Kate Middleton Reportedly Swears by a Natural Anti-Wrinkle Gel Called Biotulin

You might not be able to buy the prestige or access or overall amazing life of a royal, but you can buy a royal glow for your skin, apparently. Or, at least, you can buy the products that the royals reportedly use to get their glowing complexions and hope for the best. If Kate Middleton is your royal skin-spo, that gamble will cost you $82.

According to a new report from The Sun, the Duchess of Cambridge’s skincare product of choice is a natural anti-wrinkle gel Biotulin, which “contains a local anaesthetic which freeze[s] her face muscles and dissolve wrinkles.”

If this sounds a little like Botulinumtoxin to you, then congratulations, because you are totally understanding the concept here. On its website, Biotulin presents itself as an alternative to Botulinumtoxin:

Biotulin is applied to the face as a soothing lotion. It is quickly absorbed, smoothing the skin to make it soft and supple. Unlike needle injections, it does not numb your face or restrict your facial expressions. Your features will still be reanimated and beautiful.

The Sun attributes this Kate-loves-Biotulin hot goss to Arabella Preston, a skincare expert and the Duchess of Cambridge’s personal make-up artist.

Source: Marieclaire.com, 02/02/2019