11 tips to avoid boredom during quarantine and take care of your skin

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10 tips to avoid boredom during quarantine

At the moment it is not easy for all of us and the best way to fight the Corona virus is to just stay at home. However, this can quickly become boring. For this reason, we would like to give you 10 tips to help you make the most of the quarantine.

Tip 1: Enjoy the peace and quiet

Even if the panic is raging outside in almost all shops and the media almost constrict you with their reporting and the peace and quiet seems to be far away… Have you ever looked out of the window at this very moment? If you look out during the day, you can watch the flowers grow. The birds flying around in search of food for their chicks. You can hear them chirping as the world stands still and the other sounds of the city and people are almost silent. And in the evening you can see the lights of the city in peaceful silence. When will we have the opportunity again to listen so intensely to nature from home or to watch it awakening in spring? Without having to travel far away to nature. So enjoy the peace and quiet that nature itself radiates and relax at this sight.

Tip 2: Phone with your loved ones and have a video chat

Fortunately, we don’t have to give up our social contacts completely during this time. Thanks to the various video chat facilities and a great telephone network, we are always able to keep in touch with all our friends and family members. Nowadays everyone has so much to do, is constantly under time pressure. Most of the time we get completely lost in our work and our duties and there is no time left to talk to someone for even a few minutes. Just talk to each other as often as possible. This brings us closer to our social contacts again and time flies.

Tip 3: Watch a series or movie on Netflix

Each of us has that one series or movie that you always click away from on Netflix or other providers with the thought “Oh no, not today. I’ll watch it next time.” And next time? Let’s not look at it again, with the same thought. So now take the time to watch this show or this movie now! And who knows, maybe this will even be your new favorite movie, which you would otherwise have clicked away for weeks.

Tip 4: Create a beauty day

Now the time has come for us to let our face mask, hair mask, active ingredient serums and much more work for a long time. No more rush and also no “Shit… I can’t use this product today, it doesn’t go with my make-up.” You can take your time for everything. And you don’t have to miss girls’ night out, either. Set up a video chat, sit in front of the camera with snacks and a face mask and chat about everything and nothing, or watch a series together. Just because you are physically separated from each other doesn’t mean you have to give up your beauty day with your girlfriends altogether. Thanks to today’s technology, we can even experience a common beauty day on different continents.

Tip 5: Learn something new

You always wanted to learn a new language. Or drawing. Or maybe you are one of those people who would like to write a book. Use this free time to do just that! Learn a new language! Learn to draw! And learn how to write a book! Maybe you discover a new hobby for yourself or you know your next destination, because of your new language skills already. You can learn so many new things, because there is so much potential in you. P.S.: for everything you want to learn, there is certainly an app or video tutorials. ?

Tip 6: Paint or draw your thoughts on a piece of paper

Sometimes you have to let your thoughts run free. Take a piece of paper and just start drawing. Paint whatever comes to your mind, whether different shapes or colours make your paper shine. You could also print out templates from the Internet and paint them or order a Paint By Numbers on the Internet. Painting relaxes and may awaken hidden talents in you.

Tip 7: Read a good book

To read a book means to have time and patience. You feel yourself into the characters and the story, you literally sink into this book. It is something completely different than leafing through a magazine or browsing through any article on the internet. So pick up a book or read an e-book on your reader/tablet/cell phone. Sit at your window or on your balcony and read your chapters in peace. Think about it, but don’t forget to relax your eyes regularly by looking into the distance from time to time. By the way, you should also do this when you spend a long time sitting at your mobile phone or laptop.

Tip 8: Do Home Workouts / Yoga

The fact that all leisure activities are now being closed does not mean that we cannot take care of our health and our bodies. Find a nice workout on the internet or learn yoga. During this long time out at home it is especially important to bring in the missing movement of everyday life in some way. It’s not about making a special effort or doing a lot of sports. It is purely about a little exercise that is healthy for body and mind.

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Tip 9: Do the things you don’t really want to do

When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine or descaled your coffee machine? Are your cupboards still as chaotic as last year, even though you have made a firm commitment to keep them tidy and organized in the new year? Actually, the same as you planned for the new year every year. Then now would be the time to do exactly those things. Grab your folders, sort out your clothes, clean your household appliances thoroughly or sort out all the photos and documents on your mobile phone and laptop. Now you would also have enough time to create the long planned photo book from your vacation 2 years ago.

Tip 10: Take care of your hygiene anyway

Even if we sit at home and show no symptoms, the media have shown more than clearly that you can still be contagious without knowing it. Therefore we want to appeal to you all again: please wash your hands regularly and pay attention to good basic hygiene. Even if you don’t belong to the risk group and probably won’t even notice an infection, you can still infect your neighbour who might die as a result. We do not know the health history of every single person we meet. Even young and healthy looking people can suffer from chronic diseases and therefore belong to the risk group of the Corona Virus. So you are not only protecting yourself, but many other people in this big wide world. Let us fight against the Corona Virus together! For us and for everybody out there!

Natural Skin Care Time while staying home

maskenENGOPT 1 Anti-Aging Serum

Finally time to give the skin a break

No parties, no dinner dates – no need to put heaps of make-up on your face. In the quarantine at home you have the opportunity to let your skin breathe properly again. That’s how it works!

Just as we’re currently taking things down a gear in our everyday lives, we’re also taking a step back when it comes to skincare – we send our skin on holiday, so to speak, and simply leave it alone for a few days. In doing so, it can relax and recuperate extensively. Sounds simple? Actually it is! But there are still one or two things you should consider.

Detoxify the skin

As with any diet, this is also about abstinence. This means leaving out as many – if not all – beauty products as possible. Yes, this is radical, but only in this way can the skin benefit. It is the body’s largest organ and absorbs everything we give it. In addition to good ingredients, unfortunately, these are also softeners, silicones or even hormonal substances. These can impede the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and thus bring the natural acid mantle out of balance.

Renunciation is rewarded

The best effect is therefore achieved if you do not use any products for at least one week: no creams, no soaps just natural face cleaner and no make-up. From now on, cleanse your face with water only and allow your skin to breathe properly again. If you can hardly stand it without face cream, you can help with a moisturizer spray. But it is completely normal that the skin has to get used to the new regime in the first days. It is important that you drink a lot of water and support your body with alkaline herbal teas to detoxify it.


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