Décolleté care: the best tips for a taut and beautiful view

Décolleté Care

Décolleté care: the best tips for a taut and beautiful view

Whether in a summery jumpsuit, a noble evening gown or a classic dirndl: Your beautiful décolleté is always an attractive eye-catcher. A loving attention and the right décolleté care are therefore important! In addition, the décolleté is an extremely sensitive area of your skin that needs care. Unsuitable products or a wrong handling of the sensitive body region can therefore have unpleasant consequences. Your skin can take revenge with premature aging, pigmentation spots or pimples. We will tell you how to care for your décolleté in the best possible way and make it a pretty eye-catcher!

What you should know about décolleté

The décolleté is the section between your neck and the base of your chest. This area has very few sebaceous glands and hardly any fat pads. In addition, the skin loses fluid much faster here, and the collagen fibers are not as dense. Therefore the décolleté is a real sensitive area! It is simply much less protected from external influences such as harmful sunlight. As a result, the elasticity of the skin diminishes much faster, wrinkles and pigmentation appear. The solution to the problem? The right cleavage care!

The most important thing for décolleté care: Sun protection

Yes, we know we are not saying it for the first time … Nevertheless: Sun protection is the be-all and end-all when it comes to the right care of your décolleté. The area between the neck and chest is a real sun trap and, if you wear low necklines, you will get far too many harmful sunrays. Unfortunately, these cause premature skin aging and thus unsightly wrinkles. Perfect protection is offered by a day cream with sun protection factor 20 to 30, which is suitable for the face and décolleté and which you apply to the areas that are not protected by clothing.

Daily care: the key to happiness

Consistent daily care of the sensitive area around the neckline is essential if you really want to see a change or take preventive action. In the morning a serum plus light day care, in the evening preferably a more intensive care intended for the cleavage. Products containing finely tuned anti-aging ingredients – such as Hyaluron – are particularly suitable and counteract wrinkles. Super! Because it is not said in vain that true age can be read off the décolleté!

The perfect lotion for naturally beautiful breasts, elastic skin and a smoother, wrinkle-free décolleté.
The perfect lotion for naturally beautiful breasts, elastic skin and a smoother, wrinkle-free décolleté.

Biotulin Hans & Franz

The perfect lotion for naturally beautiful breasts, elastic skin and a smoother, wrinkle-free décolleté.

Gimme More: the extra portion of décolleté care

Once or twice a week it can be a little more. Then you can mean it especially well with your décolleté and apply a nourishing mask. Make sure to use a mask that is specially designed for the needs of sensitive skin in this area. If you are prone to pigmentation, you should choose a mask that contains active ingredients such as vitamin C, which are effective against pigmentation spots. For an extra portion of lasting moisture, choose hyaluronic acid or panthenol.

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Insider tip: alternating showers

Alternating showers for firm skin on the thighs and bottom – yes, you’ve probably heard that before, right? But did you know that although the skin on the décolleté is sensitive, alternating showers with cold and warm water can work wonders here too? They stimulate the microcirculation and thus ensure firm and toned skin. However, make sure that the water is not set too hot or too cold and that the pressure of the water is comfortable so as not to put unnecessary strain on your skin.

Watch Your Posture

Making sure your posture is on point can help minimize wrinkling on your décolletage, according to Dr. Houshmand. “In this day we’re all constantly staring down at our smartphones, tablets and laptops, which is horrible for your décolletage and neck,” she says. “When you slump your shoulders or sit with your back hunched, the skin on your décolletage becomes folded and creased. This can lead to damage and wrinkles over time.” To prevent posture-related wrinkles, Dr. Houshmand recommends sitting up straight and keeping your shoulders back. She also states that exercising to strengthen your upper back can also be helpful.





Isn´t it true how engaged we are to face care but so often forget to treat our décolletage. This tutorial is all about face yoga exercises and skin care tips dedicated to lifted and baby like bust. I am so excited to start my channel with this "Devine Décolletage" face yoga tutorial. Have amazing work out all you beautiful people on this planet Earth

so hello there all these beautiful
people on this planet Earth I have a
question for you how often do you clean
your face now how often do you take care
of your decoupage I thought so now our
decoupage is very sensitive to the Sun
also the decoupage is something that
really reveals our age like your hand
stuff you know when the Sun is out and
you want to lower your feelings remember
to take care of the decoupage so this
defines a crash' face yoga exercise will
do the magic within two three weeks of
practicing it titles of your platysma
which is basically the muscle that holds
the skin against your neck it speeds up
the circulation to give you a skin
amazing light skin tone plus it
stimulates the collagen production and
that's what we all love don't we so keep
watching and follow my step-by-step
divine dakotas exercise to get that
perfect cleavage
you also need some advices how to treat
your Dakota with skin care products on
the second part of the video I will show
you how to do it depending on how much
you want to improve your skin on your
neck and decolletage you can do this
exercise once in a week or every day
give me a me
get me hit me up now get me out get me
hit me out define decolletage part 2
just like you would clean your skin on
your face you should do it for your
Dakota's as well I like to use the
cognac sponge because it's so nice and
soft it's really quick to use as well
so after the cleaning I would use a mask
and I love clay masks
everybody loves clay masks it's
basically renewing the skin you get rid
of all the dead skin cells and it also
activates the cell turnover time okay so
after the cleaning and the masks we will
go to the hydration I love oil so I will
keep to the nickel touch a nice oily
massage and remember always massage
towards your heart because that's how
you look at existing after the oil
massage I will clean it one more time
with my corneas watch an interest
refresh the skin which of micellar water
or your favorite toner
at last the moisturizer

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The last step to velvet skin

Peelings are also good for your décolleté: they free the skin from dead skin cells and stimulate the blood circulation. The result: rosy, smooth skin. Be sure to use a peeling with very fine grains. For example, a homemade peeling made of coffee grounds or sugar is great.

Dear ones – we hope that we could help you with our tips. Perhaps you will now think more often about giving your neckline a little care. A beautiful cleavage will be the reward.


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