8 tips to avoid dark circles under the eyes

8 tips to avoid dark circles under the eyes


How to reduce dark circles under the eyes?

Do you suffer from dark circles under your eyes? Very annoying, but in many cases you can do something about it. In this article you can read about the causes of dark circles under the eyes and how you can reduce them.
Dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes are often confused. If you have bags under your eyes, it feels as if the skin under your eyes is slightly swollen. With dark circles under the eyes, the skin is not swollen but only dark. A combination of puffiness and dark rings under the eyes is of course also possible, but in this article we will only talk about dark rings under the eyes. For tips on how to combat bags under the eyes, we refer you to our article What helps against eye wrinkles?.

Dark circles under the eyes caused by the sun

Do you reduce dark circles under the eyes by not being in the sun? Use an eye cream with sunscreen every day? The sun can significantly increase the pigmentation of the skin under the eyes, resulting in dark circles under the eyes. If you use an eye cream with sun protection every day, you can prevent this as much as possible.

Dark circles under the eyes due to too little sleep

In many cases swellings are not caused by lack of sleep, but dark rings are. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become paler, making the veins under your skin more visible in your eyes. So make sure you get enough sleep, especially if you have thin, translucent skin.

Too much pigment

You may of course have a lot of pigment in the skin under the eyes. If you doubt this because you see it often in your family, you can go to a doctor or dermatologist. If you seem to have a lot of pigment, you can try a cream that lightens the skin. You can also decide to use a cover pen. A peach colour is recommended for bluish skin, a greenish tint is often more effective for red skin. Make sure you apply the Concealer well and then go with either a foundation or concealer in exactly the same colour as your skin (otherwise you will end up with either orange or green rings under your eyes).

Pigment spots, wrinkles & get rid of Co forever!

Dr. Liv – your personal beauty dermatologist  skin trainer: You want to know which cream ist working against dark spots, dark areas, melasma or dark areas after pimples you have to know which ingredients do work. So look for these ingredients, know which ingredients stop and remove pigment… all about tyrosinase inhibitors, melanon transfer or cell turnover like frutiacids, retinols or protection like sunscreen.

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Unfortunately dark circles under the eyes can also be hereditary. The skin under the eyes is then only very thin, so that the veins under the skin can be seen very well. The thinner the skin or the larger the veins are, the bluer the skin becomes, making the dark circles more visible. The reduction of dark circles under the eyes by camouflage, as described above, can be a solution.

Dark circles under the eyes due to medication

With certain drugs, the blood vessels become somewhat wider. Since the skin of the eyes is thin, you can then see the veins better, which causes dark rings under the eyes. If you think you are suffering from this, you may be able to consult your doctor to see if there is an alternative medicine.

Facial massage with lymph drainage sticks against dark circles under the eyes
Facial massage with lymph drainage sticks against dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes due to lack of movement

Do you have a job where you sit on an office chair all day? Too little exercise can also lead to dark circles under your eyes. So don’t forget to get some exercise after work. Exercise stimulates the blood circulation, which can reduce dark circles. No time (or honestly: no desire) to go to the gym? Then a little massage can help a little. Start at the inner corners of your eyes and work outwards with gentle twisting movements, sliding your fingers a little bit each time. In this way you stimulate the blood circulation and also reduce the dark circles around the eyes.

Nutrition and anaemia

Do you stick to a certain diet or do you have an unbalanced diet? This can also be a cause of dark circles under the eyes, as well as iron deficiency or anaemia. It is therefore important to take a critical look at your diet. Are you getting enough of all vitamins (blue/grey colouring can be caused by a lack of vitamin B, C, K or iron deficiency)? Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables? For example, if you are on a special diet or if you are vegetarian, look carefully to see if you need vitamin supplements.

Dark circles under the eyes due to age

Dark rings can become more visible with increasing age of the skin. Is there nothing you can do about it? Fortunately, there is. Good skin care around the eyes can at least reduce dark circles or slow down the aging process of the skin around the eyes. Look for an eye cream with firming ingredients and antioxidant properties, such as aloe vera. The eye cream from Biotulin, eyeMATRIX uses the positive properties of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil in combination with the combination of active ingredients Biotulin. This innovative combination of active ingredients ensures immediate and visible results:

Fewer wrinkles, more firmness and smoothness around the eye, day after day.

Tip: Use an eye cream for the skin around the eyes. An eye cream has a formula specially developed for the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes.




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