6 Refreshing Beauty Hacks for the summer

6 Refreshing Beauty Hacks for the summer


Want to cool down? Refreshing Beauty Hacks for the summer.

Temperatures are rising, beads of sweat are dripping and the skin is shining – we have beauty tips ready for you to keep a cool head and look cool even at +30°C.

Slowly but surely summer is here and we can take full advantage of its benefits. Unfortunately, however, it brings certain peculiarities on the beauty level: heat spots, oily skin, sunburn or swelling feet – every body reacts differently to the sudden high temperatures and hours of sunshine. Of course we don’t let this spoil our mood! Especially since these cooling tips and tricks provide quick relief.

6 Beauty Hacks for the summer

Footbath against swellings

Swollen feet are not a rare but annoying phenomenon in summer. So you can quickly put a stop to walks and excursions. Fortunately, in most cases you can counteract this with a cooling foot bath. The combination of cold water and exercise is particularly effective. Simply pour cold water into a bucket or the bathtub and slowly step on the spot. You do this for about one to two minutes. Afterwards your feet should swell. Nice side effect: Your circulation is also stimulated!

Lukewarm shower

As obvious as it may seem: a cold shower is not the best thing you can give your overheated body. In the short term it may help but after that you will quickly start sweating again. Rather set your body temperature to a lukewarm temperature, it cools down and that without any yoyo effect!

Beauty from the fridge

In the hot time of the year there is nothing better than to start the day with a cool refreshment. Besides an iced coffee, this can be your day care! Just store it in the refrigerator and you will see what a benefit it is for your body and soul! You can do the same with body lotions, face masks and co!

With ice cubes against sunburn

Precaution is better than aftercare but if it comes to this point and the skin is reddened or burnt by the sun, this tip will work wonders. You can simply cool the affected areas with ice cubes. For extra care you can add a little aloe vera to the ice cubes. The juice of the medicinal plant moisturizes and immediately relaxes the skin.

Thermal water spray against dry skin

Air conditioners keep us cool, but our skin doesn’t like that after a while. Dry and cracked areas can be the result. That’s why it’s even more practical to always have a small can of refreshment in your pocket: Thermal water spray supplies our skin with moisture and provides an energy kick on sultry days.

Keep a cool head when blow-drying

Blow-drying is an unpleasant but unavoidable activity on hot summer days. But there is a trick to make the process a little more pleasant: Spray some deodorant on the back of your neck. This blocks the sweat glands and makes the hot minutes a little more pleasant.

10 More Beauty Hacks for the Summer by Peachy

Hello my lovelies! Today I want to show you my 10 absolute favourite beauty hacks for summer – what is your favourite hack to make it through the hot season? Kisses from London.

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