Lotion for naturally beautiful breasts and a smoother beautiful cleavage

5 tipps how to get a beautiful neckline

A beautiful neckline

5 + 1 exercises for a  without surgery

We will show you with which simple exercises you will get a beautiful cleavage. All you need is your body and a few bottles of water.Q

  1. The classic: Push-ups Your body should form a straight line with your hands positioned vertically under your shoulders. Now tense your body and push yourself off the floor with your arms. Repeat this exercise until you feel a slight burning sensation in your muscles. Just as effective, but a little easier for the beginning: Support your body for the push-ups, for example on the edge of a table or a low wall. Another alternative: perform the push-ups on your knees.
  2. Press your palms against each other and tighten them Bring your palms together in front of your chest Forearms and elbows form a straight line parallel to the floor. Now press your hands firmly against each other and hold this tension a little. When you next exhale, slowly reduce the tension and repeat the exercise five times. You can perform this exercise either sitting or standing. Always keep your back straight.
  3. Butterfly Take a 1 liter bottle or 1 kg weights in each hand. Bend your knees and go into a straddle. The upper body keeps a straight position and the elbows are lifted at right angles from shoulder height. From this position slowly bring the two bottles together in the middle. Close and open your arms 10 times. Then take a short break and do a total of 3 repetitions.
  4. “Chopping wood” Take a bottle filled with water (1 – 2 litres) or a weight and hold it over your head. Then cross your legs and make sure your upper body is straight. Now imagine that you are chopping wood: swing the tightly closed bottle with force over your head downwards and back upwards again.
  5. Arm lifting with dumbbells If you do not have dumbbells at your disposal, this exercise can be performed just as well with filled water bottles. Bring your body into the correct position by spreading your legs apart and placing your arms with the dumbbells against your upright upper body. Then stretch your arms sideways to shoulder level and lower them again slowly without bumping your hips. Repeat this exercise 30 times.


Additional care tips for a beautiful cleavage

  • Apply cream regularly: Moisture promotes the elasticity of the skin.
  • Relaxing breast massages stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Cold water/ice cubes on the skin stimulate the blood circulation of the connective tissue.
  • Lotions and oils with plant extracts strengthen this effect.
  • Sun protection: special creams with a particularly high sun protection factor can help to prevent unpleasant pigment spots and wrinkles.
  • The correct sleeping position: the supine position supports a firm breast.
  • Make-up with mother-of-pearl particles: the shimmer optimally conceals uneven areas.

How to Tone the Chests Naturally for Female

hi everyone its Johanna here and today's workout it's all ab...

hi everyone its Johanna here and today's workout it's all about keeping your boobs and nice lifts to make your breasts look bigger the last thing I want when I'm working out is to lose my boobs most of you might know that there are absolutely no muscles in your boobs and they only consist of fat therefore when you start the same way when you start losing body fat you will notice that my boobs are getting smaller and we don't want that what I will be doing it's three simple chest exercises to really work the muscles around your chest in order to keep your boots nice lift make your boobs look bigger and at the same time to really tone it up because the last thing we want is a droopy looking boobs so you can either do this workout I hope or in the gym are you ready let's start if you're in the gym grab yourself two sets of dumbbells one slightly heavier I would say 5 kilos and above nothing less than 5 because to get an effective and good workout you need to feel that you're actually working and pumping your muscles and the second set about 2 kilos less so if you were to take a 5 kilos dumbbell the second set should be about 3 kilos alternatively if you're at home use two big bottles of milk fill them up with water and just make sure that they are tight and tape it up just in case you don't want water to stand looking through the bottle ok so that's if if you're at home and also if you're at home and you don't have a bench take a couple of pillows no we're not sleeping but this is part of your workout alright so let's start with the first workout which is called bench press or chest press so what you'll need to do let me show you how to do it with the dumbbells first lie down on your mat for this workout what we'll need is a heavier dumbbell okay light on your mat just relax your little body we won't be working on all over body at all lift your dumbbells up and twist it open and make sure that your dumbbells your dumbbells are in line with your chest so you should not go over your shoulder you should not go too low but it should be in line with your chest and just that it 90 degrees once the elbow touches the floor push your back back into a straight line that's it in fear that so burn your elbows make you degrees touch the floor and push it back out this is con chest press so let's do a set of 12 to 15 as many as you can okay so bend your elbows 90 degrees touch a fall and press it back up always make sure that your dumbbells are in line with your chest that's it when you're pushing it up you should be really squeezing your chest as we need your chest working good keep going good going let's do 10 more Bannock brush the floor and pushing back up good that's it chest press it's really good to work out the entire muscles in the chest good and this will really give you a nice looking go eight good really control it down like two degrees hush and push that's it five four push good that's it push that's two push and last one you can either do it on the floor or if you're in the gym and they have you know benches using appengine give this much better and just come up and just drop your weight if you're at home same thing this is basically to substitute as we come down lie down hold it properly turn it into this position and same thing when your arms 90 degrees and just press it up 20 degrees and Pristina so really the bottle of milk it's two really stops it to decimal and we want big bottles because that you will be feeling your chest muscles working if they are small trust me you ain't gonna feel anything unless you go to 200 wraps okay so that's two point one one two [Music] three four and last one get that is if you're at home and let's move on to the second workout the second workout is called imprint chest press this workout is really to focus on the lower part of your chest in order to lift your boots off so if you don't want droopy boots make sure you do this workout if you're in the gym all you need to do is just adjust your bench if you're at home take your pillows and just stack them up against a solid wall okay but this workout go for your lighter weights so just lean in case your pillow make sure that you're not seated all the way up but you your body should be slightly inclined grab the lighter weights and same position what you want to be doing is to bring your lungs 90 degrees and push it back forward that's it so 90 degrees and push it forward your dumbbells should also be in line with your chest that's it okay you should feel the Aqua of your boobs working off of your chest working that's it so just relax a little body and push it up to 90 degrees grass good job Chris press press you might find this harder than your usual national press last to press and one more press very good same thing if you're at home grab the bottle your milk bottle and same thing okay this way I just press it up all right mix is going all the way straight not too high up by just in line with your chest with your chest alright that's your second chest workout and the third and last workout it's called chest flooding and this workout is to really work that also path and also the middle midsection this is to really give you that nice cleavage so lie down on the floor go for your lighter weights if you're in the gym use the bench if you're at home just use it for okay last workout lie down on the floor lift your dumbbells up instead of your pants instead of bending your arms slightly decrease what you want to be doing is just to open it up when elbows touches the floor bring it back in open it up just like in a flight position and push it back in so you should feel the outer part of your chest working and this will the inner part when you squeeze it in in so make sure you're not going over your head make sure not going too low you should be in line with the chest open it control it everybody squeeze to me part that's it open it squeeze it good let's do 10 more squeeze it very good keep going you didn't get it squeeze your chest feel the chest working good get five more let's work if you follow the nice smooth getting and firm looking boobs let's go squeeze your chest make sure you're flat your back is flat on the floor squeeze it good you like with your chest loves to squeeze it last one down squeeze it good job so that's chest lie same thing if you're at home grab your bottle of milk lie down same movement lift it up open it doubles touches the floor close it and squeeze your chest that's it open it squeeze it try to open your arms as far as you can so do not that do not find your outside the degrees really open it as though you're flying and squeeze it spread your wings squeeze it that's it spread your wings squeeze spread the wings and squeeze your opening and squeezing good job so those are three simple but very effective chest where it counts this is really good to make your boobs look bigger give your boots of the Nights lift and to really firm it up because the last thing we want is to have a saggy looking boobs I've only done one set for each workout if you can do 3 sets 15 reps each I would recommend that you used heavier weights because if you do want to see quick results if you do want your workout to be affected used weight that will challenge your muscles don't forget to subscribe to my channel you fitness and nutritional tips and glasses thanks for watching bye bye you


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