Conseils beauté pour les peaux rugueuses

Surtout pendant les mois d’hiver, beaucoup de femmes souffrent d’une peau rugueuse. Si la peau démange, s’écaille et se resserre, c’est un signe évident de manque d’hydratation. Qu’il s’agisse des coudes, des bras, des mains ou des jambes – avec nos conseils SOS et nos soins durables, la peau redevient lisse et souple. aide immédiate

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Kate Middleton recommended Biotulin to Michelle Obama

Kate Middleton recommended Biotulin to Michelle Obama Proving to be the ultimate friendship goals, it turns out Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton exchange beauty tips. In an interview with ‘Celebrities Style’ magazine, Michelle’s makeup artist shared the anti-aging secret she learned from the Duchess of Cambridge! It’s been eight years since Michelle Obama headed to

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You Can Look Great Without Spending A Fortune

You can look great without spending a fortune Why do television shows like the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Ambush Makeover, and Style Her Famous become big hits among viewers worldwide? One possible reason for this is that these shows amaze people with the remarkable transformation that happens to people who receive makeovers. These

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