5 Beauty tips for drooping eyelids

Guide to a Daytime Smoky Eye


Beauty tips for drooping eyelids.

Who has small eyes or drooping eyelids knows that it is not so easy to make them up properly. We will show you tricks how to conceal your drooping eyelids optically very easily.

Sexy Smokey Eyes or an elegant eyelid line à la Audrey Hepburn. There are countless great make-up styles. If only it weren’t for these difficult drooping eyelids that often put a damper on our business. Because they make our eyes look tired and our eyes look smaller.

There are several reasons for drooping eyelids. With increasing age, our skin becomes more and more saggy, which is why the eyelids hang deeper into the eyes. However, they can also be genetically determined and occur at a young age. Either way, many find them disturbing. It’s not so bad, because with the right make-up you can easily make drooping eyelids disappear – at least visually. You should keep the following in mind:

Trick no. 1: You should avoid

Dark colors and wide eyeliner

Eye shadows that are too dark give the drooping eyelids even more depth, which would additionally emphasize them. Eyeliners are not taboo per se, but you should rather do without a particularly wide eyelid line for drooping eyelids. They “swallow” the eye additionally.

Dark Kajal

If you have small eyes, you should also ban black kohl from your make-up bag – they also make the eye look smaller.

Trick no. 2: The right perspective

Before we go into detail, here’s a short tip before we start. Because especially with eye make-up the perspective is crucial. That’s why rule number 1 applies: When doing make-up, make sure that you don’t look into the mirror from below, but rather look at yourself in the mirror with a straight look and then put your hand on it. This way you can see the eyelid crease correctly.

Trick number 3: Magic with the banana trick

eyeMATRIX eye creme against eye wrinkles, dark circles, bags and drooping eyelids
eyeMATRIX eye creme against eye wrinkles, dark circles, bags and drooping eyelids

To make sure that the make-up holds well, the first step is to apply an eyeshadow primer to the eyelid. It makes the skin smooth and even, and provides the perfect eye make-up base.

  • With the application of the eye shadow your main actor now comes into play. The choice of the color shade, but also the make-up technique are essential here to put the eyes in the right light. Make-up professionals use the famous banana trick here. And it works like this:
  • You now apply a slightly shimmering, light-colored eye shadow to the movable eyelid. The light shade ensures that your eye is highlighted.
  • Now lift the droopy eyelid a little bit by slightly raising the eyebrow with the fingertip. Then use a brush to apply a darker shade from the same color family to the visible eyelid crease. There you draw a crescent-shaped arch (or even a banana) over the eyeball.
  • Now all you have to do is blend the transitions to light eyeshadow well, so that the look is harmonious and no hard edges remain. The slightly darker shades create an optical illusion and create more three-dimensionality. If this accent is in the right place, it almost makes the excess skin on the eyelid almost disappear.

Trick no. 4: Getting brows into shape

With regard to drooping eyelids, your eyebrows can also work little wonders. A curved shape is ideal. You can also comb the hairs upwards and fix them with transparent gel. If you set a light accent with highlighter on the highest point under the eyebrow, your eyes will appear even more open and larger.

Trick no. 5: Distract

Attention, diversionary tactics! Last but not least your eyelashes are used. First use an eyelash curler to give them the right upward curl. Then apply mascara generously. The more voluminous your lashes are, the more they distract from the drooping eyelids.


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