure to draw as narrow an eyelid line as possible and blend it slightly with a cotton swab. Important for make-up from 50: The lower and upper water line, i.e. the line directly between lashes and eye, should be emphasized with light colors, darker Kajal (Kohl) makes the eye look smaller.

Sparse lashes? Then give your eye area a little more contour with a fine eyeliner line directly at the lash line. In this way you optically condense the lashes. If you like, you can also have your lashes filled in the beauty salon.
Conceal lip wrinkles with concealer: Apply some concealer around the lips. This can conceal fine lines, optically enlarges the lips and the lipstick lasts much longer. And don’t forget: For clear contours, use a lip liner before applying lip colour.

Make-up in daylight:

Natural make-up works best in good light conditions. Therefore, ideally look for a comfortable place near the window for make-up.

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Some more tips, how to look younger

7 Make-Up Tricks that make you look younger

Primers are available in cream, gel and spray format. There are variants that mattify, fill pores or hydrate the skin. For mature skin, you should definitely choose a moisturizing primer.

For mature skin, the lighter the primer, the better. Products with a matte formula or super high coverage tend to highlight wrinkles and look chapped on dry skin.

As we get older, our eyebrows become thinner. Therefore, thicker brows can make you look younger. And this is where make-up can be very useful.

Of course, there are many different eye shadow colors and looks that flatter different skin tones and eye shapes, but the general rule is that you apply darker colors towards the outer third of your eyelid and lighter shades towards the inner corners of the eye.

Like your eyebrows, your lashes become thinner with age and need a more youthful look and small improvements. Use a sharpened eyeliner pencil and draw a thin black line along the upper lash line.

As you get older, your thick cheeks disappear and gravity causes the soft tissues to drop towards the jaw line. All this gives your face a tired and aged look and makes your cheeks look sunken. Fortunately, you can fix this with some contouring and blush.

Our lips tend to get thinner with age, especially the upper lip. Fortunately, you can fix this visually, without the need for lip filler! Like eye shadow, different lipstick colors are better suited to different skin tones, but natural shades work for almost everyone.


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