Large Pores – is the Reduction of enlarged pores is possible?

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A doctor clarifies

This really helps against enlarged pores.

Reduction of the pores is possible

Many women are annoyed by their coarse-pored skin, which is shiny and often prone to blackheads. In order to refine the skin texture, one should pay attention to a few things and above all know which treatment methods really work and which do not. A dermatologist will tell you how large pores can be refined.

Why do we have pores?

The human body has over 300,000 pores. Pores are the openings for the hair follicles in the subcutis, from which sebum drains. They are present wherever hair roots are found – i.e. almost on the entire surface of the skin. The only exceptions are the palms of the hands, mucous membranes and the soles of the feet. “The pores are particularly large where the sebaceous gland, which uses this pore as an excretory duct, is particularly strongly developed. This is particularly the case in the face and in the T-zone, but also in the upper back and décolleté,” says dermatologist Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus from Hamburg (Germany) in an interview with Biotulin International.

How do enlarged pores occur?

Mainly the pore size is genetically determined. Therefore, someone who has very large-pored skin cannot expect the pores to become completely invisible again. People with combination skin or rather oily skin tend to have enlarged pores more often. This is because the sebaceous glands are more pronounced and thus more sebum is produced.

“When the sebaceous gland grows, the pore becomes larger because the whole apparatus on which the sebaceous gland is attached becomes larger. Then you can see the pore,” says Steinkraus. Those affected also have to fight more often with pimples or even acne because of the increased sebum production. “Acne can only develop where the sebaceous gland is active and the pore is consequently large”, emphasises the dermatologist. But pimples and blackheads can stretch the pores even further. Therefore the skin should always be well cleaned.

A healthy lifestyle can do no harm to reduce sebum production and thus prevent the development of pimples. Especially alcohol, nicotine and excessive stress should be avoided. For some people it also helps to avoid milk and dairy products.

Age plays a smaller role in pore size: “The pores probably get a little larger with age, but not necessarily. Actually, such a formed pore is the same size,” says Steinkraus.
vitamin A

Once the pore is enlarged, it no longer contracts by itself. There are, however, a few remedies to make the pores look smaller. According to the dermatologist, the most effective is the use of creams, serums or isotretinoin tablets (vitamin A derivative) containing vitamin A. According to Steinkraus, the pores can be permanently reduced by up to 60 percent after a certain period of time, as the activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced.

However, treatment with isotretinoin is often associated with many unpleasant side effects such as dry skin and should not be carried out by women who wish to have children. “It could lead to malformations in the child,” warns the dermatologist. Those who do not suffer from acne are therefore best advised to use the topical variant.

This really helps against enlarged pores

How to treat skin pores — they’re so tiny, they shouldn’t be that visible, right? Some of us have noticeable pores, and you will be searching for a solution. Try these methods before seeing a laser dermatologist as they may help reduce the size of enlarged pores to make them less obvious.

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Electric pore cleanser

Ideally you should also use an electric pore cleaner once or twice a week. This removes sebum, blackheads and dirt from the pores, causing them to contract. “There is a slight reduction in the size of the pores but it is not a measure that results in a great improvement,” says Steinkraus. Mechanical cleaning with the suction button is nevertheless a good alternative to chemical peelings. Attention: Electric pore cleaners must not be used for acne skin!

BPO washing lotion

For daily cleaning Steinkraus also recommends washing lotions with benzyl peroxide (BPO). These are available without prescription in pharmacies.

Professional face cleaning

Going to a beautician is especially worthwhile for women with skin problems such as acne or large pores. “Once every few weeks, in addition to professional facial cleansing. The steam makes the skin soft and then you can wonderfully squeeze the pores,” the expert adds.

Face masks

You can also do something at home to combat pores that are too large. Healing earth masks and bio cellulose masks, for example, are well suited to help free blocked pores and refine the skin texture. Alternatively, astringent masks are also suitable: “When you remove the mask, you have the feeling that the skin is a little too tight” says Steinkraus. However, according to him, one cannot expect a large pore-reducing effect.


In this procedure, the uppermost skin layer is removed with a grinding head with a diamond attachment. Microdermabrasion is often combined with a fruit acid peeling. This makes the pores appear smaller.

Laser treatment

Another professional method for minimizing pores is laser treatment. Here, collagen production and the formation of new skin cells are stimulated. Thus, the enlarged pores become smaller.

The right make-up

Even if you tend to have large pores, you can use make-up. It has “no effect on pore size”, according to the dermatologist. However, unsuitable products can clog the pores and thus enlarge them. Therefore, you should make sure that the label “non-comedogenic” appears on the packaging. This will prevent the pores from becoming clogged and the formation of pimples. Before applying a suitable foundation or BB/CC cream, you should apply a Pore Minimizer as make-up primer. Large pores are simply optically filled and concealed.


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