J.Lo uses this tightening eye cream as a natural alternative 2

J.Lo uses this tightening eye cream as a natural alternative

The Bronx-born icon’s makeup guru Scott Barnes reportedly called in his secret weapon: Biotulin’s EyeMATRIX eye cream.

Barnes previously said, “Her beautiful eyes, free from dark circles and bags under the eyes, have EyeMATRIX from Biotulin to thank: An eye cream that uses cannabis sativa seed oil and the bio-Botox active ingredient Biotulin.”

Biotulin is an organic, transparent and fast-acting gel, which is rumored to also have fans including Michelle Obama, Madonna and Kate Middleton, who turn to the ingredient as a natural alternative to fillers 

J.Lo uses this tightening eye cream as a natural alternative 3

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    Jennifer Lopez y Kate Middleton usan esta crema antiarrugas

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