5 Beauty trends for the Summer

Beauty trends for the Summer


5 Beauty trends for the Summer that also work at sweaty temperatures.

Especially at high temperatures, our make-up has to be able to withstand a lot. These summer beauty trends are real saviors in sweaty times.

In midsummer, when temperatures are hot and humid, we really don’t need thick layers of make-up. Especially now: Less is more! Before mascara, rouge and co. melt off our face, we prefer to focus on the natural look. Here we reveal which beauty trends and tips are just right for us.

No-Make-up Look

The no-make-up look is unfortunately not as simple as it sounds – but you don’t need much for it. Just prepare your face with some tinted moisturizer – preferably with UV protection factor. That way your skin is reliably protected from the sun. Next, cover small blemishes with concealer and brush your eyebrows into shape and fix them with some transparent gel. For that extra freshness kick, use a little colorless gloss.


Eyebrows in focus

 The comfortable solution for beautiful eyelashes.

The comfortable solution for beautiful eyelashes.

The trend never stops: striking eyebrows are an easy option to create a natural and well-groomed look and give the face a frame. First of all: Keep your hands off the tweezers – saves us time and pain anyway! With a fine eyebrow pencil, the eyebrows can be additionally filled in and shaped. But be careful: Do not apply any make-up to the eyebrows – the result should be as natural as possible. Simply orientate yourself on the direction of growth of your eyebrow hairs. Then fix the brows with a transparent gel and brush them slightly upwards. In this way the look is more bushy.


Bronzer look

In summer we like to help our tanned complexion with a few tricks. Our best friend and helper is now the bronzer. With him you can contour your face and at the same time conjure up a vacation glow on your face. But make sure you choose the product according to your skin tone – otherwise the look will quickly appear unnatural and remind you more of a chipmunk than a summer goddess. As a rule, ashy instead of warm brown tones are best. Apply the bronzer with a broad brush gently under the cheekbones. Also the chin and the forehead can get a small brush stroke. Extra tip: By using the Bronzer as eye shadow, you create a uniform look that also focuses on your eyes.


Statement Eye Shadow

To create a real eye-catching look with as few products as possible, we simply accentuate our eyes with eye shadow in statement colors. Apricot or peach shades are especially fresh in summer, but in general you can let your creativity run wild here. Once you have made your choice, apply it carefully over the entire eyelid and blend it upwards towards the eyebrow.


Nail polish in bright colors

The simplest way to get through the summer without smeared make-up is to keep it as natural as possible by using the no-make-up look described above and instead set accents with gaudy nail polish. This summer, candy colors are especially popular – these are colorful pastel shades in the bright colors of candy. You can either go for one color or combine different ones according to your mood.



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