Get rid of dark circles under your eyes: These remedies help to fight the dark shadows

Mature Woman Wearing Cooling Blue Gel Eye Mask Against Dark Circles


You work very late at night and just don’t get enough sleep? You have a little kid who wakes you up several times a night? Or you were partying into the wee hours of the morning? The result is always the same: dark circles under your eyes that make you look tired and old. In addition to concealers and creams, there are also very simple household remedies that are effective against the grey shadows. If you want to get rid of dark circles immediately and reduce them permanently at the same time, you should repeat the following applications several times a week.

With these 5 products you can easily get rid of dark circles under your eyes

The right care is the best way to combat dark circles under the eyes. We recommend the eyeMATRIX Lifting Concentrate Eye Creme. This is the remedy against the dark shadows:

  • Cucumber extracts and elderflower have a calming effect on swollen eyes.
  • Antioxidants (for example vitamin E) protect the skin from free radicals and have a rejuvenating effect.
  • Collagen maintains the elasticity of the skin and smoothes small wrinkles.

Eye masks also promise quick help with dark shadows under the eyes. Our favourite: eyeMATRIX Lifting Concentrate Eye Creme. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil moisturise the delicate skin under the eyes and provide a cushioning anti-wrinkle effect. At the same time, the skin is protected from harmful external influences. And best of all: eyeMATRIX has an immediate effect – after application, dark circles under the eyes are a thing of the past and you shine with a radiant look just like after a restful night’s sleep with plenty of sleep.

Tip: For a particularly cooling effect, place the eyeMATRIX Lifting Concentrate Eye Creme in the refrigerator before use.

Even more practical for the right eye care are eye roll-ons. With its gentle massage effect, Payot’s product ensures that the eye area appears more alert, visibly reducing bags under the eyes and signs of fatigue. At the same time, the serum moisturises dry skin without leaving an oily residue. When applying the serum, make sure that you do not exert too much pressure on the sensitive eye area. Roll the Roll-On twice in the morning and twice in the evening from the inside out.

It is our absolute darling when it comes to make-up! The concealer ensures an alert look and a fresh look and reliably covers up every night, no matter how long it takes. The concealer with immediate anti-aging effect from Maybelline brightens the skin and conceals small wrinkles.

Tip when applying: Do not apply the concealer in a crescent shape along the dark rings, but apply the product like a triangle, with the pointed side towards the cheek, on the skin under the eye. It is best to use your fingers to spread the concealer more evenly.

Also important: When choosing the shade, make sure that the concealer is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. For bluish and brown rings under the eyes, a yellowish tone is suitable. This conceals the dark shade of the eye shadow and lightens the discoloured skin.

Tired eyes simply roll away! At least that is what the Jade Roller from Eco Masters promises. How does it work? The rolling stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration. As a result, the skin looks more relaxed immediately after application and the dark colour under the eyes disappears. Additionally, the roller stimulates the body’s own production of elastin and collagen.

What helps against dark circles under the eyes? These home remedies reliably combat dark circles under the eyes

1. cucumbers

Cucumbers are rightly the absolute classic against dark circles under the eyes, because they have a cooling effect, reduce puffiness and lighten the dark areas in a natural way. The moisture also relaxes the tissue and gives the skin elasticity. Due to the improved blood circulation, the dark discolourations disappear by themselves. That’s how it works: Cut a cucumber from the refrigerator into thick slices and place it on closed eyes for at least ten minutes.

2. potatoes

Potatoes have bleaching properties, which means that they can naturally lighten the dark rings under the eyes and also help to reduce the swelling. You can either wrap peeled and grated potatoes in a thin cloth and place it on your eyelids – or you can grate them so finely that you only collect and use the juice that is produced. Then simply dip a cotton ball in it, dab your eyes and let it work overnight. The next morning, your eyes will be visibly puffy and dark circles lightened. Cold potatoes, which have been in the refrigerator for at least an hour, are best for both variants.

3. ice-cold milk

Milk contains substances that constrict the lymphatic and blood vessels, which reduces swelling. The colder the milk, the better the result. Then simply dip two cotton pads into the liquid and place them on your eyes for at least 15 minutes. If you feel that they are getting too warm, remove the pads and replace them (calmly several times) with new ones.

4. green tea

Green tea contains many antioxidants as well as tannins, i.e. vegetable tanning agents. These lighten the shadows and at the same time make the areas swell. To do this, leave two tea bags in warm water for a few minutes, then put them in the fridge for half an hour and then on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Also works with black tea.

5. coconut oil

Under the eyes is the thinnest skin on the face. Coconut oil is particularly well absorbed by the delicate skin and thus provides the area with ample moisture. If you lightly tap the oil into the skin, you will also stimulate the blood circulation.

Our recommendation: Apply the oil in the evening before going to bed and let it work overnight.

What to do against dark circles under the eyes? Know the causes and avoid them!

You’ve already guessed it: Often the shadows under the eyes are the result of sleepless, short nights. But stress, too little liquid (or too much if taken in the form of alcohol), an iron deficiency caused by an incorrect diet or the cigarette can also be to blame for the dark circles. These causes cause blood to accumulate in the vessels under the eyes. The blood vessels then shine through the thin skin under the eye – and this results in the annoying eye shadows. And if you have the feeling that the rings under your eyes are getting darker and darker with the years, you are unfortunately right. Because in the course of the aging process, the body breaks down padding fat. The already thin skin under the eyes becomes even thinner and dark circles become more visible.

The cause of dark circles under the eyes can also be hyperpigmentation of the skin, for example as a result of too much UV radiation (therefore always remember to use sun protection!), but also because of genetics.

By the way: A disease is usually not behind the tired eyes. However, if you cannot explain the beauty problem to yourself and no remedy is effective, you should consult a doctor.

Get rid of dark circles under your eyes: What to do to prevent dark circles?

Household remedies, creams, eye make-up: all these are reliable means to fight and conceal dark circles. However, if you don’t want the problem to develop in the first place, the only way to prevent it is a healthy lifestyle. Fresh air, plenty of sleep and a balanced diet are the key words. And for those who can only do this on holiday at most, concealer and eyeMATRIX Lifting Concentrate Eye Creme are the saving solution.


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